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So Here is the Deal...

Hari ke 2,170, 14:18 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

Well well well. What an interesting afternoon it’s been.

I’ve been off answering questions submitted on the various political party forums and popped back over to eRep to find that my chief competitor for the Presidency has withdrawn from the race.

This was a clever move, considering the reaction to both of our announcement articles. And it’s one that I had been wondering if she would do.
It completely forces my hand, and makes me look like a twat for staying in the race. Sort of a, if I can’t have it neither can you.

But the thing is…

I never wanted the job in the first place. What I want to see is the next generation step to the plate. To actually take the reins of this country and take us some place new. I want to see the same old politicos stop giving the same old tired lip service to new players by putting one or two in their cabinet to make themselves look edgy. Because that’s how you do it. I know because I’ve done it myself.

I don’t want the Presidency, but I am willing to take it if it means that very promising new citizens will get a chance to shine and prove their worth so that in the next month they can lead this country.

So here’s the deal:
I like the idea of each party putting up a candidate and letting them duke it out. So I’m going to go ahead and second Artela’s thoughts.

But here’s my caveat:
If each party puts up a candidate that is actually fresh; that has never been PotUS before, and isn’t some elitist hanger-on, then I will withdraw.

If they don’t, then I’ll stay in and mop the floor with whomever is left.

So the choice is up to the Top 5.
This is your chance to get rid of all of the bitter old players. The ones that carry grudges for years. This is your chance to form your own future, free of our influence.

Please. We’re begging you. Step up and lead.

PS - I’ll still post my potential cabinet even if I withdraw because that’s all you jakals wanted to see anyways 😛

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Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 2,170, 14:19

Aramec from LAP
Dmjohnston from WTP
Wild Owl from USWP

Just waiting on Feds and AMP.

Who will it be??

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 2,170, 15:25

aKa you are afraid of me and want to block me off the ballot


"LAP" is an artificially inflated party that will be out of T5 by Christmas. Mark my words.

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,170, 15:55

Komentar dihapus

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 2,170, 15:56

Actually pretty well equipped in that department. Well above average. I'm not Shane Diesel, but I'm up there.

Deificus Hari ke 2,170, 16:23

but but, good Christian people like you aren't supposed to know who Shane Diesel is. For that matter, you aren't supposed to be looking them up on a regular basis to make comparisons.

Really, I feel like I don't even know you anymore. 🙁

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 2,170, 16:28

lol, don't even know me.... says the weirdo who lied to me who knows HOW MANY TIMES over the years...... good Christian people aren't supposed to lie, and deceive, and betray, and side with evil, yet you do........

Develop a sense of humor.

and he follower me on el twitter, that's why.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 2,170, 16:28


Tenshibo Hari ke 2,170, 16:32

You know what else is artificially inflated?
Your d**k.

Pfeiffer. Hari ke 2,170, 14:20

I enjoy the implication that you're unbeatable. Made me chuckle.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 2,170, 14:21

Just wiped out your #1 candidate. So I'm doing good so far.

Pfeiffer. Hari ke 2,170, 14:22


oh man, you might actually buy what you're selling these days. sad.

Franklin Stone
Franklin Stone Hari ke 2,171, 07:25

Says the traitor who defected to the United Kingdom....

Bucephalus92 Hari ke 2,170, 14:37

boys I'm sure your both very pretty.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Hari ke 2,170, 15:38


The Mike
The Mike Hari ke 2,170, 14:21

You are probably the best politician I've ever seen so far.

Salute o/\/\

TheJakal Hari ke 2,170, 14:40

There is only one Jakal... please correct it...

J.Lucent Hari ke 2,170, 16:14

I'm tempted to step up, but I have no idea how to even attempt to do so. Plus very few people know me at this point, so...

Deificus Hari ke 2,170, 16:27

Seriously? I don't know if I would've voted for you or not in a race of Israel vs. some-former-PotUS vs. 3 up-and-comers. You have plenty of experience, and that always counts for something.

But then you go and unload on us with all of the bravado in the world you can come up with. Frankly, I'd vote for any up-and-comer running over you at the idea that you think yourself so impressive that no one else matters. Best of luck to you, because if there are others who think like me? You'll need all you can get of it.

MazzyCat Hari ke 2,170, 17:18

ILU2! ♥


ragnar impaler
ragnar impaler Hari ke 2,170, 18:18

i don't know you at all and am very new but i do love your idea of actually teaching all brand new people i think everyone should have just did that then maybe all future races it would be all newer people with maybe 1 old an wise guy/lady that they could ask for help if needed in the cabinets

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