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So Far in the Fed Party: Day 1978

15 Hari ke 1,978, 17:01 Diterbitkan di USA USA Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

Hello Fed’s and erepublik players,

First time using the fed banners in my articles, but it looks pretty dam good if I say so myself.
For the start of the … lebih lanjut »

"Moving to eUSA and integrating into the eAmerican way of eLife"

9 Hari ke 1,911, 08:25 Diterbitkan di USA USA Langkah pertama di eRepublik Langkah pertama di eRepublik

Hello citizens of eUSA, I’m Hale Kane and I just moved to eUS a week ago. Many people suggested I write an article about my arrival and how I am doing so far, so here it is.

~Day 1 of Arrival~


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Return to Austria: Day 1827

12 Hari ke 1,827, 19:43 Diterbitkan di Austria Austria Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

Message to erepublik citizens:

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen in eAustria and in erepublik, I’d like to say “hello” from eAustria as i return to the eCountry that i lived in for over a year. I’d like to say hello especially to the older and … lebih lanjut »

Name Change from Patar333 to Hale Kane

10 Hari ke 1,784, 18:22 Diterbitkan di Switzerland Switzerland Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

Anyways it is plain and simple. I changed my name to Hale Kane now. I know for some people it is strange but i needed a name change so bad. I had been using the same account name for many games and i wanted to have a change.

But overall i am

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To all eSwitzerland Congress winners-Short Article

8 Hari ke 1,740, 21:13 Diterbitkan di Switzerland Switzerland Analisis dan debat politik Analisis dan debat politik

As we finally get a chance to have congress, i feel we should be greatful and the gold given to us from the medal should be donated to eSwitzerland revenue.

I do not push people to give all the gold they got from the medal, but at least 2-3 gold

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