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Restarting mentor Program

Hari ke 1,844, 09:06 Diterbitkan di Canada Swedia oleh Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris

Foxfire has seen fit to restart the mentor program. This will exist alongside the Boomer Academy to provide another institution for the helping and retention of new players

If you want to mentor a new player then sign out this FORM

If you want advice/help about the game and would like to gain a mentor then fill out the FORM



Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Hari ke 1,844, 13:27

So we're doubling up now?

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Hari ke 1,844, 14:07

Foxfire does not see why we can not have a mentor program and the Boomer Academy.

Anyways I heard that the Boomer Academy is not getting to many new players into its fold so we are trying something else.

CptChazbeard. Hari ke 1,917, 10:17

Guayre II
Guayre II Hari ke 1,998, 04:26


Kronos Q
Kronos Q Hari ke 1,844, 17:11

Why do double the work instead of working together?

TheBurningMan Hari ke 1,844, 18:36


Plugson Hari ke 1,844, 20:51

Monopolies usually fare better when there is competition to boost performance

But that's RL and here, well, probably not

Guagature Hari ke 1,845, 17:52

Now the goal will be to get twice as many mentors to commit to helping out.

Probably easier to work in with Boomers

Foxfire Hari ke 1,845, 21:31

The Boomer's Academy is a wonderful program. I believe it is successful and I don't want to mess with that success. But if all players could fit into one system, then Canada would only have one MU. Diversity can bring innovation. We'll see where it goes and evaluate accordingly.

MCA421 Hari ke 1,846, 23:30

multis = multiple bad ideas

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