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Zz: Alliances of the eWorld - Day 1830

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After some months of decline in the number of MPPs, the total number of MPPs of the eWorld is increasing.
In day 1830, the number of MPPs increased to 424, 33 MPPs more than in day 1816.

Day 1830 MPPs situation

As you can see, the World remains essentially divided in two big groups. And 4 small nations remains without MPPs.

On the left there are CoT (light blue), ABC (orange), ex-ONE (violet) countries, with some other countries.
On the right we have EDEN (dark green), Asgard (yellow) and ex-TERRA (light green) countries and some others.

But that was of a big change in this period!
We can see the movement leftward of Brazil, an ex-CTRL country (red). Brazil almost definitively left the EDEN/ex-TERRA group, and it's approaching the CoT/ex-ONE group.

Along with Brazil, other countries that moved towards the left are Byelorussia, which left EDEN and signed a pact with Poland, Iran , and the ex-TERRA country (light green) of Russia with its MPPs with Bulgaria and Moldova.

Other countries in between the two main groups are South Africa and Pakistan.

Day 1816 MPPs situation

by Tony Clifford


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