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Vote Sue For Congress

Hari ke 1,888, 07:42 Diterbitkan di North Korea Kroasia oleh Sue Fleming

This is my first article and I would like to publish why I people should vote for me on the 25th as a congress member.

I plan to spark a revolution like no other one that removes the higher ranks and builds up the workers. Ladies and Gentlemen the Revolution starts with me.

This is My Manifesto and Revolution ideas.

- Protect the whole of North Korea from all threats unlike it's current vulnerability.

- After Making sure that North Korea is safe we should attack our attackers to improve the safety conditions of all NK citizens.

- Increase the Population of NK to create a stronger NK.

-Increase people's political awareness all over NK so people can make a more informed decision. This does NOT mean spamming North Korea with vote for me messages. I am completely against them

- Try to help fund people with guns and food so they can join in the fight for a NK. The future of our nation must be formed from sharing the power and the weath of our nation.

-Increase the GDP N.K but increase this for everyone not just allowing the richest amoungst us to get richer but to allow the poorest to get richer.

- Unite NK so it works as one unit making it a lot more effective, in defending its lands.

- Decrease the VAT on Guns and Food products. The raise in VAT has decreased the amount of food being able to be purchased and has dramatically increased the price of guns. Keeping VAT down keeps gun prices down meaning North Korea can be a stronger fighting force.

Brothers, Sisters Comrades if we are to improve North Korea we must Unite and help new players like my self to build up huge factories so we can share with people who need it. I want to make NK a communist utopia but to do that I need your votes.

Join the Revolution by voting me for congress, Voting this article, Subscribing to my paper and Pm me if you want to get involved further.

Share the Power Share the Wealth



Bob Wu
Bob Wu Hari ke 1,888, 10:05

Come on down to the Commoner's Revolution.

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