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Giorno 1,997, 12:35 Pubblicato in Iran Iran da GhostStrayDog

This is a translation of this article of mine: (Published Farsi version in Day 1967 )
Farsi; http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-ndash-1-2242619/1/20
Spanish; http://www.erepublik.com/es/article/la-nota-del-dise-ador-de-juegos-1-la-intersecci-n-est-cerca--2258590/1/20

There's a bank in Romania that processes a lottery for every month and the reward of the winner is a trip to the moon! This lottery takes place between everyone who has an account in this bank, but for every 10 dollar and for a day, account owner gets 1 point.

After a year bank managers found out that no one is registering a new account for winning moon trip. Because new customers know that the chance against people who had an account for past year, with the same amount of money is one against 365.
So practically this bank getting near to collapse as the time goes by. Managers can't stop this lottery with zero points. They have a commitment to the customers for the lottery every 6 months and they didn't say until when!

Is there any way they prevent this collapse?

We are near day 2000 in eRepublik. Why new players have to register new accounts when they see the distance between themselves and old players is so huge that they never can reach them and be useful for their country? On the other hand eRepublik designers can not start the game again or start a new world, because high level players spent a lot of time and money for this world. And this point should be noted that every day still new players are joining the game.

Other games like eRepublik usually add new servers. Server 1 in Tribal Wars was continuing from 2003 to 2010. Bur at the same time more than 50 new servers was added, so the new players could experience excitement of progress in new servers. But eRepublik is so different from Tribal Wars and other games.

Hattrick from one point of view is like eRepublik. Hattrick is containing lots of fantasy leagues which never end. New players start the game from league 7 and old players are playing the game in premier league. New players always have hope to reach premier league because elements in Hattrick are always competitive distance between old and new players isn't extreme. For this reason comparison between Hattrick and eRepublik is wrong too.

Long time ago eRepublik designers saw this dead end in front of themselves. Designing divisions was a masterpiece of them. They gave motivation to the new players. To be realistic, this pulled back eRepublik from the dead end. Every player in every level found new motives to continue the game. But this was only a soothing. Indeed division 4 is most important in wars. Its division 4 players who guaranty a win in a battle not division 1 power of a country. Besides, increasing players in division 4 and old division 4 players reaching high levels like 90 or 100 and loosing motivation for new players in division 4 eliminates the effectiveness of this soothing.

So in future eRepublik will face two problems again. First, finding a way to create excitement in new players, and second, massive number of players in division 4 and new players in this division loosing motives. Maybe when enough players reached level 90 or 100 a division 5 will become predictable. Which with current 5 points for every round for division 4, it's logical for division 5 to have 7 or more points. But this soothing again, is not a systematic change. It will make first and second divisions more ineffective, and problems with excitement in new players will become more complex, and it will make wars unimportant for them.

Personally I haven't any suggestions for escaping from this dead end. But I suggest eRepublik development team consider these facts for the next years.

This article was just an analysis of what is going to happen in future, and maybe these points can't be felt as problems at the present time.

Alireza Yarmohammadi
April 2013
En Translator: Kaveh Jabbari (Special Thanks to him)

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GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,997, 12:39


Intersection is near

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Ali Naemi
Ali Naemi Giorno 1,997, 12:39


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Giorno 1,997, 12:49

Listen here noob, you are noob, and you will die a noob ^_____________________________^

ShiroTheGreat Giorno 1,997, 12:49

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I Enjoyed Reading. Thank you
فقط یه چیزی ، این قضیه ی این که وت خیلی فضایی می آره مقاله هات چیه؟ وت می خری؟

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,997, 12:56

600 تا همیشه

ShiroTheGreat Giorno 1,997, 13:05

600 تا وتش رو خودت می خری؟
خو وقتی 600 تا می آری همین جوری ( از سابات ) روزنامه می آد بالا و بقیه هم وت میدن دیگه. این همه پول می خوای خرج کنی بیا بده به من :دی

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,997, 13:06

قصدم اومدن تو تاپ 5 جهانیه که همینجوری بدون خریدن وت نمیاد.

آمریکاییا همیشه 1000 تا وت می خرن

naeim1 Giorno 1,997, 12:53


Aphr0dite Giorno 1,997, 12:59


MRizky Giorno 1,997, 13:00


MRM9 Giorno 1,997, 13:04


S C O R P I Giorno 1,997, 13:19


hasan L.CH
hasan L.CH Giorno 1,997, 13:22

version farsi 😐

M.I.6 Giorno 1,997, 13:23


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Giorno 1,997, 13:24

Its too late to figure out a way to change this situation. It first started when admin decided to remove the limitation for buying health-kits.
Back in v1, players could only buy 40 health-kits a day. so even if you were a romper, it would have taken him and/or you a long time to get this much distance ( as we can see now ) from other players.
The day admin removed the health-kit limitation, was eRepublik's last good day. and I even remember saying this back then.

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,997, 14:15

worse and worse, they donno what they should do

Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Giorno 1,997, 14:22

LOL,very bad example....Romper gained only rank,and guess what now almost everybody GOW** and soon reach the limit...
In fact V1 rule was totally unfair,since the strongest always got BH medal and the whole game was 5 click a day...

I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Giorno 1,997, 22:53

Obviously you haven't seen his level. if he stops playing right now, it takes you 5 years, at least to get to the same level as he is now.
>"The strongest always got BH medal"
Thats wrong, I wasn't a strong tank back then, there were lots of others with more str and rank than me, but I remember getting a lot of BHs in v1. and it was really joyful. now I can get 3 BHs everyday, as easy as doing my daily tasks ( work & train ), and it feels like I've done nothing.
Also I am not saying that admin should have let it be just like v1, they could and should have make a lot of other changes to make it more interesting, but removing the health-kit limitation was the biggest mistake toward the game and its players. but obviously it was a good move for admin and his pocket.

Nader.ImmOrtal Giorno 1,997, 14:57

The day admin removed the health-kit limitation, was eRepublik's last good day. and I even remember saying this back then.

quasarr Giorno 1,997, 13:43


SkyDreamerPT Giorno 1,997, 13:49


Simonymous Giorno 1,997, 14:11

Game sucks.

Simonymous Giorno 1,997, 14:12

I''m in division 4 with <13k str. Fck me, right?

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,997, 14:16

!!! start over

Simonymous Giorno 1,997, 14:17

I'm too famous to start over. : )

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,997, 14:21

Won the "Number 1 Spammer award" \o/

don't start over

Simonymous Giorno 1,997, 14:24


Osex Giorno 1,997, 14:13


War3hous313 Giorno 1,997, 14:17


Shiina Sayane
Shiina Sayane Giorno 1,997, 14:28

I played many other games but quited from all since I reached the limit and there was no longer to do anything.
Erepublik does things right since its not limited,strenght rewards old players,where in other games older players quit because reached the maximum.
Lets remember what happened when admins wanted to favor new players in V2 and destroy old players time and money investment...the game nearly went bankrupt.
So i dont agree with newbies need buff thing...
The old players base provides community and thats the new player need mostly
You can see how successfull those new erep clones,they are all crap because:
-lack of player base,so even though new players have chance they dont bother.

In short erepublik goes in the right way,old players respected,new players got enough chance

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,998, 12:01

This article was just an analysis of what is going to happen in future, and maybe these points can't be felt as problems at the present time.

Drke John
Drke John Giorno 1,997, 14:52

interesting again.


Aquilamk Giorno 1,997, 15:02

why bother ? 😕

vladb Giorno 1,997, 15:10

In HT you also have CUP games which brings lower divisions face to face with higher division teams.
And in HT you cannot buy your way to the top ,HT kind of being an unique online game where you cannot do this.
I would like to see also in ER hard work ,good game mechanics understanding and strategy being rewarded as in HT not only Gold buying.

Mr . ICE
Mr . ICE Giorno 1,997, 15:13

Vote 😉

darklord78 Giorno 1,997, 15:24


Xvidian Giorno 1,997, 15:27

Mmm Maybe what you're trying to prevent is just a fact of life. People playing for hundreds of days are likely to get bored of a game... There is Always a huge gap between old and new players, as there should be and there are other things like Politics, or Economic domination to strive for ^ ^

GhostStrayDog Giorno 1,998, 01:23

in RL do you have any incentive when you are young?

Giancarlo Meregildo
Giancarlo Meregildo Giorno 1,997, 16:35


Amin Hajariyan
Amin Hajariyan Giorno 1,998, 00:36

Voted 4 Weed

sarah120 Giorno 1,998, 01:09


mostates Giorno 1,998, 01:15

Well, I'd have a suggestion to resolve this problem but why I should care to help eRepublik?

megahack Giorno 1,998, 03:11


fadaee Giorno 1,998, 07:22

V & S

Asterios C
Asterios C Giorno 1,998, 08:52

Just some different perspectives:
a) I am myself's only competitor: I don't play against the old guys, I play against myself.
The gang-up effect: It make take up to 100 of me and my buddies to take down one uber-account, but oh the joy and glory if we pull this off...

That said, the battlefield is NOT the only field were battles are won! And outside them stats are mere figures... 😉

Hell.Guard Giorno 1,998, 09:22


rosariocanalla Giorno 1,998, 19:15

v701 + s666

AMlR121 Giorno 1,998, 19:24

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Imam Ali
Imam Ali Giorno 1,999, 01:28

vote for that weed pic 😃

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