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[Free Area 4 PP] Together we will achieve even more!!!

Giorno 1,968, 07:16 Pubblicato in USA Serbia da Free Area

Few days ago I announced my candidacy for Party President of the AMP. There you could also read my eCirculum Vitae and see my proposed DREAM TEAM. In this article I want to present you some of the plans I have to make this party #1 once again.

I want this department to keep the shout squad hardworking and messaging our members about important party events and I hope Communications department will keep up the good work.

PAC did very good job last month on getting educated players into congress and I am proud of their quiz and mentors program. I will be working with PAC to ensure that we continue to delegate active, well educated congressmen who will represent our Party in senate. I am very pleased how PAC did their job last month and we will push the same way if I win!

I gave my best doing legal director job to make legal documents simpler and clearer . When I first joined this department, we had some bad styled and unclear "constitution". Then I decided to write it a brand new way and I think I was successful in that. As you can see we now have PARTY STATUTE and Policies , like real parties do, it’s written exactly as real legal documents look . I also made a complete revision regarding Party Statute and policies with the help of my great deputy Syz2 which made these documents very simple and short so everyone can understand it. I want my legal director to keep up the good work.

If I win I will work on getting the AMP wellness program back up and running,because it will raise the activity of our party members. They will be able to get supplies , so they could help our country on the battlefield.

I also have a plan to make the AMP a more fun place to be. Whether it is just hanging out on IRC or discussing in our forums, I want our members to raise a level of socializing with the other AMP members.

I plan to organize different kinds of competitions and trivia nights. If you elect me the AMP will be a fun place to be in.

I also want to introduce something new :

a) Education Programs

This is very important for our party growth. We will offer education to our party members as well as opportunities to succeed. Among other programs in this area I want to start a new section in our forums named "Help" and that will be where all new players will be sent. Also I will demand from our leadership to me as much as possible kind to new members and always answer their questions on IRC. Each department and every job in this party is designed to work with every other department and every other job. Education is where it all begins, and when we become successful there, we will be successful as a party.

2)Video tutorials

I want retention department to retain as much noobs as possible, and I will be working with them. We should create AMP Video tutorials ,which we would upload to youtube and make them available for everyone. In these videos I would like to present game basics , how to register on our forums and join irc channel and teach players how to get more involved.

I will work together with my retention department that actively encourages members to join our IRC channels, to register on the forums, , and get involved in everyday party life.

This and last month our party grows pretty fast. But, that is not good enough and we will keep on pushing towards more and more members. I will present a new recruitment program, which will show players that we appreciate their efforts in recruitment. Be sure that if I you elect me as your next PP, recruitment will be a top priority and we will work hard to pass the AFA.

Currently our forums lack with activity , except by the round table members. I want to make this a place that all of our members will come for help , new informations and fun. I will be assisting our forum moderators and other departments to achieve this.

We were awesome in this section last month with huge media presence, and I want my media department to keep up the good work. AMP presence in medias will be a big priority for me. With John Killah as media director and saraht0ga as his deputy, you will be reading much more about AMP in newspapers.

I hope you will entrust me with the great honor of being your Party President and VOTE FOR ME. Together we will achieve even more!


[FAforPP] Together we will achieve even more!!




Black Baroness
Black Baroness Giorno 1,968, 07:22

✯ ✯ ✯ Feel the AMPs ✯ ✯ ✯

Aitorcaslor Giorno 1,968, 07:33

hi americans , voted

dehghani mahmood
dehghani mahmood Giorno 1,968, 09:24


Ceannaire Giorno 1,968, 10:32

I'm glad to see there is some plan! And I like yours. Good luck!

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Giorno 1,968, 11:02

Strength and Honour

Mr QRCZEBLADE Giorno 1,968, 11:26

Good luck!

Mister Y
Mister Y Giorno 1,968, 11:39

Uber vote.

TaylorMax Giorno 1,968, 11:57


DanielEsp Giorno 1,968, 21:26

Good luck Free Area o/

jabes Giorno 1,969, 08:20

voting for you, bucko

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