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Running for IFP Congress

Hari ke 1,856, 11:49 Diterbitkan di Ireland Irlandia oleh IamGawain

Hello IFP & eIreland,

I am writing this article to address my campaign for congress. I have not been a congress member yet, but have been IFP President & eIrish Boot Camp Commander, and possibly could be getting the MoFA position in a day. I am currently the Deputy MoFA. I am running for congress to help with immigrating citizens, as I already monitor that. I wrote the IFP constitution and am continuing to add, which will be voted on soon. I am proud of my party and my country, and would be honored to serve the people.

I always work to increase reputation and here is why:

Without reputation, you have no respect. Respect is needed when serving, and that is how you know the people support you.

I promise to work hard and do my best for the eIreland and the IFP.

Thanks for reading! Also thank you if you support me, and if i'm elected, even more thanks! I want to wish everyone a merry Christmass or any holiday you celebrate!

As always a servant of eIreland


Dylanb9216 Hari ke 1,856, 12:46

Good luck pal

Elite C
Elite C Hari ke 1,856, 13:20


IamGawain Hari ke 1,856, 14:43

Thanks guys. 🙂

moomoohead Hari ke 1,857, 13:30

good luck

IamGawain Hari ke 1,857, 16:04

Thanks Moomoo, glad to hear you talking again, I know you have been busy. 🙂

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