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Ronald Gipper Reagan for American Freedom Alliance Party President

Hari ke 1,940, 23:47 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Ronald Gipper Reagan
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My brothers and sisters in freedom, I humbly thank you for choosing me as your next Party President. I was at first reluctant to accept this great burden once again, but I am ready to serve, and I will do my best to lead you as your next Party President. I wish to applaud Party President K1tho for his leadership over the last month, and thank him for his continued service to our party. We must remember that our cause is one worth fighting for. We seek justice for all the citizens of our nation, and we will never rest until this goal is reached. As this term comes to an end, the AFA has survived and prospered for six months. This is no small achievement. After years of having our party constantly stolen from us, and being relegated to a voiceless fringe, we have grown to be a strong opposition to be reckoned with. I want to find a way to lead us to being a ruling majority.

As you can tell by some of the comments below this article, those who oppose us have nothing positive to say. They use the dirtiest of tactics to try to bring us down. I have seen from this party a coalition of intelligent, patriotic, and honorable citizens from a diverse array of backgrounds who simply wish for a country which is run civilly, and not by glorified trolls who constantly flame everyone who they dislike or who disagree with them. We will beat them by staying positive and by continuing to offer solutions like we have in the past. If we stick to this course and adhere to this philosophy, eventually we will triumph.

In an ideal world, what would I like to see happen during my term? I would like to have the AFA/TSP coalition on a positive membership growth rate, while the Axis of Evil parties decline. I would like to top our record 34.15% performance in Congress. I will implement a partial democratization of our Election system and open up the first three slots in the Party ballot to popular vote to give everyone a chance if they want it badly enough. I will make us more competitive in Country Presidential Elections than we have been the past few months. It is clear that sticking to our principles will carry us much further than trying to meet people in the middle who refuse to be reasonable. The difference between us and our enemy is simple. We are governed by passion and honor. They are governed by petty grudges and hatred. My final words of advice are simple; be courageous.

Yours in Service,
Ronald Gipper Reagan
AFA Party President-elect



Talostastic Hari ke 1,940, 23:57

First detractor.

Way to weave the papal elections in to your propaganda.

jizman Hari ke 1,941, 07:25

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Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 1,942, 01:12

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Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 1,942, 04:01

All written here is absolutely true!

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 1,942, 01:13

-This politburo of elites = The AFA elitists namely RGR (Ajay Bruno)

-The AFA elitists (RGR) radically persecute anyone who believes in the AFA’s message of 100/100 bonuses and who stands in defiance of tyranny.

-The people in the AFA are NOT free people

-When you tell an AFA member they can either pay a poll tax or be booted out of the AFA, that is no choice at all. Freedom is not free.

-hroughout history we have seen entrenched groups of people demand that others obey their rules (That would be the AFA elitists); lead countries to ruin like the US has seen with its resources being intentionally lowered (the fault lies at the feet of the failed policies of the AFA elitists); and go on an unholy crusade to try to silence those who oppose them (this is EXACTLY what RGR does EVERY DAY).

-This evil empire will fall, and an America founded on the principles of our Republic will rise up in its place. This will start with the defeat and complete rejection of the AFA elitists and especially Ronald Gipper Reagan!

The real patriot Ronald Reagan is rolling in his grave as Ajay uses the tactics of tyranny in his name. This article is clearly a wolf (Ajay/RGR) disguising himself in lambs clothing. RGR is the true enemy of democracy, free speech, and the USA.

God bless the USA and save the AFA from the tyranny of Ajay and the other elitists.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 1,942, 10:16

To those reading this article who support Ronald Gipper Reagan, learn about who you are supporting. The character of Ronald Gipper Reagan is actually a person named Ajay Bruno. This person has a long history of committing real life crimes against other players of this game. Ajay Bruno has a nasty habit of stalking women to the point that they have to contact authorities to stop him just so they can feel safe in their own homes at night. A simple public records search turns up the reports of these horrible actions. Ajay also lives in a fantasy world where he thinks that he works for various real life political campaigns. This is simply not true. Once again a simple internet search will turn up reports where the various campaigns had to actively work to get him to back off and leave them alone as they never had any affiliation with him whatsoever. So his stalking is not limited to women, he also stalks real life politicians and political campaigns. Now one of the most troubling things about Ajay is the constant stream of violent threats that he has put out over the years. Ajay has had no problem threatening to harm other players who he disagrees with. And now to the sickest part of Ajay Bruno, he has regularly threatened to harm other players children and families. While some players have provoked Ajay, what could the seven year old children of other players possibly done to him to deserve his rage. Do you really want to continue to play the game with a dangerous person who wants to hurt small children? As you play this game with Ajay ask yourself, "What happens if Ajay decides that he hates you as he does the players he calls elites?" "What happens when Ajay decides to do a bit of searching and finds your real life address?" "What happens when Ajay decides to make his way to your home with the intent to harm you, your children, or a member of your family?" People Ajay is sick. One day Ajay will track down another player and hurt them or their family. Will it be you?

K1tho Hari ke 1,940, 23:59

RGR for AFA PP!!!!

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Hari ke 1,941, 00:12

RGR for AFA PP!!

Goodluck Ron! o7

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Hari ke 1,941, 00:39


Anthony Creque
Anthony Creque Hari ke 1,941, 00:42

wow and you call me mad for speaking of christ....for a nerd behind a computer you are more inadequate and dillusion the i tough.....#AskTheHeel

Anthony Creque Hari ke 1,941, 00:54

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oldvujo Hari ke 1,941, 01:30

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Stef40 Hari ke 1,941, 02:45



HZ87Sa Hari ke 1,941, 03:02

RGR for AFA Party President


Mister Y
Mister Y Hari ke 1,941, 03:11

The new pope is already fighting for Croatia, and you?

Tengus Hari ke 1,941, 03:39


Uschmidt Hari ke 1,941, 03:49

RGR for PP and CP of the eUSA!

Publius Hari ke 1,941, 06:32

You got boring.

loftedraptor Hari ke 1,941, 06:35

RGR for AFA PP!!!!

Viarizi Hari ke 1,941, 07:25


jizman Hari ke 1,941, 07:25

V + old Sub

please Sub this artichel :

Viarizi Hari ke 1,941, 07:27

"The difference between us and our enemy is simple. We are governed by passion and honor. They are governed by petty grudges and hatred."


fingerguns Hari ke 1,941, 08:18


Kaptain Kidd
Kaptain Kidd Hari ke 1,941, 09:26

Recent polls have also shown over 90% of AFA supporters also believed this

weasel2 Hari ke 1,941, 21:06

Thanks. I heard of that but hadn't seen it.

Alcmeon de Crotona
Alcmeon de Crotona Hari ke 1,941, 10:02

Voted. Come on RGR!

Fantikus Hari ke 1,941, 12:16


Delevic Ljubomir
Delevic Ljubomir Hari ke 1,941, 13:11

RGR!!! Always! Maybe the SMARTEST eAmerican at this moment!!!

oldvujo Hari ke 1,941, 13:25

fuuuckkk you PTOers in your mama PPUUSSSSYY

stancel Hari ke 1,941, 14:36

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RadeCelic Hari ke 1,941, 15:45

vote 56 / sub 2891 o7

Syz2 Hari ke 1,941, 17:10

"We are governed by passion and honor. They are governed by petty grudges and hatred"

Same guy also said "^ I am going to be CP. You are going to either let me.. or I am going to make you. I have been waiting for 3 1/2 years." Who is bearing the grudge?

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 1,942, 03:55

There is actually a printscreen of that somewhere, I believe Bia has it. 😛

LordRahl2 Hari ke 1,941, 17:55

RGR has led the AFA from failure to failure.

For 10/10 bonuses!!
For good immigration policies!!

Lets put the Freedom back in AFA!!


Damon Mortis
Damon Mortis Hari ke 1,942, 03:27

Ahahahahahahahah you have too immagination : P

AlexJ1890 Hari ke 1,941, 18:26

Wait, you complain about the Country President rotating from friend to friend, but then you guys in the AFA do the same thing? Seems kind of hypocritical to me.

Lee5790 Hari ke 1,941, 18:36

"They use the dirtiest of tactics to try to bring us down."
"Not by glorified trolls who constantly flame everyone who they dislike or who disagree with them."
what a hypocrite

Thern alpha
Thern alpha Hari ke 1,941, 19:18

well there goes the hope that we wont yet again have a pto this election. Oh well same old same old

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Hari ke 1,941, 19:18

AFA get a clue and clean house of this trash.

Andres Olarte R Hari ke 1,941, 19:42

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Syz2 Hari ke 1,941, 20:08

You aren't even in the US...
RGR struggling to make himself look legitimate much?

Gnilraps Hari ke 1,941, 19:47

Real Dumb.

Damon Mortis
Damon Mortis Hari ke 1,942, 03:30

All Hail the pony!

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 1,942, 04:00

This is absolutely sick. Using the pope for your own political affairs. I'm gonna throw up. This is completely ridiculous.

A true patriot? I lol'ed. You'd sell us to the Serbians just for a hint of power. You're completely delusional.

Kidd Willy
Kidd Willy Hari ke 1,942, 04:30

Wow...written two days ago and only 72 votes.. i think more negative comments than votes.. perhaps mr irrelevant, lol

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,942, 08:30

More than any of you get without buying votes.

Wrkn4Evrr Hari ke 1,942, 10:31

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Kidd Willy
Kidd Willy Hari ke 1,942, 13:07

You know Ronnie, voting day is almost over, you might make it to 90 before the election is over.

Whiskey Jack
Whiskey Jack Hari ke 1,942, 05:23


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