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common knowledge

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I know everyone knows this bit of common knowledge but i think this should be passed around every once in a while

T0 training ground
lvl 1 05 str time to 250 str: 50 day gold/day: 0.1 G/d
lvl 2 10 str time to 250 str: 25 day

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I understand you ppl wanted to make the airstrike to give more fun to the game and everything and even got eMontenegro to help you guys (or was the other way around; it doesn't matter anyways) but ...

why did you not choose the region with the

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dictator stuff

5 Hari ke 2,712, 22:47 Diterbitkan di Japan Japan Bisnis finansial Bisnis finansial

soo, what's the great idea?
we just got out of a domestic attempt for a coup
and then some other happy go luck idiot waste another 200k currency to launch a new one

If you want to get rid of that much money on pointless goals, I think it is a

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3 Hari ke 2,686, 17:13 Diterbitkan di Japan Japan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan Interaksi sosial dan hiburan

Hi, I just came back from a very large abscence
soo, dismissing the fact that we are not on the map again,
I came in with a lot of questions
soo, what are houses useful for?
whats with the new battle system?
how is my country faring?

with a

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First of all, good luck to all candidates in the upcoming elections!!

Once said that, I should add a little game for anyone intereste😛

13579, 24680, 35791, 46802, 57913, 68024, 79135, 80246, 91357
13578, 24689, 35790, 46801, 57912, 68023,

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