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Easy Company Declares Independence From the Federalist Party

Giorno 1,943, 07:36 Pubblicato in USA USA da Gnilraps

Better Off Without A Wife
Day 1,943 of the New World
16 March, 2013

Opinions, in this game, are like @ssholes - everyone's got one.

So when you begin to read through the opinions that will be expressed in the comments below, remember to weight them according to some scale of reason. More on this at the end of my article.

As of today, Easy Company Militia has declared independence from the Federalist Party.

Easy Company was borne out of the Federalist Party somewhere around day 740 of the New World. So for the last 1,200 days, the two have been inextricably linked. That has just changed.

For several weeks, CO Deepchill has been assembling EZC Leadership into conversation about the "Elephant in the Room" - the fact that time and again a really awesome Citizen will turn away from EZC specifically because of our Political affiliation.

At times it is expressed in vague terms like, "I don't want to be part of a politically affiliated MU".

At other times it is expressed more specifically like, "I know I will never be able to rise to CO unless I join the Feds, so no thank you."

eRepublik is a far different playing environment than it was on day 740, and in the current eRepublik landscape, a politically affiliated Military Unit is constrained. Easy Company Leadership has unanimously agreed that this constraint must be broken.

There has been no acrimony in these discussions. Easy Company is not trying to shed itself of a bad Party; it is not trying to escape oversight from any certain individuals. Easy Company simply wants Independence. And I believe it should be granted to them.

After all, just look at who is asking:

CO Deepchill has been the CO of the most successful American MU across all Divisions. There are MU's which do more damage in D4, but there is no other MU that is as strong across the entire spectrum as Easy Company and by far no MU which accounts for more kills. His experience in leadership has taught him that Independence is clearly needed for the continued health and growth of the MU he has been charged with Commanding.

XO stewy is a former Federalist Party President and has experience occupying the CO position when Deepchill is away. He has served in every leadership capacity in Easy Company and is familiar with all of its workings. His insight into the matter of Independence is that the time is ripe for this move and he is convinced that it is necessary for the health and growth of EZC.

XO bigcdizzle is another former Federalist Party President who believes that this move has been inevitable for a while, and that this particular time is the right time. The Party is strong, the MU is strong, and dividing now makes the most sense. He also believes Independence is necessary for the health and growth of the MU.

QMG Harry W. Hill has been the most unsung hero of EZC for a long time. He rose up out of the ranks to become the longest-serving QM in EZC history. He has remained decidedly uninvolved in Party affairs - a fact that has caused him to be looked down upon by many Party leaders. If he is ever to become CO in an MU in which the Party President appoints the CO, he will be forced to get more involved in an area where he lacks interest. This ought not be. He is firmly in favor of Independence.

QM Nemanja2012 has been another rock-solid member of the Easy company leadership structure. But at times his political views have gotten him into hot water with the Party. Both Deepchill and I have been asked at various times to boot him from the MU because of his brash political views, and neither Deepchill nor I would do it. But you can again imagine that his future with EZC will always have a glass ceiling as long as he continues to have an independent-thinking manner of expressing his views. Nemanja is Easy Company's Grand Puba, and he wants Independence.

There are others whose names could be added to this list, and my views are completely in line with those mentioned above. I have served as CO of Easy Company and am largely responsible for its organizational integrity. I have also served as Federalist Party President many times, so my perspective is well-rounded. Independence from political affiliation is badly needed for Easy Company.

eUSA has an excellent choice for D4 soldiers who wish to be part of an MU that is completely free from government and party affiliation. It's called ST6.

What eUSA does NOT have is a stable, well-organized, and kick-ass MU which is equally devoted to developing fighters across all Divisions AND which is completely free of all goverment and political ties. With its independence from the Federalist Party, Easy Company will become what eUSA needs most.

There will likely be some in Federalist Leadership who will disagree. Their views ought to be considered. But consider also that those who have requested Independence are motivated solely by their desire to see eUSA benefit, EZC benefit, and the Federalist Party benefit by an agreeable split.

This is not change for the sake of change; it is not change designed to hurt any person or institution. This is the perfect change for the betterment of all.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled clicking


Saltheart Foamfollower
Saltheart Foamfollower Giorno 1,943, 07:40

I approve.

Harry W. Hill
Executive Officer for Personnel
EZC Quartermaster General
Captain, EZC 2nd Regiment (Basic Training)
Director Emeritus, FBI
Director, Department of Defense Office of Militia Supply
Member of Congress for Georgia

Ian John Locke IV
Ian John Locke IV Giorno 1,945, 07:13

I like how your signature is 95% of your comment.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Giorno 1,943, 07:45

stewy, bigcdizzle and deepchill

Three Feds that I have the utmost respect for. If they believe in something it must have been well thought out and reasoned best for the most people as possible.

Good luck to EZC and the Feds!

Fitisin Giorno 1,943, 07:45

Ahem...eUSMC is also free of political affiliations

Gnilraps Giorno 1,943, 07:48


Deepchill Giorno 1,943, 07:52

And also reserved to division 4 members.

Deificus Giorno 1,943, 08:07

>eUSA has an excellent choice for D4 soldiers who wish to be part of an MU that is completely free from government and party affiliation. It's called ST6.

I think that's what Fitisin is getting at.

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Giorno 1,943, 23:28

Ahem, Cannon Cockers are apolitical 😛 and we derived /were kicked from EZC

EnterAwesome Giorno 1,943, 07:50

EZC is Awesome. With Love, The Activity

Dogpyle Giorno 1,943, 07:56

I approve this message.


Chucky Norris
Chucky Norris Giorno 1,943, 07:59

Well that is a move that make a lot of sense. Kudos for finally deciding upon it.

DBnzt Giorno 1,943, 08:01

Seems like the perfect time to start playing again


crashthompson. Giorno 1,943, 08:02

I see you guys have thought this out. I trust my MU leadership to make the best decision for my MU. I support their decision.

biaxident Giorno 1,943, 08:06

Good luck peeps.

oh btw

ST6 is awesome choice. RAWR!

Peja001 Giorno 1,943, 08:09

I trust my MU leadership to make the best decision for my MU.
Gnilraps, Deepchill, stewy, Harry W. Hill and Nemanja2012 are the best leadership o7

BugsBunnyz Giorno 1,943, 08:16


KOSOVA Batoa Giorno 1,943, 08:19

Good luck o7

fingerguns Giorno 1,943, 08:22

This was never discussed with PARTY leadership, but I suppose it doesn't matter. Doesn't seem like the party's opinion on this would make any difference.

Good luck, guys.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Giorno 1,943, 10:13

B-o-o H-o-o?

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Giorno 1,943, 23:30

it should, seeing as the FEDS "owned" the unit , and so forth... Id call this desertion, in Military terms

Neron Trocki
Neron Trocki Giorno 1,943, 23:30

or treason, in political

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Giorno 1,944, 01:52

Another huge FAIL of Fluffys favorite puppet - multi!

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Giorno 1,943, 08:24

Sounds like a great direction to go in, especially to attract some who might have been intimidated by party affiliation.

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Giorno 1,943, 08:29

Strength and Honour

Yanisin Giorno 1,943, 08:29

Good luck!

Thedillpickl Giorno 1,943, 08:36


Pickle's has always believed that politics in the MU should be limited to arguments and pouty fits. (We do enjoy our 'discussions'.) The only political view that is not allowed in our house is stupid shit like Ajay's clowns. The reason being is our credo calls for members to be "honest, trustworthy and dependable", three things a PTO'er is not.

All the best in your endeavor.

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Giorno 1,943, 08:39

Where was the PP in the discussions?

Gnilraps Giorno 1,943, 09:03

We waited until I was no longer PP because I would have recused myself from such discussion anyway.

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Giorno 1,943, 09:52

There was never a discussion on this.

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Giorno 1,943, 10:40

Gnilraps...EZC has talked about pulling away along time from the party and I understand the reasoning behind it. However, the means you guys came to this decision behind closed doors and without party leadership involvement I can not endorse.

fingerguns Giorno 1,943, 11:09

Well and limited EZC discussion, too. I'm both party leadership and a life long member of EZC. This article was the first I heard of it! lol

Jude Connors
Jude Connors Giorno 1,943, 08:40


Jude Connors
Fake Title Here for Effect
Let's make this post longer
Why, I Like to Make Fun of People (That's Why)
Why Do People Really Need All This in a Comment, IDK
Trolling, It's An Art That Most Will Never Understand
I'll Sit Back And Watch All The Butt-Hurt

Thedillpickl Giorno 1,944, 07:42

Squirtius Maximus
(formerly Thedillpickl)

*I Ain't Shit

Dogpyle Giorno 1,944, 17:51

Voted for the butt hurt comment.

Artela Giorno 1,943, 08:52

Ultramarines is another unit specializing in D3 and D4, and is independent of political parties, with the added bonus of actually being a part of the official armed forces of the eUSA. There are many MUs in this game that give good damage for the eUSA.I think this will hurt EZC though, because it will no longer be the default unit of choice for people in the Feds who will now be more inclined to ignore the loyalty that obund them to EZC when they can fight the same orders for better supplies elsewhere.

Gnilraps Giorno 1,943, 09:05

I don't disagree that affiliation with the USAF is a bonus. However, we are looking at other benefits, those associated with NOT being affiliated in any way.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Giorno 1,943, 09:06

I wouldn't join an MU where the people in it join simply for the amount of free stuff they get.

It's about history and attitude and the spirit of the people in the MU. I'm currently looking around for a new one and it won't be the amount of supplies that reel me in, it'll be my pride at affiliating myself with a certain group of gamers and their values.

EZC is now on that list for me. Not enough supplies in the game to make me consider some MUs. But that's just my opinion. *shrugs*

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Giorno 1,943, 21:21

If you ever join the Ultramarines I will disown you. Just sayin'.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Giorno 1,944, 08:54

LOL as if.

Bia Pandora Giorno 1,944, 08:54

Commento cancellato

E R M A L Giorno 1,943, 08:54

Hail Harry the beast !

Deificus Giorno 1,943, 08:55

Best move the EZC could make, Gnilraps, and I greatly applaud you for it.

Doubt you remember it because it was so long ago (going on a couple of years now, was immediately after my Air Force retirement), you asked me to consider running the EZC. The -only- reason I inevitably turned you down was because you also told me that for it to happen, I would -have- to join the Feds. Love the Feds, they're good people (especially T); I'm just a rebel who isn't going to be told what I have to do. Besides, as I expected, you rose to the occasion and did well without me. 😛

Anyway, you guys have done great work and I look forward to more. Good luck. 🙂

Yipsee Fooks
Yipsee Fooks Giorno 1,943, 08:58

So are we accepting applicants from the AFA then? I agree we need to strengthen our ranks, but we ought to be very careful of who is entering, and in-turn rising in the ranks. This will help us short term, but might bite us in the end. I'll fight with EZC until I leave Erep, but I hate change...

Rear Admiral Fooks
1st armored division of reinforced log flumes

Arrden Giorno 1,943, 09:00


Kortanul Giorno 1,943, 09:01

I support this move.

Cubby Giorno 1,943, 09:11

This is good news. Practicality trumps politics again! Welcome!

DMV3 Giorno 1,943, 09:13

Good move

DMV3 Giorno 1,943, 12:34

Praetorian Guards will accept any EZC member as a Standard Member in Praetorian Guards without question: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/praetorian-guards-10-gold-per-week-for-elite-fighters-2225284/1/20

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Giorno 1,943, 09:15

Hmm interesting

Magnanimous Giorno 1,943, 09:17

I support the independence 110%.

Whatever happens I'll still be shouting P/H and CURRAHEE!

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