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USA government, do you really know what you are doing?

Hari ke 1,828, 11:46 Diterbitkan di Austria Meksiko oleh Yhamilitz

First of all, I want to say that this Article is not make a provocation to a full country (or 2) but I think that is this necessary, because bigger nations always have more military power that smaller ones. But I believe that there is a more powerful weapon: Diplomacy

I as the eMexican vMoFA (or MoFA) I always should try to be nice with countries, because I represent the voice of a country, and what I will try to do is an International call to try to observe, and analyze one of the biggest nations in Erepublik: USA.

This Article is actually for make you and to make your country to ask by yourself. Is the USA a nation in which we can trust? The big blue nation that comfortably have over 50 original Regions.

The USA is one of these nations who actually try to be a leader, but I ask to you, it really represent what a leader is?

A real leader have a leadership vision and doesn't look for it's own interest but also for the rest of the involved individuals.

Why I am writing this?

I present to you one image of something that USA’s leader decided to do:

As you can see, the eUSA decided to do an interesting move invading Mexico, but why? there can be for resources or just like the other times “For fun”. but I ask it again: USA, do you know what are you doing?

Do you know that Mexico have this?

And you have this also, right?

So, if the USA attacks Mexico, we know that the USA will lost both MPP

About the Spanish MPP I will talk about it later, but now I will be talking about how important the Brazil’s MPP is for the eUSA and how this can affect the best ally of the eUSA.

Now, look at this Article:

For the next several days, we will be focusing on coordinating damage with Brazil. We will be fighting side-by-side in campaigns that matter to Brazil. We say 'thank you' to Brazil for their constant support.

Brazil, you are a true friend and ally.

This is what you can read in this article from the president of the eUSA.

About Brazil being a “true” friend of the USA could be true, they had never do something against Brazil, but, what about USA?

I don’t think that Brazil would like to see a lost 2 months MPPs for an unlogic action from the USA.

If Mexico is in war against USA when USA is the aggressor, how, they will support Brazil?

Moving to Brazil and not fight against Mexico? then this NE is just a waste of time. and the Mexicans could take advantage taking some USA lands as their response.

If we see USA invading Mexico and leaving Brazil without their support against Taiwan. This is a good ally?

Also, they forgot an important thing.

Mexico is part of CoT, and Brazil is actually going in war in support of CoT.

Does the USA’s president have this in mind?

What happen when they decided to reject the MPP with Taiwan? I don’t believe that this nation did nothing for this action. and even with the full support to Brazil USA is declaring that will fight against EDEN.

I don’t think that EDEN Nations will support a country that was thinking about fighting against a member nation of EDEN, or you will?

If they do, there is a internal Problem with the Alliance because some are supporting a nation who is taking issues against a member of the same alliance.

And what this means? we have 2 options:

EDEN will be internally divided in two in a pro USA group and in the “Alliance group”
And if EDEN is divided, then they will lost in most of their battles, because a Nations becomes bipolar and some of their members are with them.

I come back to this question: Is the eUSA a nation in which we can trust?

As we can see, Mexico should NEVER trust in this nation again.


USA broke a nice “friendship”, they broke their word, the reason is not important, but I always look to the countries what do this kind of things, they can do it again. Mexico doesn’t forget this kind of acts, USA has became the 3rd nation in do it. The first one, was Italy (and this one gave to the Italians a terrible reputation), the second one which I will not tell you the country here, was the most painful. and the Third one may be the least painful, of all., and maybe the Mexicans don’t care, as the USA people doesn’t have little care about Mexico. But the important thing, is that they BROKE their word, remember that if they do it, they can do it again. specially when the country have not so much “good” allies. Maybe this is not an important thing because USA sides compared to Mexican sides, is larger and they always has been bipolar. But I think that Honor is also important specially in the diplomacy, just look to a country in Europe who is being invaded erased by Poland, Played with diplomacy, and they end like this.

USA may be a powerful country in game, and they probably doesn't have the worst reputation in Erepublik, But, remember that also Mexico was a small nation, and today have a interesting division 2 and had an interesting babyboom, Mexico could grow and remember, Mexico do not forget.

And also, I say that some people from Trollombia are expressing their happiness in Mexican Articles about the NE and they are talking about Karma, Vendetta, and more Karma.

But, what if the USA what really want are resources? Colombians should know that they have some resources that USA doesn’t have:

And before that the Colombians began to tell me that I am lying, please consider that:

1) USA is some days has officially announced that they are with Brazil and they will coordinate damage, Against who? an EDEN full member

2) If USA is going to attack and EDEN country, what could make you think that they could not invade another proEDEN country.

3) Colombia is an EDEN lover country

4) If the Brazilian-USA relations are not harmed and all we know that Brazil broke relations with Colombia, we can be sure that Brazil will let some Region to USA, I think Andina 😉

5) As I told before, if someone broke their word with a “friend” they may do it again.

Now my conclusion. I believe that if USA wanted to keep their good relation with Mexico, and if they wanted Resources, they first should talk to a Mexican officer first, I know, I was busy, but there is also PMs in game. I don’t see so much sense looking for resources when some months ago they tried to get out some resources because of their “PTO”. This is a signal that they really doesn’t care about countries like Mexico and they don’t have consideration in our opinions, they invade first and ask after. But I will tell to them just one thing: we don’t forget.

Sincerely, Yhamilitz, part of the MoFA Mexican team.

EDIT: I want to add, that this will be an important battle for us. Many of us are tired of this kind of situations, and I am not afraid to say, Challenge Accepted.


BanKaraoke Hari ke 1,828, 11:59

Pole bankaraokianaition!

eMacedon Hari ke 1,828, 12:24


Alesandroo Hari ke 1,828, 12:34

Excelente articulo ...

yst31 Hari ke 1,828, 12:39

Suerte a los mexicanos, a nosotros ya nos toco sufrirlos pero los europeos les echamos del viejo continente,animo a Mexico

BlackMK Hari ke 1,828, 12:53


Mario Slayer
Mario Slayer Hari ke 1,828, 13:06


Lambomex Hari ke 1,828, 13:11

excelente articulo 😃 felicidades por tu ingles es muy bueno

Ivanherbec Hari ke 1,828, 13:33

buen articulo,ahora estare sin empleo en el gobierno ya que filipinas sera barrida, xD

Nirvana Gonzalez
Nirvana Gonzalez Hari ke 1,828, 13:36

U couldn;t writer it better. Congrats!!!! Loved the background track, thxs 🙂

Dyok94 Hari ke 1,828, 14:19


Karlista Hari ke 1,828, 15:07

Well good luck but core CoT member Bulgaria is nearly wiped so what is the potential of Brazil etc? : (

diegozpy Hari ke 1,828, 16:02

im from Colombia and i tell you exelente work 😃

LongLiveTheElitists Hari ke 1,828, 17:34

Great article! I support your endeavors and have voted and subscribed to this article.

Viarizi Hari ke 1,828, 18:30

Lols ure right, v/s

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Hari ke 1,828, 18:52

Filthy gringos!

Binky Rudich
Binky Rudich Hari ke 1,828, 19:17

We're attacking them for all the times they crossed our borders illegally!

Yhamilitz Hari ke 1,828, 19:27

An example of an illogical reason.

FAF CarolM
FAF CarolM Hari ke 1,828, 20:13

Excelente artículo!!


Juda Yeray
Juda Yeray Hari ke 1,829, 23:20

Pues nada...a patearles el culo a esos Usanos engreidos!!!

II. Jemby
II. Jemby Hari ke 1,829, 00:28


don zebosk
don zebosk Hari ke 1,829, 00:47

we will be fight with you
great article Yhamilitz, congratz

Vito CorIeone
Vito CorIeone Hari ke 1,829, 03:03

Colombia ya estaba jodida, aqui los verdaderos perjudicados si USA va por el hierro de Andina que es la unica region que les interesaria es Mexico, ya que tienen que cruzarlo completamente.

No lo lei por que me dio locha traducir, pero no me preocupa mucho este tema, con ver destruido Mexico me contento.

James Ramz
James Ramz Hari ke 1,829, 10:44

Mexico should NEVER trust in this nation again.....

Binky Rudich
Binky Rudich Hari ke 1,829, 11:19

Estamos atacando por todas las veces que cruzaron nuestras fronteras ilegalmente

Yhamilitz Hari ke 1,829, 13:26

Brinky Rudich:

I don't care about the reason, we are in war and this is the important thing. also the 75% of the USA people in Mexico are illegal too.

Radamanthys de Wyvern
Radamanthys de Wyvern Hari ke 1,829, 17:56

Excelente articulo!! Binky Stop your racist and xenophobic shit!! this is a game you piece of crap!!

Xavs kiufa
Xavs kiufa Hari ke 1,829, 22:42

Buen articulo Yhamilitz V+sub

Helldarr Hari ke 1,830, 01:35

HAIL Mexico

Mistrzu Yoda
Mistrzu Yoda Hari ke 1,830, 01:56

Sobre todo... Estados Unidos es alevoso. Polonia esta contigo - eMexico. o/

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Hari ke 1,830, 03:52

CoT is with you eMexico.

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