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Presidential Special: [AMP Wars] Balance to the Force......

Hari ke 2,165, 10:53 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Josh Frost
I was asked to publish the following article by Free Area. Although normally I would say no to such a request, I really enjoyed his Star Wars themed articles in relation to the PTO. At the risk of p*ssing everyone off, here is the conclusion to his epic saga.

Dear readers, I asked your president to publish my last sequel of article series called AMP Wars and he accepted. I hope you will enjoy reading it!

Luke Skywalker - Josh Frost
Yoda - John Killah
Obi Wan Kenobi - Dr Luis Sentieiro
Darth Vader(Anakin) - Free Area(and Shoe People)

If you haven’t read my previous articles from this series yet, you can find them here.

Josh Frost has returned to
his home planet of eRepublik
in an attempt to rescue his
friends from the
clutches of the vile gangster
Pizza the Hutt.

Little does Josh know that the
AFA EMPIRE has secretly
begun construction on a brand
new party even more powerful
than the first dreaded AFA.

When completed, this ultimate
party will spell certain doom
for the band of ATOers struggling
to restore freedom to the America
and balance to the force...

… Josh then had conversations with John Killah and Dr Luis Sentieiro ...

jfrost strikes RGR but AFA is once again defended by The Shoe People (red saber).

This is my last article in this comics series. I really hope you enjoyed and had some laugh while reading them. All characters appearing in this work are from eRepublik. Any resemblance to real star wars, living or dead characters, is purely coincidental.

Best regards and farewell from your favorite PTOer,
Free Area



Josh Frost
Josh Frost Hari ke 2,165, 10:54

I thought it was funny!!! 😛

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Hari ke 2,166, 02:09

Hilarious !
And where is the part where you made a pact with TWO ? Come on, that's the funniest !

Johnvacan160 Hari ke 2,166, 11:35


Melissa Rose
Melissa Rose Hari ke 2,165, 10:59

It is funny!

Ditrichjnb Hari ke 2,165, 10:59

Good job:))

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Hari ke 2,165, 11:02

These articles always make me laugh.

Derphoof Hari ke 2,165, 11:07

Beautiful story. Very fitting end to the saga.

much story
very wow
such ato
so win
very anal hurt ajay is


Johnvacan160 Hari ke 2,166, 11:36

ur anal hurts?

Marcus Nerva Traianus
Marcus Nerva Traianus Hari ke 2,165, 11:08

Good one 🙂

DMV3 Hari ke 2,165, 11:16

The moral of the story: Josh Frost is really a Shoe People!

I knew it!

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 2,165, 11:53


ElvenCRO Hari ke 2,165, 12:02

Komentar dihapus

ElvenCRO Hari ke 2,165, 12:04

hahaha..finally, a comic!

Free Area
Free Area Hari ke 2,165, 13:09

konacno zavrsih sagu xD

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 2,166, 08:48

I have no idea what that means but I'm guessing it's good 😛

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Hari ke 2,165, 12:25

Wait wut? No Leia? Let Evry be da princezz, pliiiiiiz!

HusagaBiH Hari ke 2,165, 12:38


Bourecco Gustoso
Bourecco Gustoso Hari ke 2,165, 12:51

one thing is certain: there are friends, there are foes, but there's just one SCUMBAG xd

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 2,166, 08:47

And we all know who the SCUMBAG is xD Hehehe

Johnvacan160 Hari ke 2,166, 11:37

the oldfag? ;3?

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 2,166, 15:18

Troll johnvacan160 detected :3

Pravoslavac IC XC
Pravoslavac IC XC Hari ke 2,165, 15:21

rolf haha

RaccoonGoon Hari ke 2,165, 15:24

Dammit Free Area. lol

sumar82 Hari ke 2,165, 16:32


John Killah
John Killah Hari ke 2,165, 18:05

The funniest part was considering me older than Frost :3

But still super funny xD

Johnvacan160 Hari ke 2,166, 11:36

shh oldfag >😃

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Hari ke 2,165, 18:33

hahaha funny - good job FA xD 🙂

M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Hari ke 2,165, 18:41

great show!

DanielEsp Hari ke 2,165, 18:49

hahahahaha xD a nice end for the saga \o/

Good job in the article FA o7

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Hari ke 2,165, 19:20

I need more...... xD

George Barker
George Barker Hari ke 2,165, 22:24

Ajay? Having MORE children? Nooooooooo! That bloodline must be allowed to self extinguish! For the good of humanity, Let. It. End.

Other than that, good story.

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 2,166, 08:46

Ahahaha well... here's something funny:

If he keeps having children and considering this children have no mother, the gene pool will be extremelly low. When gene pools are low, very nasty diseases can show up amoung the newborns.

I am guessing many of the newborn children in the AFA will have serious malformations. xD

Johnvacan160 Hari ke 2,166, 11:38

that explains why josh frost his sun was born as a cat....

Gunnar Posey
Gunnar Posey Hari ke 2,166, 00:42

I hate space movies............

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Hari ke 2,166, 12:55

Me too, but this Star Trek stuff is funny LOL

Rico Mc.Rico
Rico Mc.Rico Hari ke 2,166, 07:58

hahaha amazing! 😃

Free Area
Free Area Hari ke 2,166, 09:17

i'm glad you like it xD

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 2,166, 13:39


G.Bot Hari ke 2,167, 10:23

I doubt any PTOer has ever endeared himself to the people he PTO'd the way that FA has.

I hate what he did, but he was such a good sport about it, its hard to hate too much.

RGR on the other hand. That guy is a real Mudder Fudder.

Free Area
Free Area Hari ke 2,167, 11:43

thanks m8

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