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Survey Results!

Hari ke 1,872, 12:57 Diterbitkan di Ireland Irlandia oleh Damhnaic

Hi all,

I did deliver in no time! Procrastinating from the things I should do makes me more efficient in useless things.


Here are the results!


MUFC92 (The Psych0)

Average appreciation: 7.18/10 (1st graph)
Average update frequency appreciation: 3.96/5 (2nd graph)

Ministry of Defense

Average appreciation: 7.90/10 (1st graph)
Average update frequency appreciation: 3.93/5 (2nd graph)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Average appreciation: 6.62/10 (1st graph)
Average update frequency appreciation: 3.40/5 (2nd graph)

Ministry of Community

Average appreciation: 6.66/10 (1st graph)
Average update frequency appreciation: 3.27/5 (2nd graph)

Ministry of Education

Average appreciation: 8.18/10 (1st graph)
Average update frequency appreciation: 4.03/5 (2nd graph)

Ministry of Finance

Average appreciation: 6.75/10 (1st graph)
Average update frequency appreciation: 2.90/5 (2nd graph)

The results shows that the most appreciated ministry work was the Ministry of Education. We can applaud Ian E Coleman and Abel Mcfinn for their greatly appreciated work last month!


I'm happy to see the general favorite interest of our citizens is the community! (This may be biased considering the Survey was published in a community platform; the newspapers. But still, hey!)

Other political interest:
-Being awesome
-To serve eIreland
-Creating a better community environment
-World domination

Other economical interest:
-Being a rich c*nt
-To serve eIreland
-To help eIrish fair-wage citizens

Other military interest:
-Being eBatman
-To serve eIreland

Other community interest:
-Helping citizens
-To serve eIreland
-Helping average citizens with little or no voice amongst the decision makers in eireland
-Hanging out being a boss p much o/


-meh, to be fair all eIrish parties are sorta crap
-Offer muffins in a mug


The first graph shows the appreciation of the different alliances.
Purple: Awesome
Green: Good
Blue: Poor
Red: Horrible

The second graph shows the wish to join or not the different alliances.
Blue: Join
Red: No


1. "I think we should implement a Leaders Questions into the political world of Ireland."

2. "Pick your leaders based on merit, and nothing else."

3. "Eire is in a pivotal moment. Things could change for the best or the worse."

4. "The Irish are very welcoming when it comes to new citizens! Thanks for making me feel like home 🙂"

5. "2 many scammers here"

6. "Long live and prosper eIreland!"

"I feel that our political parties are letting us down right now - there's too little focus on current issues, and far too much focus on strengthening factions and empty political gestures. Factions should fall or thrive on their ideas about how we should be dealing with current events - not on ""integrity"" (which is important but fatally illusive for its subjectivity).

The good news is, that there are many long serving citizens who do focus on ideas and current issues - but it happens in government and open circles. We should be thinking openly and cooperating at the ground level in politics - the way we do it right now is insulting to the average citizens intelligence and denies them an opportunity to fully participate and learn."

8. "Hail ILP "

"we need to make much more alliances with strong countryes and friendships...
military we are good looking
economical i think that we need lower tax...task is 18% and taks for other things is 10%....brate ludi ste "

10. "HAIL EIRE !"

"The most important issue Ireland is facing at the moment is that of picking an alliance suitable for the country and her needs.
It would seem to me, however, that the pressure to actually join an alliance is far too great, and I would like to let everyone know that there is not urgent need for Ireland to join any alliance what so ever.
Just because we're not formally in any alliance doesn't mean we can't have allies, it doesn't mean we can't have wars, it doesn't we have to be neutral on the world stage, all it means is that we are not formally committed to serving our allies, and nor are they to us.
Of course defending our allies, and them defending us, is a truly honourable thing, however, we shall absolutely not feel a need to push ourselves into an alliance just to feel safe. Making a rash and drastic decision on an issue like this when there is truly no option that our population is unified on may lead to huge setbacks in the future.

My personal opinion regarding the Irish foreign affairs situation has for a very long time been very highly respected due to my vast experience and understanding of the geopolitical situation, and if it was up to me, I would wait some more, try to build stronger relations around the world and see where that leads us.
Although I will only comment on Asgard in this post due to the governments' extremely strong bias towards the alliance, (which is absolutely repulsing) I am hoping to get an article out regarding the issue within the coming few days.
Asgard, to be honest, I do absolutely not see a future for Ireland in.
It is true that Asgard is an honourable and decent alliance, however, there is no future for Ireland in it.
My impression of the way Asgard is ran is not that of a democratic alliance in which all are treated respectably, and I have extremely low expectations for our voice to be heard equally in Asgard should we join the alliance.
Furthermore, it is poorly positioned geopolitically for us in the sense that they are near surrounded by enemies, enemies that have absolutely no intent on letting them go, enemies that would not hesitate to annihilate us.
There are strong rumours within the higher circles of the eRepublik communities of an ""annihilation of Asgard"", presumably by the alliance TWO, consisting of the UK, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Hungary and Slovenia.
Truth of the matter is, joining Asgard would not only cause unwanted hostilities around us, such as angering the UK and Poland, but also lock us up geographically, since the UK would not allow us passage for a war (since it most probably would mean we'd be fighting against their allies), and since we most probably would be annihilated in a war against TWO.
On top of that, it might also damage our relations with the USA, which is quite strongly anti-EDEN, while Asgard is strongly pro-EDEN and entirely reliant on EDEN, and I would even go as far as saying that it is a puppet of EDEN.
I do absolutely not see Asgard as an option for Ireland."


94% of voters love waffles.

Always there for the community,


Damhnaic O'Morann
Le Pigeon Noir


Bhane Hari ke 1,872, 13:13

"Being eBatman"

^^ Awesome... I commend whomever wrote that.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Hari ke 1,872, 13:14

Excellent. When Stilpo ran his surveys people didn't participate as they felt he was just pushing the party mantra. Then we discovered that they were pretty cool and good fun. People started to make an effort to fill them in and I hope the same things happens here.

ChewChewShoe Hari ke 1,872, 13:14

the last comment is the sexiest one

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,872, 13:16

@Mal, my surveys are 100% free of party affiliation and as neutral as possible, except 2 or 3 winks. So I hope people don't see me as a scammer xD

Klynn Hari ke 1,872, 13:18

"100% of voters love waffles." Wtf? You could only say "Yes", if you know what I mean.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Hari ke 1,872, 13:20

I hate waffles.

arkass Hari ke 1,872, 13:24

its not 100%! but 99,9% and i can prove it!

IamGawain Hari ke 1,872, 13:26

Liam, you are no friend of mine :[ jk, but ❤ waffles. Good survey, I now see the peoples thoughts on that matter, differ only slightly from mine. Hooray! 🙂

MrConway Hari ke 1,872, 13:31

I did notice the stabs at certain parties.

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,872, 13:33

@Conway, I prefer to call them "winks" 🙂?

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,872, 13:33

Or Easter eggs

JeguljaM Hari ke 1,872, 13:34

Good work!

mirek12345 Hari ke 1,872, 14:02

Thanks Bhane 😛

Also,average appreciation of Gormley's MoC : 6.66

I say we burn him

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,872, 14:16

Silly mirek, I tried to protect your identities!

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,872, 14:27

number 2 is what i just said doesnt happen when choosing CP's, its all about what jobs you give them that will make them give you their support.

Stilpo Hari ke 1,872, 15:10

Glad to see someone doing surveys again. Very nice work. I know first-hand how much time and effort can get put into writing these things up.

Now we just need to start doing the same thing every month so we can actually track how responses change with different administrations.

Raven Anarcho
Raven Anarcho Hari ke 1,872, 16:33

great work,

Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Hari ke 1,873, 04:00

good work

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Hari ke 1,873, 07:09

"2 many scammers here"

>Padraig showing off as usual


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