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Your move Hanibal

Hari ke 1,761, 11:43 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

What’s up America!

I’ve been monitoring the ATO all day, and I’m very proud of the job you all have been doing. While I was on the homepage, I noticed a shout from seeinvoices. I checked out the comments, and look what I saw:

Hanibal LA clearly states that he will resign and move out of the USA if he is proven to be a PTO.

I thought to myself, this is too easy. So, about 5 minutes later, I had all these illegal law proposals that Hanibal started:
Illegal Impeachment
Illegal Tax Change
Illegal Natural Enemy Proposal
Another Illegal Impeachment
Another Illegal Natural Enemy Proposal

And we haven’t even gotten to the best part yet!
(You’re going to love this part)

Giving USA Citizenship to Serbians:

Check all of those Citizen's Military Units, if you don't believe me.

That’s 9 Serbs he gave Citizenship to, in just a few short weeks.

I think that sufficiently proves that Hanibal is a PTO. Time for you to be true to your word, and leave the country!!

PS: Move to We the People and vote for Gnilraps!



Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,761, 11:44


Now gtfo.

KenanGomutan Hari ke 1,761, 11:45

pirinç 1st

Defactor Hari ke 1,761, 11:45

zaaa xd

n0s3 Hari ke 1,761, 11:45


chickensguys Hari ke 1,761, 11:46

I thought he was an Eden Ptoer?

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 11:46

Hannibal La we dont want you here!!!!!!!!

The-Comedian Hari ke 1,761, 11:47


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Hari ke 1,761, 11:47

ahahhah this is so funny..i rlly said if u find proof ill resign and leave US, but real proof, not this shit !!!

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Hari ke 1,761, 11:47


BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 11:48

What is real proof Hannibal?

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 11:48

Pretty sure all that is real proof of you being a PTO.

ElvenCRO Hari ke 1,761, 11:48

nothing personal Hanibal, but the evidences are aginst you

Kamoris KSC
Kamoris KSC Hari ke 1,761, 11:50

Go back to eSerbia or eTurkey -.- Another idiot trying his little PTO game .

poisin224 Hari ke 1,761, 11:51

Owned. GTFO, PTOer!

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 11:52

Ummm Hanibal you arnt even a congressman this month so what does that prove?

Astraeus II
Astraeus II Hari ke 1,761, 11:53

What do you consider real proof if this is not sufficient enough for you?

Publius Hari ke 1,761, 11:53

Why bother giving him attention IS?

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Hari ke 1,761, 11:55

What Publius said +1

Sgt. Edgar Wallcroft
Sgt. Edgar Wallcroft Hari ke 1,761, 11:56

Well if this is PTO, having Greek, Croatian and other non-american people accepted is a PTO too?

Can someone explain to me, I am new here.

poisin224 Hari ke 1,761, 11:57

We give you attention to shine light on the fact that you're a f*cking PTOer. Come the 16, you will again be forgotten until the 25, when we will defeat you in your inevitable congressional campaign in some dead party that your PTO buddies will flock to.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 1,761, 11:58

go back to eTurkey, Hanibal!

Hale26 Hari ke 1,761, 12:01

Hannibal my fine Sir, I think you've been beat.

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 12:04

Also the fact that you have this guy a known PTO and rouge congressman pulling for you as well as Chickenguys. Hell Ajay has been seen in IRC trying to get votes for you. Ya with all this evidence above and the people who want you to win. Im gonna go with PTO for 500.

Lord Dark Helmet
Lord Dark Helmet Hari ke 1,761, 12:04

"Real Proof" = cop-out. The more evidence you find, the farther he will move the goalposts. Even if you posted a video taped recording of him saying "I am a PTOer" he would say "nope, not real proof"...

pop George
pop George Hari ke 1,761, 12:11

chickensguys to peace of pi | 33 minutes ago
Please join our party and vote Hanibal La
Time and time again I am impressed by his charismatic nature and smart witted humor.
Thank you

the dullest dim wit in the game spamming for your support should be enough to drive you away...

Karlo FTW
Karlo FTW Hari ke 1,761, 12:11

YOU wanted circus in YOUR country and you GET enyoy in it...couse only who has benefit from all this situation in USA/BRAZI is SPOLAND..
you lost ur resources,now ur getting ptoed,almost having civil war but just keep listening loland..GL

weasel2 Hari ke 1,761, 12:15

@Sgt.: I believe somewhere, there is a CIA (or equivalent) officer(s) that is suppose to vindicate citizenship approvals before a Congressperson actually approves a request. The Congresscritter can ignore that of course. Too many Serbs though and you are a PTOer, no question.

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 12:20

@Weasel2 The program you are talking about is IES and congressmen and women are not supposed to approve any citizenship requests unless approved by the IES but as we see above some people in congress do not give a flying duck as Hannibal La did not give a flying duck. Your actions speak for you Hannibal La not your lies.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Hari ke 1,761, 12:21

BeachBunny I gotta ask who are you exactly? You're training like a gold beast with over 4k strength in just under 2 months. Now I'm not a math expert but without the added str from work and train you should be at about 3200 with full training. Sup? Just curious. There's no need to be defensive as I know you will be. Also, ST6 is accepting just about everyone these days aren't they?

Dru Blood
Dru Blood Hari ke 1,761, 12:23

IES violations (week 1)
« on: August 31, 2012, 02:40:19 pm »

Henry Arundel
J Manizzle,21153.0.html


BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 12:26

@Chance its actually over 2 monthes now. Dont know how i could have 2 hard worker medals in under 2 monthes. And you do know strength is awarded on those missions that Plato deems to be fun for us lol. I am who i am and have never claimed to be anyone else. Why do you ask Chance?

PeVall Hari ke 1,761, 12:29

Can I say owned?

bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,761, 12:33


Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Hari ke 1,761, 12:38

Palestine Stevens...

You' re so pathetic!!!

Smiljan Hari ke 1,761, 12:42

se this:

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 12:43

@Smiljan what article is that?

Sztandar Hari ke 1,761, 12:46

Nicely done, Omar would be proud.

Smiljan Hari ke 1,761, 12:54

BeachBunny Day 1,761, 12:43
6m ago

@Smiljan what article is that?

article CP of serbia, first address and a list of cabinet members in the ministries.

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 12:55

nice lol

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Hari ke 1,761, 12:56

@BeachBunny: that article says he'll help with ministry of education, or in other words, help newbs become better players. In my history I helped many new players (including Romper, might I add), and I never choose which side they were on. I see nothing wrong with him helping Serbian newbs. On the other hand, I am IRL Serbian so my statement might be biased, or not? Btw, the first player that helped me out when I was a newb in this game was a Croat, my enemy today (although he stopped playing).

thaddaus Hari ke 1,761, 12:56

in 2000 i was rude to an old i go to hell?

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 12:58

@Thaddaus No i just wont let you go near my grandpa lol. Where did we tell Hannibal La to go to Hell?

HannyaTR Hari ke 1,761, 13:01

These Serbs are funny.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Hari ke 1,761, 13:03

Btw, is it legal or illegal to propose your best friend a natural enemy ( )?

Is Evry a PTOer?

Are you a PTOer?

You were the PotUS before him and laid ground works for his proposal.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Hari ke 1,761, 13:04

Thanks @correktion, we do strive to being funny all the time. We do like to be adored.

thaddaus Hari ke 1,761, 13:09

@BeachBunny you have different standards to judge...

you judge Hanibal for what he did 1 year ago, but about NE on Canada(allied and friend) you didnt said a word

Smiljan Hari ke 1,761, 13:11

And this article:

Sluzbeni Glasnik eSrbije

look paragraf named: Министарство образовања

BeachBunny Hari ke 1,761, 13:17

Thing is i dont trust him with a top 5 party! Thats why he doesnt have my vote as well as i will speak against him which is my right. And about the Canada NE i was what a couple of days old in this game?

tarbuh Hari ke 1,761, 13:27

Many US citizens are not RL Americans and you don't even realize it and you play with them...

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