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Ronald Gipper Reagan Recognized By the President: A Badge of Honor

Hari ke 1,937, 23:47 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Ronald Gipper Reagan
Join the American Freedom Alliance
Join the American Eagle Division

I am deeply honored to be the sole person singled out by this months Pfeifferist puppet, Vanek26. In recent months I have had to share this distinction with several other fine American Patriots, but this time I get to be the only person in the new citizens message. It is just fantastic to know I am still getting under the skin of the elites, and to the extent where they feel like I am the only person they should mention in their automated propaganda message. On behalf of all free Americans, I will deliver this message to the PTOers who seek to keep our nation in slavery and to oppress those of us who stand together united in the desire to be free.

We all know that this story repeats itself throughout history. We are still not in the majority, this is true, but a tyranny of the majority is still a tyranny nonetheless. One day we will be victorious because we have truth and honor on our side. We have a red badge of courage and a willingness to defend our country as long as it takes and as hard as it takes. Myself, the AFA, and its allies will continue to stand up for what we believe in. When our CP candidate congratulated his opponent(far more grace than I would have in the same position) he was met with several expletives. The same thing happened when our PP congratulated him. So ask yourselves, who is more American, the people with class or the ones without?

Speaking my mind and refusing to compromise on my principles, be they real life or on eRepublik is a cross I have always chosen to bear. We must have the courage to say we want a free nation where no citizen can be persecuted and denied their rights. No one should be harassed with mean-spirited and threatening messages. No one who wishes to fight for our nation should be denied citizenship. No one should be introduced to this game with being told to hate a huge group of Americans who love their country. No one should be bullied or intimidated in a way that goes way beyond gameplay as those who oppose us have done. I live my life by a strict code of honor, one I would die before violating. I love this country, WE love this country, and we will keep on storming the beaches until we liberate our homeland from tyranny.

Semper Fi! o7
Ronald Gipper Reagan
AFA Congressman
AFA 2-Term Party President
AED Commander ******



bojko3131 Hari ke 1,937, 23:56

v5 s old

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Hari ke 1,937, 00:00


Alexander Atem
Alexander Atem Hari ke 1,937, 00:30

Congrats!!! / SHOUT 😃

LordRahl2 Hari ke 1,937, 00:59

>No one should be bullied or intimidated in a way that goes way beyond gameplay
hmmmm, I seem to remember that you cursed at me when we disagreed over INCI. Add that to your posting homosexual porn where children can view it and I say this:

What would the real Reagan do?
You should think about that Ajay. WWRD?

Maybe you should concern yourself with the log in your eye before you concern yourself with the mote in your neighbors eye.

Also, please (for real) seek professional mental health services. The help can help.

Grocsev Hari ke 1,937, 01:06

You really believe you own bullshit or just simply lie?

morningblur Hari ke 1,937, 01:42

Where are my 20 Q7's Ajay? I was the first to point out that all on your list are American. You always say you honor your obligations. Either you can send me my tanks or you will prove yourself dishonorable once again.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,938, 03:57 owe me 5 gold from your first little MM project, plus the 20 Q7 tanks for pointing out they are all pedophiles, the 5 gold each from your second, third and fourth...etc...MM projects...just a couple of the things American's hate about you is you will lie, cheat and steal to get ahead and you stalk women in RL and GL....

Anagon Hari ke 1,937, 01:54


K1tho Hari ke 1,937, 03:04


Pavich95 Hari ke 1,937, 03:10


Talostastic Hari ke 1,937, 04:28

>Truth and honor
>Ronald Gipper Reagan/Ajay Bruno

Please pick one. The choice is obvious once you realize that General Cartman Lee (RGR's previous incarnation) never paid out his 1g.

morningblur Hari ke 1,937, 05:17

Oh I know he will not pay it. Just want to make sure that his followers see that his word is no good.

Japheth601 Hari ke 1,937, 04:36

delusion 2.0

American Exceptionalism
American Exceptionalism Hari ke 1,937, 05:19

Chronic liar.

chickensguys Hari ke 1,937, 10:07


Syz2 Hari ke 1,937, 10:18

More empty words

AlexJ1890 Hari ke 1,937, 10:18

All you fire is going to do is draw them in since you've been trying to pto this country since the day I started playing.

teohar Hari ke 1,937, 12:44


bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,937, 13:04

Komentar dihapus

Norbengo Hari ke 1,937, 17:03

Great article o/

Viarizi Hari ke 1,937, 18:59

Long Live RGR!
Long Live the AFA!

Johnnyboy57 Hari ke 1,937, 21:38

Congrats on great honor! Being mentioned in the welcome message should be an achievement.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,938, 04:06

This guy owes America somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000 pieces of gold for all the MM projects, guessing games and paid for shouts he has promised to pay for and then refused to pay out. Even most of his foreign supporters have left because they have realized what a lying sociopath he is....

Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Hari ke 1,938, 05:51

'Also, please (for real) seek professional mental health services. They help can help.'

Lord Rahl please stop stealing my words.

RGR for the love of God please just do it before you hurt someone for real.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,938, 09:22


Thedillpickl Hari ke 1,938, 19:13

This is pretty funny. Hope you didn't hurt your arm patting yourself on the back.

morningblur Hari ke 1,939, 14:28

Once again Ronald Gipper Reagan proves himself to have no honor. The lies from him just keep coming. He announced a contest having to do with the next Pope. One part of his contest stated that whoever the first person to figure out what his list of Cardinals had in common would win 20 Q7 tanks. I was the first person to come up with that answer as can be proven by my comment in the contest article. Now Ronald Gipper Reagan refuses to pay me the 20 Q7 tanks he owes me simply because he does not like me. When someone runs a contest, the honorable thing to do is to pay the winner the prize. How can he ask anyone to trust him again when he doesn't pay up just because he doesn't like someone. So RGR supporters take notice. This guy that you people keep saying is an alright person is nothing but a pathetic liar. His dishonesty knows no limits. When he writes or opens his mouth, nothing but lies come forth from it. This lying trash is the man you support. This lying trash is the mascot of the AFA. The AFA has thrown its lot in with a liar and a scammer, it should be proud.

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