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РlayboT Vol 2. Miss eMexico, Interview with the Godfather of EDEN and more stuff

Giorno 2,157, 23:15 Pubblicato in Bulgaria Bulgaria da Greevas

Hi ya guys. This is the second edition of PlayboT magazine and i hope you will enjoy it as much as the previous one.This time i got an interview from alpho the headstone of the once powerful EDEN and from Miss Mexico 2012 Gelisima. I’ ve added some science tech and Moto news throw in some hottass ladies and made a tasty dish for the tormented soul of the average eCitizen.

Ok lets start with some Erepublik.
So Plato introduced us to his new “mind blowing” creation THE Weekly Leader boards

I was planing of copping hiss message from the forum about this update but i will explain it a lot better. Basicaly you will measure your d*** against others.Do a bigger damage for the week and that surely means you’ve got a bigger d*** than the rest.

Now lets begin the fun.

-Hi, lovely Gelisima, how ya doin?
-Hi. I’m fine, thanks. Sorry for my bad English XD

-Many folks had left the game due it's persistent lack of intrigue, personally what keeps you in a game?
-Definitely my eFriends and the MU which I belong. Love ya guys!

-Ok seriously no one gives a ratsass about this game anymore so lets do the fun questions.What would I find in your refrigerator right now?
-I’m vegetarian so you will find a lot of “boring” things; potatoes, peas, carrots, lettuce, avocado, broccoli… And my guilty pleasure: cheese XD

-Who is your celebrity crush?
-Chris Cornell *.*

-Do you prefer Coca Cola or Pepsi?
-Sadly, Coca Cola.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, famous or not famous, living or dead, real or fictional. with whom would it be?
-I find my life interesting enough to don’t wish a change of this kind, I always do what I really want so I don’t have any regrets, but I’am a huge Nikola Tesla “fan” so changes places with him will be really interesting. Even when I wouldn’t know what to do with a great mind xD

-What is worse watch porn with your parents, or watch porn of your parents?
-XD Watch porn of my parents, no doubt. I don’t think I could see them on the face again.

Name one misconception people have about you?
-Well this is really funny, I’m Mexican, and people have a lot of prejudices against Mexicans: I’m not a wetback, I don’t have a lot of Childs in a young age, I don’t have mustache XD Don’t sleep near a “cactus”…
BUT yes I’AM a beaner xD Being vegetarian means that healthy beans are in a lot o my foods. But I know a lot of Mexicans that hate beans.

-You are in a room with Hannibal Lecter, he will fuck you , eat you, and kill you.In what order do you prefer the above things to happen?
-Please, kill me first Hannibal! Then you can do whatever you want xD

-Have you farted during sex?
-hahaha, I’m very private with my sexual life.

-When it comes to man what do you prefer smartass or sexyass?
-I prefer smarts guys over sexy guys, but why not both? You know, smexy :3

-Why would you agree on this crazzyass interview?
-You are a nice person, very friendly and I knew it will be funny. But I think tururu89 as de new Miss eMexico will be a lot more interesting than me xD

-Wish something to the lovely people in the audience.
-Les compartiré una frase que marca mi vida: “El dolor es inevitable pero el sufrimiento es opcional” por favor, nunca se tiren al drama, sean felices con la persona que son y nunca se rindan en pelear por lo que quieren.
In spanish by design xD kisses 😃

The fastest motorcycle in da world

The Dodge Tomahawk was a non-street legal concept vehicle introduced by Dodge at the 2003 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. Dodge's extraordinary claims of a top speed of 420 mph (680 km/h) were derided by experts in land speed records, and the Tomahawk never demonstrated a speed above 100 mph (160 km/h).

The Art Deco design was the work of Chrysler staff designer Mark Walters and featured the 500 hp (370 kW) 8.3-litre (510 cu in) V10 SRT10 engine from the Dodge Viper. The vehicle has two front wheels and two rear wheels, making it a kind of motorized quadricycle rather than a typical motorcycle. The pairs of wheels move independently, allowing it to countersteer and lean in turns like a motorcycle.

Hand-built examples of the Tomahawk were offered for sale through the Neiman Marcus catalog at a price of US$ 555,000, and up to nine of them might have sold. Dodge emphasized that the bikes were "rolling sculptures" not intended to be ridden.

And just becouse some SJ pics

The 5 most fascinating scientific discoveries of 2012

1. The Higgs boson
Back in July, scientists at the European Center for Nuclear Research (CERN) were cheered like rock stars when they announced they'd finally caught a glimpse of the biggest and most elusive catch in modern physics: The Higgs boson. The particle, which they're 99.99997 percent sure is the real deal, validates the Standard Model of physics, which explains how, if not why, the universe is able to take on a tangible existence. "There's no underestimating the significance of this discovery,"said Jeffrey Kluger at TIME. "No Higgs, no mass; no mass, no you, me, or anything else."

2. The smell of white
We can see the color white. We can hear white noise. But what about a white smell? For the first time, scientists have compiled what they've deemed a completely neutral scent, or "olfactory white," by combining a large assortment of widely diverse smells (meat, flowers, etc.) to give our noses a whiff of pure equilibrium.

3. A massive planet 13 times the size of Jupiter
Kappa Adromedae b is a world so big it defies conventional classification. At 13 times the size of Jupiter, it circles a proportionally gigantic star 2.5 times larger than our own sun. This system's existence proves that super-sized stars are capable of producing super-sized planets.

4. The biggest black hole ever
What's 250 million light-years away from Earth and possesses 17 billion times the mass of our own sun? This black hole at the heart of the galaxy NGC 1277, which weirdly doesn't gobble up nearby stars and planets as black holes tend to do.

5. A flawless invisibility cloak
Most so-called invisibility cloaks can bend light around an object to disguise it, but tend to reflect something called incident light, ruining the illusion. Researchers at Duke University managed to skirt this problem by arranging a new class of metamaterials into a diamond shape, successfully hiding a miniature cylinder completely.

And some Sasha Grey cuz you know Justin Case

Top 5 cheap spy devices

Spy Cams

Spy cameras. Images: USA Spy Shop, Eyetek, DragonNextTiny cameras that record on the sly can be hidden in all sorts of objects. Here we see (left to right) we seethe Spy Pen Camera($30), which lets you download 640-by-480 video and audio recorded on the built-in 4GB memory straight onto your computer; the Button Camera ($129), featuring three styles of button covers with matching real buttons for the rest of your jacket or shirt; the Key Ring Spy Camera ($102) with built-in microphone; and the dressyTie Camera ($252), which can share a power supply with the optional Covert Video Recorder ($389).

GPS Trackers

GPS trackers. Images: Eyetek, SpyGear4UThe PTXTrak Real-Time GPS Tracking Device (left, $470) transmits the location of a car or person every 10 seconds (if driving) or every 20 feet (if walking), while you watch on a Web-based map. The Mini GPS Logger (right, $288) records and stores--on the device itself--the route, stop time, speed, direction, and altitude of a moving object. Subsequently you can retrieve the data and download it to a computer via USB.

Spy Coins

Spy coins. Images: Dereu & Sons Mfg. Co.Finally, all self-respecting spies need a safe way to transfer to the home office all the data they've acquired during a hard day of skulking around. These hollow spy coins from Dereu & Sons have been uses since the Cold War by spies to transport secret messages or suicide poisons. Now you can use them to carry a MicroSD card. Available coins include U.S. nickels (left, $30 each) and half-dollars (a significantly better deal at $25 each), British pounds (right, $33 each), and EU euros ($30 each).

Document Scanners

PlanOn's handy document scanners do the job quickly and covertly--assuming that no one considers moving an unopened ballpoint pen rapidly across every line of text on a page to be odd. The DocuPen Xtreme X05 (top, $300) comes with 64MB of internal memory, takes MicroSD cards for expansion, and can perform Bluetooth transfers as well. TheDocuPen RC810 (bottom, $170) has 8MB of memory and takes about 4 to 8 seconds to scan a full page of text.


Keyloggers. Images: MegaSpy, EyetekWhen you can't crack the encryption code on some secret plans locked away in a computer file, your only other option is to identify the user's password and use that to access to the information in unencrypted form. That's when spies (and paranoid spouses) turn to keyloggers, which record every keystroke that a user enters on a specific computer.
The PS2 Keylogger (upper left, $71) works with older keyboards, while the KeyKatch USB keylogger (right, $130) connects between the keyboard cable and a USB port on newer computers. Ultimate Keylogger software (lower left, starting at $26) can monitor not only keystrokes, but also applications and visited Websites. The Ultimate Keylogger program can also send encrypted activity reports via e-mail.

Aaand some more

Ok so my second interview is from alpho. He is basically the Godfather of the former EDEN.

-Ok my man greetings from eBulgaria currently the twilight zone.
Tell us something about yourself. Who da fuk iz alpho?

-Greetings to you too, fellow gay vampire. Im'just your regular average Joe, troll wannabe and beer drinker extraordinaire.

-Ok on a more game related subject, TWO is currently teabagging CoT and the game became repetitive and predictable. When do you think things are going to change?
-Yeah, it's not just teabagging, it's also helmeting, getting the mexican crotch crickets and so on. Things are sure to change... at some point but not now. Plato has the power but I've been told he ain't gonna do nothing about it.

-In your opinion does Plato use lube when he decides to fuk a random citizen over, or he goes in dry?
-As a someone I knew from erep once said : "Bite the pillow, honey, I'm going in dry". But he might be using anal lube for when he is bent over for more gold.

-Would you rather improve the gaming experience of the eCitizen, on have your penis touched by Scarlet Johansson?
-Definitely touched by Scarlet Johansson's penis. Or.. I mean... touch her with my penis. She's a hot tranny, right?

-If I gave you an Elephant where would you hide it?

-How do you tell a girl that her vagina smells?
-By putting a car freshner in her panties. And telling her nasty ass to wash that gipsy colour off of her. I kno.. I mean, I've heard that gipsy women do that, hang an air freshner under their skirts. They don't wear panties. They should probably dip in sulphuric acid their ass too.

-Can Two Horses Have A STABLE Relationship?
-Yes. As long it's not BAREBACK Mountain. That would be bestiality.

-What is worse watch porn with your parents, or watch porn of your parents?
-With my parents. I don't think they are capable of doing any porn and I'm way into kinks.

-Sex with the ugliest woman in the world, or sex with the sexiest guy?
-This is a no-brainer. Definitely the ugliest woman. No hole, no mole.

-Who do you think my next cover girl should be?
-Your next cover girls should be Miss Belarus. I fell in love with her.

-Have you ever had a crush on an erepublik citizen (girl hopefully)?
-My first and only crush is Petsku. I love his ass, his smile, him touching me in the dark and doing the 2 headed monster. Don't be naive, there are no girls on the internet so stop fapping to girlish name accounts that have as owner some fat hairy bearded guy and who is know by the name of Frank.

-If you could do one thing without any negative consequences to you what would it be?
-Steal Chinese treasury. Both RL and erep.

-Do a vogue.(Google it take pictures of yourself send them via link)

-What is the biggest mistake you ever did in the game, besides this interview?
-My biggest mistake? I don't do mistakes. I'm way too awesome and good looking. And smart. And sexy.

And as usuall i will finish with something.... i guess

So see ya next week i guess.
Also i am hiring a photoshop master. So if you can do pretty good stuff in photoshop PM me and we will start doing business.



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РlayboT Vol 2. Miss eMexico, Interview with the Godfather of EDEN and more stuff


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