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Name Change from Patar333 to Hale Kane

Hari ke 1,784, 18:22 Diterbitkan di Switzerland Amerika Serikat oleh Hale Kane

Anyways it is plain and simple. I changed my name to Hale Kane now. I know for some people it is strange but i needed a name change so bad. I had been using the same account name for many games and i wanted to have a change.

But overall i am the same person. Nothing has changed besides the name.

I still am Chairmen of Bank. I still am a eSwitzerland citizen. I still am a DSW soldier. I still am a congressmen in eSwitzerland.

I know a couple of people will be angry with me on changing my name, but it was my choice. I wanted this.

Thank you,

....Hale Kane(patar333)
Chairmen of Bank of eSwitzerland



Monsieur Guillontine
Monsieur Guillontine Hari ke 1,784, 18:25


Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Hari ke 1,784, 19:24

Citizen Kane

sgtchewy Hari ke 1,784, 20:12

😑 You stole my line Paul.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Hari ke 1,785, 00:47


Schwrzwolf Hari ke 1,785, 04:20

Hail Hale Kane, Cane sugar can't be as sweet as him.

Rican Hari ke 1,785, 05:37

i like it. i think i'll change my name to Romper.

Hoffman12 Hari ke 1,785, 11:27


Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Hari ke 1,785, 12:33

lol Rican... "The Romper" if you want...

Respect for kane's choose.. o/

Thomas Keesman
Thomas Keesman Hari ke 1,785, 22:59

who the hell would get mad at this? really. admittedly, it's not major sophisticated like 'thomas keesman', for instance, but that name is already taken.

anyway, live well with your new moniker. Hail Hale, the gang's all here.!

bowen199 Hari ke 1,786, 17:13

Hi Kane

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