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Waffle list for congress

Hari ke 1,892, 06:46 Diterbitkan di Ireland Irlandia oleh Damhnaic

Well. New party Waffles are near and we need to waffle the waffle for waffle.

Waffle party is waffling through the waffle time in waffle. We have been waffly waffled by waffle with low waffle standards and who waffle our waffle because our waffle are of waffle wafflies.

Waffle is waffling trough one of the wafflest waffle in it's waffle. waffle waffle is but a waffle of ones waffle united waffle. We want to waffle that.

We are a waffle of waffle RL waffle and we are waffle of our waffle . That is what waffles us waffle. But we are wafflein one waffle, we are waffle to be wafflish!

Well why you waffle waffle for us?

Waffle party waffles are waffle of couple of things.
We are harboring PTOers!
We are harboring members that are insulting towards younger citizens and other nationalities than Irish and Croatians!
We are harboring people full of hate and anger!

Waffle party gave some of the WORST waffle waffles, some of the WORST waffles waffles and some of the WORST Waffles in Waffle history. but yet we are simple waffle waffle that waffle waffling waffle country waffle!

Waffle party wants clean, united, and honest Ireland and we will do everything to be great again! (Even PTO other parties and bully other citizens)

Our members are proud of our activity in TYRANY.
Waffles party members decided on a list of our best people we have:

No one.

Don't let our Waffle be victim of a corrupt waffles. Don't let Irish waffles be PTOed again!


BeJIuKaH Hari ke 1,892, 06:54

You are funny.... not : ))

ChewChewShoe Hari ke 1,892, 07:11


Winston Hope Smith
Winston Hope Smith Hari ke 1,892, 08:31

voted 😛

Mlickism Hari ke 1,892, 08:39


Uljanov Hari ke 1,892, 08:56

Ones you were respected Irishman and honest politician..sad to see that era is behind you..🙁

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,892, 09:02

I didn't stop being honest Uljanov, I never lied to any of you guys. I just don't want to be respected by unethical partisan bullies.

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,892, 09:07

You should probably ask yourself, "Why such a satire." "Why does it hurt?". In the end, this is to help you.

Uljanov Hari ke 1,892, 09:20

Last 2 weeks all you do is defending people who backed this country for months for robbing us, insulted valuable members of our society and made them leave us and insulted the whole RL nation by promoting massacre done against them.

And now you do an article making fun of our political agenda.

Honest person would lead by example and does not see the need to defend him self by "I never lied to any of you guys."

Sad what you became.

orangejuicemmm Hari ke 1,892, 09:27

u seem mad bro? u mad?

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,892, 09:42

Voted, we need more waffles in congress.

Uljanov seems very mad

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Hari ke 1,892, 10:46

voted for the waffles. Regardless, as it seems this story is still in its last pages...

Dam, we both believe in supporting the lesser of two evils. It appears that neither of our views will be accepted enough by the other to mutually decide just who that lesser is. It is a shame.

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,892, 11:36

@Raven, I love you, comme to the waffle side of the politics.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Hari ke 1,892, 11:59 do realise how lame you look while trying to suck up to people who bullied, scammed and PTOed for years?
Not all of Kunts did that off course but 90% of those who did are in Kunts..and some people remember that.

True..its possible they decided to change their ways but that fact is they didn't bother doing that for years.

And until they prove they changed we should give our trust to those who did not soil themself with moral filth.

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,892, 12:02

Viktor, I do not suck up on the kunts, I hate them. But I hate PTOers even more.

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,892, 12:05

And Uljanov, I back them because they were victims of unethical behavior. PTO can NEVER be excused, what you and your friends are sadly trying to do.

Uljanov Hari ke 1,892, 12:33

And "they" never did PTO?

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Hari ke 1,892, 15:07

Damnhaic...most members of kunts used to belong to socalled mafia family with ibhoy as their leader.
For years they PTOed every party they feel like it.

Sometimes they PTOed to destroy the party they found a competition, and sometimes they PTOed for laughs.
Conway tried to PTO EA and help malbekh to elect moo for PP of IFP not so long ago.
Remember conway?
The only proven thief for robbery of state funds by his on confession.

Padraig a former PP of kunts actually as congressman let one of the british PTOers who ended up PTOing EA..for months. say you hate do you feel about traitor PTOers like Padraig or thief PTOers like Conway?

Again...not all members of kunts are bad..some of them are even wrongly accused for robbery by likes of malbekh and moo.

But almost all if not all scammers, thiefs and PTOers of ireland past are in kunts.

And so far they showed no signs they changes their ways...only masked...

On very last elections EA was PTOed by them...the say it was ATO
But i was PP of EA and they didn't bother to even ask me do we need help and make sure EA will never ask for help from someone with a filthy history like kunts.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Hari ke 1,892, 15:27

And Damnhaic since you are such a justice fighter why you had no article about kunts Vukovar statement incident?

Or you pick your justice fights to suits your masters...

And Patriots were not PTOed...that was exorcism...

IamGawain Hari ke 1,892, 16:16

Voted and hungry 😮


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,892, 19:09

"article about kunts Vukovar statement incident?"

Lets clarify that, it wasn't was one person who said it himself not all of the party. He later said sorry on Uljanovs or one of his mates shouts and later released an article saying sorry.

"Viktor Kurgan Day 1,889, 06:42 As for me, Vukovar insult issue can rest now..."

^^ yet you keep going on about it when he said sorry, people make mistakes. Its worse when they say sorry and people say its put to bed and then the next day go on about it.

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Hari ke 1,892, 19:27

Marcus....did i attacked Padraig?
I am mentioning to show Damnhaic hypocracy.
It has nothing to do with Padraig. But that statement revealed bad things about other humans.
Padraig throwed a stone in the water and that created wawes.
I am dealing wih wawes not the stone.

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