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USA Joins the Circle of Trust

Hari ke 1,885, 16:52 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

As reported by multiple media sources, the United States of America, joined Circle of Trust. For those that are unaware, Circle of Trust is an alliance that was formed out of the cast offs from Terra and EDEN. It has since grown, into one of the largest alliances in the game. The alliance is currently comprised of:
New Zealand
South Korea
Republic of Moldova
Republic of Macedonia

And now the United States has been added as a Trial Member.

Obviously, this move brings both good and bad news. Let’s start with the bad:

-Circle of Trust (CoT) is aligned with some of our oldest enemies.
Yup. No denying that one. But lets be frank for a bit here. No President is going to propose MPPs with Hungary, nor Serbia. It just isn’t in the cards for the United States. So while many of the nations in CoT have a friendship with TWO, the USA does not have to. CoT is an independent alliance, and has its own set of battles and priorities to worry about.

-Circle of Trust has some of our old enemies in it.
Yup, sure does. But when Terra was formed, it had Argentina and Brazil in it. We fought epic battles against those nations while they were part of PEACE. Being an enemy, does not exclude nations from ever working together, and forging new friendships.
You don’t have all of the same friends that you did in Elementary School, do you?
This move allows the United States to forge new friendships and new bonds that can be just as strong as the bonds we’ve given up.

Circle of Trust is a TWO puppet.
Disagree. Strongly. CoT is as much a puppet of TWO, as Terra was of EDEN. Yes, the alliances work together, but CoT is it’s own entity. A thriving, vibrant alliance filled with nations all over the world. They aren’t beholden to a region, nor to an alliance.

Let’s talk about some of the good.

First and foremost, joining an alliance will allow the United States to beat this PTO. Every time we elect a new President, our foreign affairs changes slightly, and we end up offending another group of people in the USA. By joining this alliance, the United States is formally solidifying it’s foreign affairs position. This will allow us not only to focus our attention completely towards the PTO, but also towards allowing voters from allied nations to enter, and help us take the fight to the Serbians.

Joining this alliance has huge ramifications towards the PTO, and will ultimately allow us to beat it.

Past Relationships
Bulgaria was a longtime member of EDEN, and we had a great relationship when they were. Unfortunately, EDEN made the terrible choice of choosing Turkey over Bulgaria, and Bulgaria left. I can’t say that I blame them.
Chile was a member of Terra for a long time, and we had another great relationship with them. Unfortunately, they were forced out of the alliance by Argentina and friends.
Even Japan used to be a member of Terra, although it was brief.
We have relationships with some of these nations. Even though we’ve been at odds on the battlefield, doesn’t mean that those friendships are dead.

With the addition of the United States to CoT, the alliance becomes one of the strongest in the world. This alliance will be able to stand on it’s own, able to deliver massive damage all across the world.
Add in the fact that CoT has major representation in most of the time zones, and the alliance is able to distribute that massive amount of damage equally, across many of the mini battles.

One of the things that CoT prides itself on, is the equality between members. Small nations like South Korea and Japan have the same voting power as the large ones like Chile and Bulgaria. This is not an alliance in the style of TWO, where the strong nations use the little ones.
CoT is based on equality and friendship, two notions that the United States can get behind. This is the same concept that Terra used, and the United States had a great amount of success with that alliance.

I can sit here, and tell you how great this alliance is, or how good it is going to be for this nation. But until we’ve been involved, and a great many citizens have experienced the friendship, camaraderie and battles, they are just empty words. I encourage you to hang out in #CircleOfTrust and meet some of your new best friends.

Old friendships die hard, I understand that. But that doesn’t mean that we should desperately hold on to them, in hopes that the glory days will come back.

Give our new friends a chance, just as they are giving us a chance.


Do your part to fight the PTO! Join the American Military Party! Click the banner to go to our forums!

Join Seal Team 6 and get wet with us! Click the image to apply.


Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,885, 16:52

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

Bucephalus92 Hari ke 1,885, 17:07


Jason Statham Jr
Jason Statham Jr Hari ke 1,885, 17:14


potato134 Hari ke 1,885, 17:14

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

RebeccaG Hari ke 1,885, 17:15

Well, it was fun fighting against Indo, but I guess having them on our side will make one of our borders a bit more secure, so good plan.

L7.QualifiedWarrior Hari ke 1,885, 17:16

bad choice

A V C Khalifa
A V C Khalifa Hari ke 1,885, 17:17


LitoII Hari ke 1,885, 17:18


I'm really glad to see the USA coming to CoT!!! : ))

Stolch Hari ke 1,885, 17:18

Bigest problem for CoT is what time to schedule summits, because the member nations are from all time zones.

Maybe you should add that the alliance has a rotation of the SC, where two countries jointly propose SCs and thus every country gets a chance to propose an SC no matter how small on a rotating basis. Ne full members have to wait 4 months before being able to be included in the rotation.

The premise has been to "force" countries to cooperate while they hold the SC positions and thus help camaraderie and to avoid players (countries) entrenching themselves in the HQ and thus dominating alliance affairs. While this brings the risk of the occasional "not up to standarts" player to hold a post, that risk is negligible in comparison.

Also the charter of the alliance could be of interest:

Inwegen Hari ke 1,885, 17:18

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

George S. Patton Jr
George S. Patton Jr Hari ke 1,885, 17:19

Lots of great points


ligtreb Hari ke 1,885, 17:20

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

Thank you for your views on this. I do think the good outweighs the bad, significantly.

Capn. Gertrude Firepants
Capn. Gertrude Firepants Hari ke 1,885, 17:20

Just suck srbs dik and stop already this fcking agony.

BadMail Hari ke 1,885, 17:20

fight for eUSA??
why not 😃

Dr_Revenue Hari ke 1,885, 17:25


Let's not forget Pearl Harbour!

nimnul Hari ke 1,885, 17:25

CoT is as much a puppet of TWO, as Terra was of EDEN.
What a confession!

emdoublegee Hari ke 1,885, 17:26

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

David North
David North Hari ke 1,885, 17:33

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!
Oh this is so awesome, I can still remember the day eSwitzerland and the other nations formed CoT. This will be the beginning of a great new future for sure! Anyway, great job Mr. Stevens on this article.

eSlovak Hari ke 1,885, 17:34


Thedillpickl Hari ke 1,885, 17:34

Oh hai CoT.


Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Hari ke 1,885, 17:46

Croatians will cry like a babies now xD

redbirdusa Hari ke 1,885, 17:59

Well said IS.

SexyCicko Hari ke 1,885, 17:59

this is beautiful : )

CptKaydee Hari ke 1,885, 18:02

May I remind you ever since you mentioned CTRL your country has been going downhill. It gave up on its morals and its true meaning.

Let me remind you this all began because of Brazil's idiocy. Terra was on top of its game and what happens? Brazil accuses Terra of making no effort to help the ATO against the Romanians. So they left. But lets disregard the fact 500 Terrans moved to Brazil for the ATO.

Soon after USA left in a rush to nurture Brazil, its baby.

Now onto the good stuff.

Poland takes France than decides to go after USA, a heavily guarded super nation. Completely being obliterated, its bro, Canada opens up a new front against Poland. They risked there original regions for silly USA bonuses. But of course the coward, known as Israel Stevens must surely not be known as the POTUS who failed America. So he NAP'ed them. Soon after his plans to make enemies of all his current allies (aka CTRL) were exposed by Canada who was heavily against going to the dark side. Israel's plans to screw his allies had failed at that point.

We all know how badly CTRL failed, just wait till you get bossed around by Bulgarians, Macedonians and even Chileans. Its their alliance and their rules. Only reason Terra lasted so long is USA had its glory. Only reason USA truly stays in an alliance is if they are the highest priority.

Shame on you USA. You were once a great and respectful nation. But know you guys are lost in the propaganda published by the same people who failed the country badly badly hundreds of times. These are the same people who destroyed America. You need a new government, a new set of minds (just not Ajay). You must break from the same elitist government you've had for a year now.

Expect only more failure to come.

Same People, Same Results!

Shame on you, USA government.

Excelsior.HMA Hari ke 1,885, 18:02

Meanwhile in Chile

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,885, 18:07

Toad, really bro. No one cares. Try and say it in a few lines.

ArslanbekSultanbekov Hari ke 1,885, 18:10

CcC japan CcC

CcC Pearl Harbour CcC

hail japan

Aspadora Hari ke 1,885, 18:11

Hail USA!

Hail CoT!


Warmeno1994 Hari ke 1,885, 18:11


Fessti Hari ke 1,885, 18:17


Bird on Bird !!!

Zeng999 Hari ke 1,885, 18:19

Hail USA!!!!
Hail CoT!!!!

Join American CoT Forces

beerman616 Hari ke 1,885, 18:19

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Hari ke 1,885, 18:25

nem01able Hari ke 1,885, 18:25


Magnanimous Hari ke 1,885, 18:29

It's great that we're forming an alliance with members that were once our enemies. It gives a breath of fresh air to the game. However, the game would be more interesting if the alliances are more balanced out. With the US joining CoT, it is without a doubt the strongest alliance in the game. It will get dull and boring if we're winning every battle. Can't complain though but I hope there will be a stronger alliance in the future that can match CoT in terms of strength from all 4 divisions.

S P L I N T E R Hari ke 1,885, 18:29

you are welcome o7

Angeldim Hari ke 1,885, 18:32

Hail USA!

Hail CoT!


Makedonec 95
Makedonec 95 Hari ke 1,885, 18:33

Republic of Macedonia...

bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,885, 18:34

meh x2 Hari ke 1,885, 18:35

piss off

Ga.brik Hari ke 1,885, 18:38

"Disagree. Strongly. CoT is as much a puppet of TWO, as Terra was of EDEN."

So... you ARE a puppet. huehuehuehueu

GloveisLove Hari ke 1,885, 18:38

This is bad and you should feel bad.

Panam was probably the best alliance idea we had; this is just a puppet alliance of countries that us.

Nadrqan Hari ke 1,885, 18:43

You are missing the key point and that is.
1. There was a plan between TWO and CoT about USA joining CoT as a trial member
2. USA will never become full right CoT member.

DanielEsp Hari ke 1,885, 18:53

Give our new friends a chance, just as they are giving us a chance.

Why not?

This is a game and everyone could enjoy it by making friends all over the world, you should not put real problems onto the game, that is just silly.

PS: Sorry for my grammar.

GGoxyto Hari ke 1,885, 18:54

Еден да не остане.

Santiagolp Hari ke 1,885, 19:01

USA- Macedonia?
USA- Indonesia?

Mr Coder
Mr Coder Hari ke 1,885, 19:14

For USA this is the best choice to protect from Serbia. Since they are allies with COT. From this new ally you can only benefit. You can't loose anything(resources or regions).

FirstLaw Hari ke 1,885, 19:22

I'll give this alliance about two months.

Suzuki Ryosuke
Suzuki Ryosuke Hari ke 1,885, 19:26


Palestine Traitor Stevens, I see that you love to eat where you were spiting...

NWsFF Hari ke 1,885, 19:32


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