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Some ideas for Plato

Hari ke 1,873, 01:13 Diterbitkan di Ireland Irlandia oleh Releasethe Krakken
First idea: Kick this rule to the curb.
Recently I lost my MU. This happened DUE to some rule that says if you don't login for 7 days the commander spot passes to the new player which happened to be AYB zig. Now AYB zig had nothing to do with this but he effectively got 40 GOLD handed to him due to some kind of BS rule. There is lots of scenarios where one wouldnt log in for 7 days . Lots of them occur in my life. For example:

1. Attending a course. I used to attend archaeological field courses. Basically it would be me and 70 other students all living in some dorm with no lockable lockers or cabinets or anything. Also a communal power supply. If you know something about archaelogy your most of the day digging through dirt, carrying dirt, licking stuff(bones stick to your tongue), measuring stuff and then in the evenings attending classes . Thereafter drinking beer. There is no way your going to login to eRepublik. Usually any country will have a archaelogical society with hobbyist attending such camps if your interested in this.

2. Hunting: we used to hunt at an old farmer who didnt believe in supplying any toilets , bedrooms etc. Basically it was living in the field in tents with no power and invention showers for a week or so. You cannot login or maintain a battery for 7 days. Also I'm still from the old school that finds it rude to text or play on your computer in company.

3. Holiday: Isnt the purpose of a holiday to get away from everything else. I went on holiday for 10 or so days and didnt take along a laptop. For the simple reason mine is broken. Cellphpone to old to login. But I didnt even watch TV . No rather I walked and swam in the river/sea. And drank alcohol and barbecued.

So I find this law incredulous. 7 days come on people. I mean AYB zig could have stood for captain uncontested for months and didn't. If its a question of the DO. He could have temporarily joined another MU until my return.


With current economic conditions as it is for the smaller business owner who perhaps managed 1 Q5 weapon factory its extremely difficult to get and pay workers. Usually 1 gets a worker a newbie. He/she start working and for a few days it will go good then there is the late work when your already asleep or the days skipped and finally he or she gets bored with the game and quits. All that hassle to maintain supplies and a steady money pool for workers wasted. Most business owners can expand to a certain level and then have to use upgrades. But with Q2 weapons on many days being cheaper than Q1 weapons the economy is fked to such a state of disorder that not even the best economist can make enough money here. Let alone our normal folk that dont want to spend thousands so that we can make more money in a game 🙁

22 IEP the current standard pay is not really that much. Although a Q7 factory owner makes around 120 IEP per worker. The rest dont. eIreland and many other small countries simply dont have a big enough workforce for every player to have a worker. And MU communes , government communes even eat further into this numbers.

My suggestion is virtual workers that has a solid description. For example

All salaries tied to current market trends.
Sarah Anne: LEVEL 1 ROBOT

Salary for FOR Q1 weapon: 0.50 IEP

... UP TO
Q7 weapon: 30 IEP

Weapons: 5

Prize: 20 GOLD

John Smith: LEVEL 10 ROBOT

Salary for Q1 weapons: 3 IEP

....UP TO
Q7 weapons: 300 IEP

Weapons: 50

FOOD: 500
Prize: 200 GOLD

In our current system we have up to 7 spots I think for Q7 weapons. How this will change is we will keep all our spots as current for human workers but get a duplicate set for robot workers to not compete with the job market.


For eRepublik it would mean a extra revenue stream and new hooks for example 30% of for 40 hours.

Players will be able to expand the strategic element to the game. Most of us have no workers and rely on our daily energy to expand our businesses. But with commune workers its almost impossible to compete with how low they can push prizes. So players like me who is currently concentrating on 1 aspect to eventually build up a tidy revenue stream can use their gold to build their businesses that much quicker.



Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Hari ke 1,873, 04:47

How dare you not to log in over 7 days!

Your RL life is irrelevant!

Only eRepublik and eRepublik only!

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Hari ke 1,873, 06:24

lol apparently but if i get this about 5 million euro and get some ppl to sell them my house it will be asta la vista erep and paddling around paradise all day with this. since water is super clear

Bhane Hari ke 1,873, 16:23

"Although a Q7 factory owner makes around 120 IEP per worker. "


Q7s sell at a loss right now. A Q7 factory owner with a handful of employees is actually losing money far faster than your Q5 with 1 worker.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Hari ke 1,874, 01:37

bs bhane a Q7 factory produces 14 weapons at the moment. you paid me 33IEP 14 X 12 = 168 - 33 = 135 IEP

Minus I guess how much Material let see 2 of your big factories? so your current 44 pay that would still leave you with 80. That was not the first time I worked for you. I know that you have lots and lots of weapon material factories and lots and lots of Q5 weapon factories at that time.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Hari ke 1,874, 01:44

Well looking at the specs for Q7 weapon 200 raw material per product. Plato must be tripping. But then again you guys never complain.

Bhane Hari ke 1,874, 04:44

We have 1 weapon resource bonus. That is 12 weapons per work click.

And as you just mentioned, you did not factor in the resource costs at all. There is a HUGE difference between "gross" sales, and "net" profit. Gross sales per work click in a weapon factory, might be 168 IEP. But it takes a small army of people producing the WRM behind that work click which outweighs the gross sales, and ends in a net LOSS for profit margin.

Our taxes don't help either. Having ANY tax rate over 1% does not help either. It's just a way for the government to ensure fair wages are punished as they take tax income from the many to distribute it to the few people favored by the political decision makers.

Bhane Hari ke 1,874, 05:04

Just one tank requires 200 WRM.
Even in a Q5 factory, one work click produces just 300 WRM
One work click of 12 tanks needs 2400 WRM
Eight work clicks in the highest producing factories creates those 2400 WRM
That means at least 9 work clicks in the BEST production facilities are the minimum required to produce one batch of 12 tanks.

The current market value of Q7s is at best 14.5 IEP
Minus the taxes, means the tanks are selling for just over 13 IEP, while the government takes an additional 1.5 IEP from the fair market consumer.
Therefore, at least 9 workers make 12 tanks that sell for 13 x 12= 156 IEP
156 / 9 = 17.33 as a break even wage

You know I pay more than that, AND I give away free Q7 tanks and food whenever I can out of my WaM production. So do not pretend I am making a profit, when you know the tanks sell at a loss

Working the math backwards, my average wage of 24-ish IEP means I would have to sell tanks for nearly 18 IEP a piece just to break even. The tax added would bring that to a market price of nearly 20 IEP. You know I do not sell my tanks for 20 IEP each. Nor would anyone pay it.

All of that takes into account the BEST of circumstances. If you start factoring in less efficient work clicks at Q1-Q4 WRM factories, then the losses mount to even greater numbers.

Releasethe Krakken
Releasethe Krakken Hari ke 1,874, 05:33

your right .but write perhaps an article of your own so that plato can do something about it. my articles get little airplay. yours would get more. lets face it the economic game sucks atm. but i have no workers and is trying to fill my own energy.

Bhane Hari ke 1,874, 05:40

Well they say there is a large patch of changes coming later this year. Maybe it will address the issues, and make fair-wage working a viable industry again.

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