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[eUSA] Some Thoughts on US-AIM.

Giorno 1,996, 08:07 Pubblicato in USA Svezia da Lonestar 2

Citizens of the eUSA,

So... it seems like US-AIM is a hot topic recently. Lots of articles covering it. I was quoted in one article by fingerguns, Controversial Funsies = Best Kind? Her quotes kinda illustrate a point that deserves a bit more attention. As she said in the comments in her article, she sorted the quotes by (1) eRepublik article quotes and (2) eUSA Forum quotes. She might as well have sorted them as (1) Pro-AIM and (2) Anti-AIM, because that's how they read. This isn't a hit on her, her article was great. It's an indicator of some broader sentiments.

Most voices on the eUSA Forum may be against AIM, but the sentiments seem reversed in the in-game shouts and media. Different people focus on different areas. One constant problem is that forum-centric people often forget the game-centric crowd, therefore disregarding those thoughts and opinions when making policy decisions. Same goes for players who focus even more exclusively on private forum boards, versus public ones.

When FG quoted me in her article, being a forum quote, I ended up grouped in with some negative quotes. Totally not the case. In that comment I did try to objectively address the problems of future coordination and political potential, and the latter half may sound negative taken alone. Here are my recent comments on US-AIM in full:

1. From DMV's article, [US-AIM] Taking the war to TWO!,

Personally, I'm interested to see how US-AIM ultimately develops as a credible opposition block to Unity. A lot of folks in the MUs represented here have very different views on foreign policy, elections, etc, from the current cycle of metagame leaders. Case in point, we are about to welcome back President Artela.

I think it's inevitable this military power bloc becomes a political power bloc. Frankly, that's good. We need some honest national opposition in our politics. One big problem with the old JCS fights was that their political isolationism had it's merits, but left them in an ivory tower without much of a voice in politics.

If this independent coordination of military units leads to a political movement, directly or indirectly, good.

Either way... I had fun tanking to win a round in NF&L yesterday. I didn't realize there was also an active IRC coordination effort, and I regret missing that. One of the best aspects of the old game was the regular activity and camaraderie in the eUS Military general chat channel and the different branch channels... the first chat room I ever participated in with the eUSA was the Mobile Infantry room.

2. From Dio Publius's forum thread, US-AIM Spanish OP,

Oblige: Unlike some in this post I'm all behind the idea of AIM because it organizes what used to be a disparate group of damage dealers and unites them under a common banner - which is awesome. I just wish the target had been different.

^ This.

I think the main issue here is the targets. Granted, given the specific foreign affairs preferences of some of these MUs vs the Unity Exec cycle, full coordination is impossible. Still, if the government and US-AIM talk over future plans in advance like ST6 did in their early days, a lot of the aggravation can be avoided in the future. It will never be the partnership that ST6 had with the old JCS back then, because they were one militia with the same general foreign priorities as the government, just a different view on tactics; whereas this is 16 militias with varying foreign alliance preferences, none of which sync up with the government, or they would be in the national military. Also, even back then when JCS and ST6 had almost identical views on foreign nations, there eventually came a point where the leaders of the two groups held much animosity for each other due to escalation of fights about tactics and strategy. At best, this will be worse, but coordination should still be attempted.

I'm also deeply skeptical that this will not grow into a political movement over time. Frankly, good. It could be good for us to have an actual national opposition movement in our politics instead of (or in addition to) the AFA. It will make us less effective as a nation, but it will make the social, political, and military landscape more engaging and enjoyable for many, as there will be countless fights to be won over the direction of the nation. Our allies will get pissed, ofc, but we already have a reputation for that and it's bound to happen again eventually anyway. Like now.

Some folks in US-AIM highlight that they can out-perform the eUS Armed Forces by a 3 to 1 margin. As Josh Frost explains in his article, independent military power becomes political power. Being so large, US-AIM will inevitably either dissolve or become political. It's a natural evolution, not a corruption.

As I said above, good. This would be an interest group, if not necessarily a political voting bloc, as Gnilraps mentions in We're Innocent When We Dream. Perhaps they will come to lead one or more established T4 parties. I think this is more likely than a large group of generally apolitical and anti-political players raising a small party like The Seed to T5 ranks.

Why is this good? Right now the leaders in our nation all favor a generally identical game strategy. In the past primary cycle won by Artela, both of her opponents had almost identical cabinets, almost identical policies, the main differences were in the execution thereof. This is efficient, certainly. It's also dead boring.

The folks in US-AIM have a very different approach to the game. Their strategy, tactics, organization, goals, propaganda, most everything, will be different. If they stay together, coalesce into a strong political interest group, take control of some parties organically based on winning the hearts of the electorate, then begin fighting for some changes in national direction... we will see a very different game here on the home front. Frankly, US-AIM is the grassroots movement that the AFA wishes it was.

SPQR stalled for a few reasons: (1) too many meta-players, (2) too much top-down control, (3) not enough rank and file membership, and (4) starting from the political front and thinking to move to the military front later. This is all backwards. In contrast, US-AIM is based on active players of the game itself, bottom-up coordination between 16 militias, plenty of good folks who know how to follow orders, and a strong military foundation.

As I heard it said a few days ago... US-AIM is very SPQR. Except where SPQR failed because it was more of the same with a different coat of paint, US-AIM is what SPQR wanted itself to be. I hope US-AIM moves forward together, coordinating closely wherever possible, not caving in to any demands handed down from on high over in meta-land, and making the eUSA a more fun and dynamic nation. US-AIM can be a game-changer.

Anyway... just my $0.02. I'm staying in the Feds and not running for any office, so this isn't personal politics. I'm in S.H.I.E.L.D. which cannot join US-AIM since we are an official party militia. This is just the best objective assessment I can make of the field as I see it. I like US-AIM and I look forward to see what happens next.

But what do I know... I'm SINISTER. Just ask BeachBunny.

Max McFarland 3
~ P/H, Federalist Party.

We are Dio. You are Dio. I am Dio.
May the Love of Dio be with you, Forever.


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 08:08

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Giorno 1,996, 08:08

OMG Free thought!!! Somebody arrest this man!!

fingerguns Giorno 1,996, 08:14


lol nice article, though.

I'm very interested to see how this evolves. US-AIM has a better chance of changing the game than any of the 'political' movements I've seen or heard about, but there are landmines everywhere. Could be very cool, but right now it's kind of open to people projecting whatever they want onto it, both good and bad. We'll see.

Stefan Salvat0re
Stefan Salvat0re Giorno 1,996, 08:14


bigcdizzle Giorno 1,996, 08:14


I n f o r m e r
I n f o r m e r Giorno 1,996, 08:19

It's only after you've lost everything that you're free to do anything.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Giorno 1,996, 08:29

.I wasn't recognized, for my legitimacy, until I was asked to joined Aim. It has been, very democratic, so far. DMV, must be working his ass off, though.

Cubby Giorno 1,996, 08:36

Max understands perfectly.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 08:47

Well... thank you. 😁

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Giorno 1,996, 08:38

I knew you'd love this force of chaos Max. Good to see these comments, and while I'm happy to stick to my ivory tower of non-politicalness (I liked the comment, just had to poke a bit of fun), I tend to agree.

I'm very happy, so far, with everything that US-AIM has accomplished. I think its the first move in the right direction that the game has had in years.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 11:53

Also, chaos? Dear heavens, no. I'm a paragon of order.
I know not of this chaos of which you speak.

Bradley Reala
Bradley Reala Giorno 1,996, 13:37

I just choked on my drink.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 13:39

^ _ ^

Ludonarr Giorno 1,996, 08:39

Great article

The next few weeks should be interesting as this all takes shape.

BeachBunny Giorno 1,996, 09:06

Max.... Im guessing Mazzy was thinking of the wrong Max!

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 09:11

My apologies... was it her who called this other Max sinister then? 😁

BeachBunny Giorno 1,996, 10:51

I called the other Max sinister. She just mixed up the Max.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 11:53

Gotcha. My mistake. 🙂

BeachBunny Giorno 1,996, 12:00

But I have heard from little kittens that you sir are sinister as well!

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 12:01

Never never, not once ever.

Roper 70
Roper 70 Giorno 1,996, 09:11

US-AIM Baaaaaaa o7

Deepchill Giorno 1,996, 09:24

Max is right on.

Voted HARD.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 15:13


Publius Giorno 1,996, 09:44

I disagree with the section on Nova Roma. While AIM may be taking the reverse approach, SPQR's failing was not in strategy but in implementation. I think SPQR had a superior structure (AIM will ape it over time) and a strategy that was somewhat orthogonal but not worse.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Giorno 1,996, 10:00

Agreed with the failing of SPQR being the execution.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Giorno 1,996, 10:01

erm implementation rather

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 11:58

I think the four problems I laid out above lead to our poor implementation. By the time we opened up enough to let in more people, we were already fading. We also never really found a way to mobilize our popular support.

It made me sad either way. So much potential there. It was a grand concept.

I had to look up orthogonal. x_X

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Giorno 1,996, 10:14

"SPQR" didn't work because Rome has been my thing for years. My life-long goal is to restore the Roman Empire.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 12:00

Voting up your own comments is poor form. ^ _ ~

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Giorno 1,996, 12:01

It's my thing. I do it on FB too.

Sub-0 Giorno 1,996, 10:43

Maksa \ 😃 /

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 11:59

Heya 😁

I think both my eSim citizens are dead from neglect now.

One of them is Serbian now though. 😁

Liquid Oxygen
Liquid Oxygen Giorno 1,997, 09:32

Come back. Manifest Destiny awaits, and Primarch Jude Connors, Servant of the God King requires the service of every able bodied asskicker. :3

Sub-0 Giorno 1,999, 14:39


Sub-0 Giorno 1,999, 14:40

: D
Still clicking : )

stewy Giorno 1,996, 10:58

"This is just the best objective assessment I can make of the field as I see it"

and it was a good article.. trying to stay objective while also sharing your feelings is one of the most difficult things to accomplish here, and you did it nicely. kudos to you mm3

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,996, 11:58

Tyvm 😁

Tiamati Giorno 1,996, 12:07

Excellent Article clarifying FG's misrepresentation of your forum-based quote for her own ends.

Much like SPQR I've remained silent regarding ACT thus far; but will continue to keep a watchful eye upon their progress. That said, ACT should continue to strengthen its inherent 'Bloc-mentality' as it thus far appears to be a laudable conceptualization of true unity; something which is sorely needed here in the eUSA presently.

@Reala; Most would consider me to be that 'paragon of chaos' to which you alluded above.

fingerguns Giorno 1,996, 18:19

You're so right. How clever you are to see through all of my evil schemes.

Also, what is ACT?

Tiamati Giorno 1,996, 20:01

Pardon me; apparently the acronym is AIM as opposed to ACT; form of dyslexia believe it or not. Hopefully despite the minor transposition the comment itself remains easily comprehensible.

Regarding 'schemes' I'd have to say most of us could admit to it, wouldn't you agree? Even if you remain unable to do so ultimately it will affect you negatively as all instances of self-deception invariably do upon those unable to recognize inconvenient truths within themselves.

fingerguns Giorno 1,996, 20:52

I don't think I would agree, actually. Few people seem like they would admit to schemes, especially if they were of the evil variety.

Regardless, as I told Max, it was merely an oversight on my part in my rush to put the article up without dedicating too much time to it. I could easily go back and edit, but I hate when people do that. It is what it is. It's out there. You can use it to confirm your bias if you'd like, but I don't much see the point of it.

Tiamati Giorno 1,996, 22:55

The respective oversights aside I disagree with your above statement about people being unwilling to admit their schemes within the context I inferred... Specifically to be willing to admit it to themselves.

Regarding 'good vs evil' implied intent of any specific scheme seems to typically remain a matter of perspective. After all most can admit that their 'schemes' will benefit a vast cross section of the community as a whole meanwhile 'visiting evil' upon a minority.

Indeed, I maintain the opinion that much of the negative sentiment regarding meta-cliques and "unity" itself stem from the above-mentioned iniquity Inherent to any 'elitist' regime which permits the 'smoke-filled back rooms' from the days of Woxan to persist to this day. Any such disparity in representation ultimately creates a schism within the community where it is permitted to occur and indeed in the eUSA's case endure.

While it may be true that few among us seem to be unlikely to admit overtly malicious scheming publicly it truly seems non relevant as it is assumed we all do it under the guises of public service or worse yet pedantic euphemisms which truly border upon hypocrisy.

Thank you for misreading my original response to your comment upon my reply; as it was emphasizing the capacity to admit such truths to ourselves. Apparently I should have been clearer regarding the point that it is up to every member of the community to be truthful to themselves; the larger issue of being ruthlessly truthful to one another saved for another venue as it is a far broader topic rife with pedantic platitudes.

fingerguns Giorno 1,997, 05:44

You have officially dedicated more time trying to decipher my "hidden intent" than I spent writing the entire article.

If you need to believe that I am some terrible person that grouped all of those forum comments together to try and slander Max or to make it seem like he is opposed to something I support, then have at it.

Tiamati Giorno 1,997, 11:00

You seem very adept in making mountains out of mole hills.

I never in any way attempted to postulate you intent nor its moral context.

905 of my contribution above is in general terms; I cannot be held responsible for your inability to comprehend what should be considered 'formal english'

Not everything is about you; I already put your failed presidency behind me in my article regarding it if you do not recall. Given how long you were absent from the eRep community it seemed clear that without your (from my perspective) arranging a deal with Henry that your term as PotUS would not have occurred when nor how it did.

I've nothing personal against you in-game nor RL; if anything I pity you for working so close with Henry for so long which seems to have clouded your judgement regarding the community within which you've chosen to return and resume interacting with others, some of which like myself whom prefer in-game as opposed to forums with its iniquitous hierarchical structure intent on keeping the same 50 people in power month after month.

Lets not argue about which spade is blackest as there are some true diamonds within that 50; I cannot help that you are not one of them as I apparently remain among the dissidents opposed to the arrogant elitist views which prompt hidden IRC rooms and secret forum threads where the true power remains safely hidden away from the light of truthful public discussion.

Protip: attacking me will get you nowhere; yet it seems easier for you than attempting to disprove my statements in a rational fashion which based on our interaction here seems beyond your capabilities, I encourage you to cease your vain attempts to do so as they will only cause you additional frustration.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Giorno 1,997, 23:56


Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Giorno 1,997, 08:54

So... um... I don't think FG was trying to be malicious or slanderous or anything. She gathered a lot of quotes, cropped them, and included them in her article to make her arguments. I don't see anything wrong with that.

On the eUSA Forum, I generally crop quotes all the time when I reply on threads, so the posts do not become monstrous with unnecessary filler. Sometimes, unfortunately, that leads to misunderstandings. Heck, just yesterday, my quote-cropping caused a short misunderstanding between Duncan Crowe and Evry, as some of the context was lost and it changed the overall message of the statement. It happens.

That's why at the start of this article, I mentioned the quotes, but it's not an attack or anything. I doubt it was even intentional, she quoted a bunch of people. Unfortunately for me, she quoted part of my statement, which taken alone seemed to project entirely the wrong message.

It happens. : )

Also, I fully believe FG's statement below:

fingerguns: "Regardless, as I told Max, it was merely an oversight on my part in my rush to put the article up without dedicating too much time to it. I could easily go back and edit, but I hate when people do that. It is what it is. It's out there."

I also agree about not making changes to article content. The most I ever change post-publication is if I catch spelling mistakes, spacing between a picture, etc, nothing core or essential.

Tiamati Giorno 1,997, 10:25

I agree that FG's quote cropping of your statements regarding on the topic on forums for the purposes of her article was not malicious as shown by her apology to you near the beginning clearly demonstrates.y comment regarding its use for 'her own ends' remains a simple undeniable truth as I in no way attempt nor attempted earlier to postulate the overall sentiment (good or bad) she wished to convey, only that it did indeed occur.

Regarding revisionist practices I agree, as it is also my opinion that the original content of any contribution upon topics should be immutable and be wholly preserved for the entire community to reflect on what is shared as it was originally shared.

Apologies Max; it is not my intent to detract from your article nor its resultant discussion with 'monstrous' comments. Hopefully FG's apparent inability to understand that my responses to her replies upon my comment are in general regarding the topics raised and NOT direct attacks upon her person as seems rather clear to me while rereading the interaction above.

As such, out of my deference to you Max I will not bother in even attempting to correct FG regarding her clearly erroneous misunderstandings regarding the contents of my contributions to this discussion. Somehow my passing references have enticed envious sentiments to vainly conclude that 'my song was about her'

And with that Carly Simon reference it is my hope the community will judge the above interactions above for themselves within their proper context; hopefully unphazed by any personal 'sniping' between two rivals across the 'meta vs in-game' chasm to which you earlier alluded.

It is saddening to see my contributions along that vein be so grossly misinterpreted as some childish personal attack it is clearly not despite the fact it was her inappropriate sarcasm regarding my inadvertent initial transposition of eRep Acronyms which ultimately prompted this in-comment exchange between she and I.

Hopefully most will agree.

Oblige Giorno 1,996, 12:15

It's been very interesting to see AIM develop as an institution. For better or worse I think they represent an important part of America's future.

Haselrig Giorno 1,996, 12:41


Colonel W Kurac Giorno 1,998, 06:03

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