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Regarding the Tax Increase

Hari ke 2,139, 15:59 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

My fellow Americans,

Much has been made about the recent work tax increase. Articles from a lot of people who were understandably upset about the tax hike.

But the theme that ran through most of those articles was a vague one. Namely that the ‘eUS Government’ had raised the taxes. That they are evil, and are trying to bleed the common man of his hard earned money.

The ‘eUS Government’ generally refers to the Executive Branch. The President and his Secretaries. The other half of government is Congress. Typically referred to as: Congress.

Congress sets the tax policy for the country. Not the President, Vice President or any of the Secretaries. They certainly have opinions on the matter, and seek to influence Congress, but ultimately Congress makes the decisions however they see fit.

Congress controls the money. The Executive just spends it.

So instead of being vague about who raised your taxes, let’s be specific.

Fiscal Solvency Protection Act discussion thread. Follow that link and you can read about the discussion that took place prior to raising taxes.

Fiscal Solvency Protection Act vote thread. This is where Congress voted on the matter. The votes were as follows:
Hale26: Yes
Evry: Yes
Kortunal: Yes
AlexJ1890: Yes
Melissa Rose: Yes
Tenshibo: Yes
Dranor: Yes
HeapSeppo: Yes
Howie1991: Yes
Clydeo: No
Josh Frost: Yes
stephen s: Yes
Mr. Swagg: Yes
MollyEmma: Yes
The Mike: Yes
Dauntless2000: Yes
Jefferson Locke: No
Joseph J Craine: Yes
Leather Neck: No
John Largo: No
Darian Dracona: No
Texas_ironman93: No
Vote passes 16-6.

I think that national discourse is a great thing. I love seeing articles discussing, debating and raging at things in the media. We need to do it more often, because ultimately it makes our country better.

But I dislike people using this vote as a political tool to try and push their anti-government agenda.

You don’t like the government. That’s great. I dislike a lot of them too. But this isn’t Oblige’s fault. Nor the Secretary of Defense’s. This is a Congressional matter and they voted the way they felt they needed to.

So. I’ve given you all of the information regarding this work tax increase. If you’re upset with the tax increase, then PM those actually responsible for it. Don't just pump out blanket statements about how anyone with a title is trying to stick it to you.
And take a few moments to read the threads that I posted. They are there for any and all to digest and to react to.


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Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 16:06

Upset with the tax? Feel free to PM me. I'll take care of you : D

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Hari ke 2,139, 16:14

Upset with anything? Feeling down? PM Tenshibo~

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 2,139, 16:16

I did, and I feel great now! Tenshibo works miracles!

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 16:23

I'm being pimped out as a miracle drug.
Hey Ajay, I can help you with your ED if you want 😉

stephen s
stephen s Hari ke 2,139, 16:14

It was either 10% or 25%... Feel free to PM me as well, I respond to every PM in a message as individualized as possible.

stephen s
stephen s Hari ke 2,139, 16:15


John Largo
John Largo Hari ke 2,140, 07:02

Or it was wait until we have bonuses to rebuild the reserve....which was the decision that would not have weakened our nation.

George Barker
George Barker Hari ke 2,141, 01:09

How can we get bonuses when the government has no money to arm people?

John Largo
John Largo Hari ke 2,141, 02:39

Not sure if you are being sarcastic or serious, but the government has enough money in reserve to evict Poland and regain bonuses without raising taxes.

Thedillpickl Hari ke 2,139, 16:27

I'm upset and I don't even live in the eUS. Admin is the real crook. They give the governments a crappy way to recover revenue from taxes on a broken econ mod that destroy the WaM'athon they created by shortsighted "fixes", then they have tournament after tournament in an attempt to use up severe overproduction. Prices of product go up but no profit is made and people don't make enough to purchase much. Only if everyone starts buying gold with real money does this 2 prong plan of admin work at all.

Turn the damned bots back on. That's the only fix unless the econ is totally redone.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 2,139, 16:31

Too true.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 2,139, 20:58

Actually what the tournament does is exactly what I proposed them years ago, although in a half-assed way. They should just divide the production values of WaM by a large number, and reintroduce work skill. That would solve overproduction up until we hit the investment limit again.

jkeller4000 Hari ke 2,140, 05:10

i say lets complicate things so people think they are making a profit. every building wears out. q7 factory takes 1 gold a day to maintain, if you no have the one gold, good by factory, then the prices will be such that it seems a person makes one gold a day profit from the q7 factory when really they are just breaking even because that one gold goes to pay for maintaince. but anyways q6 food companies making about 300 usd using full employees. so i still happy! profits are significanlty better than ever remember and for a long time too. combat orders and the new tax is making a difference.

one good fix, governments can print as much money as they want and only gold is used to build buildings. hat way governments can print money to cause inflation but the amount of gold going into the game to be used to increase production stays the same. gold prices skyrocket. all prices skyrocket, people think they are making a huge profit. but really it is all delusional. their rate of increse for probuction stays the same, but they are making more money! but the value of the money is dropping, not many people can keep a tally on the actual value of an item if it is based on a currency whose value changes daily.

makes the game more complex and complex makes people think making people happy. change also makes people think and there by making them happy, some people like t ocomplain, change gives them somethign to complain about.

so like you say. lets instead of cutting production in half. make a maintaince cost. and cannot operate the factory until that cost is current. everyhting the game seels to us should cost gold, maintaince cost, building costs, training costs,

governments should be able to print as much currency as they want. then prices could be higher!

Thedillpickl Hari ke 2,141, 00:32

Kemal, TBH I don[t give a crap anymore. I just use my Q7 to produce weapons for my commune. The last war with Slovenia (by Swiss) I wrecked my WaM of WRM to supply it. Of course I plan to rebuild. I really could not care less about profit or work tax (unless it goes to extreme). Government welfare for the military and concerns about MPP's, NE's, etc. are not important. All I care about is buying my 450 gold pack and war stash so I can pay for everything. 😃

Pickle's have closed up shop in the US. Everything is Swiss now. We will look at where we wish to place the 3 (maybe 4 soon) communes for the best return for bonus v work tax. There is one goal, maximize production of weapons. We simply like to shoot things. The econ is broken so we play what is left.

chickensguys Hari ke 2,139, 16:30

Jefferson Locke: No

I applaud you brave soul.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Hari ke 2,140, 09:51

Thank you sir \o/. People can say what they will about me, but I stand on my principles no matter what.

Thedillpickl Hari ke 2,141, 00:40

Jefferson Locke is a no good, piece of crap, two faced, son of a bitach, scoundrel that has the audacity to actually have a moral code AND speak his mind no matter how many educated idiots protest his attempt to bring reason and logic to the conversation.

So there, that is what I think. xD

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Hari ke 2,141, 05:28

I love you too Dill ❤

Thedillpickl Hari ke 2,141, 12:33

From what I've observed in Congress and otherwise you've always done two things I admire. You are your own man and speak your mind and worked for the best interests for everyone. Hard to beat that combo.

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Hari ke 2,141, 15:32

well, my general philosophy is that good leadership isn't being popular, good leadership is being able to stand by your principles if you think that it will help your country long term. Popularity is over-rated really. I've always noticed the same things about you Dill, which is why we get along so well 🙂

Minino. Hari ke 2,139, 16:58

> No money
> MOAR taxes
> People travelling to eChina / trying to get in some TWO nation / eIndonesia?


corchuela Hari ke 2,139, 17:14

Las denominaciones de origen reconocidas del cerdo ibérico son:

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Las denominación de origen están protegidas legalmente por el Reglamento Europeo (CE) nº 510/2006 del Consejo de la Unión Europea.

Tiamati Hari ke 2,139, 17:46

Thank you for posting this IS; this article does show a modicum of good faith from the eAmerican 'government'

Access request sent regarding thread; I'd appreciate seeing the act in its entirety to see the exact verbiage for myself.

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 18:07

the discussion, proposal, and vote, in their entirety are in public congress:


Custo Hari ke 2,139, 18:16

Congress people are nowadays chosen by party leaders.. so mostly like-minded people get in. And I am sure USA lost many tanks/people with many farms already. I guess I am just a prime example of this - I did a lot of damage for USA side in needed battles.. but this latest development made me so angry as to have me switch sides.

Care to take a guess how many people did the same?

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 19:33

So you're a fairweather citizen in the truest of definition. Thanks for leaving, enjoy your Serbian overlords.

Custo Hari ke 2,139, 20:23

It has been MANY months since USA had "fairweather".., for many months the production has been small to say the least.. and ofc there was a month of 25% taxes that pretty much killed all of my income...

Helping USA with ATO and regain its territories has been of interest... but all abuse get to a point where one says enough is enough.

And now that the gov has gone bananas and I refuse to be part of such a sick organization.. I am called names. Wish I would have known it before I came to USA to invest so much effort in an organization that pretty much hates everyone who doesn't sing to their tune...

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 20:26

Cry for me Serbia, cry.

Custo Hari ke 2,139, 20:29 do realize that your comments resemble RGR's? With as much substance and eloquence.

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 20:30

I can't help it that he copies me. The weak follow the strong like sheep to a Shepard.

Custo Hari ke 2,139, 20:35

Nice... your comments are getting better and better.

You do realize that all the names you have been calling him also apply to you as well?

And what it says about your side of the argument?

Custo Hari ke 2,139, 20:40

Anyway... thank you Tenshibo for illustrating what is wrong with USA current government.

I will keep ignoring your comments henceforth.. as I do RGR's. I kinda hoping someone more constructive would have commented.. but I guess it was too much to hope for.

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,139, 20:41

I'm all kinds of constructive. I constructed this plan to make bank doe.

tster Hari ke 2,140, 08:06

Tenshibo, Thanks for exposing yourself in this thread. Seeing your other posts aroung I thought you were an elitest and wrong, but still serious. Now I know I can ignore you completely.

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Hari ke 2,140, 08:42

guy has done over 2 bil damage.
that is respectful.

Thedillpickl Hari ke 2,141, 00:46

Children! This is a game! If you cannot play nice together we will sit you in separate corners! lololololol

Derfo Hari ke 2,141, 12:58

Unfotunately I'm planing to leave eUSA also... You'll bet getting 10% of zero from me soon.

FirstLaw Hari ke 2,139, 19:34

If you honestly believe the president has no say in how Congress votes, then I have a bridge to sell you. Saying that it isn't the president's fault is beyond naive. None of these articles answer the important question of who's actually getting rich and/or leveling up on these tax increases. This article is trying to reframe the discussion to "game mechanics". I've been playing for years and seen every bad decision blamed on game mechanics and I'm tired of it. It's nice to say that we're all in this together but this is the most crippling tax policy ever. It would be one thing if we were kicking arse and wiping countries but were not. We can't even liberate our own. People are pissed and if this doesn't compel people to expel the elite from gov't, then I don't know what will.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 2,139, 21:04

We spent 3 million CC out of the treasury to kick Servia and Hungary out. This is the consequence. FYI me and many others advised against that spending, since we knew this would eventually happen, and we would not have an independent state to show for all that money.

chickensguys Hari ke 2,139, 21:13

The Best part is that you are literally chasing the funds, because you are raise taxes you are pricing yourself out of the market and people are leaving the country. Which means you really can't win.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 2,139, 21:14

The amount they lose from taxes is peanuts compared to what they lose from the lack of bonuses. A rational actor who cared about monetary return would have already left.

Custo Hari ke 2,139, 21:21

And the next question.... Would people return if they come to their senses? Many comments by current gov is in line of "good riddance". And that may have very bad long term consequences

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 2,140, 00:19

Good point.

tster Hari ke 2,140, 09:10

Kemal, I was willing, as a citizen, to have lower profit for myself with lower bonuses because the goal is to help the eUS and make it strong again with full bonuses.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 2,140, 09:13

That is even more true for the taxes. They get spent on COs.

Magnus Tradeus
Magnus Tradeus Hari ke 2,140, 10:43

3 million CC for COs or wasting the most for the USAF MUs?

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 2,140, 10:50

All of 3m went to the COs.

Cody Caine
Cody Caine Hari ke 2,139, 20:56


crisfire Hari ke 2,139, 21:00

IS is coolbeans

Lorenzo VonMatterhorn
Lorenzo VonMatterhorn Hari ke 2,139, 21:01

Oblige and friends need more funds to tank ???? ... Ask ajay to make more multies in usa ...

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