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Mini Guide for Newbies - Work and Train

Hari ke 1,844, 08:36 Diterbitkan di New Zealand Uruguay oleh Leo de Salto II

So, you have just created an account and now you are here without knowing what to do or how is this game played?

Well, worry you not, this article migth help you.

There are 3 main actions you can realize in erepublik daily.

Work, Train and Figth

This article will cover the first two.

Working is the most common way to get money, every time you work, you are get paid a salary, get some xp and the counter for the Hard Working Medal reduces by 1 day.

The Hard Working Medal is an archivement that you get every 30 days of continious working, it award you with 5 gold. Gold is one, and the most important, currency in the game, the other one are the CC, the country currency. Your salary is paid in CC.

To work, first, you need a job, you can find one in the job market, wich is located in the market submenu. Once there, you choose the work offer you like most and then you are ready to work.

-Note: If your employer has no money left to pay salaries, then you can not work and you must find another job.-

Training is the other everyday action you can do in the game. Training increse your strength, which is indispensable for figthing and for unlocking certain actions and items in the game.

As well as working, when you train you get some xp, some strength, which vary acording how much developed your training centers are. Every 250 strength points you get a Super Soldier Medal, just like the Hard Working Medal it gives you 5 golds every time you get it.

For training you have to go to My Places -> Training Centers and there you have the options.

Every day you work and train you get some extra xp and strength points, so try to not miss a single day!

If you need help or have any question, just join to the irc channel #nzarmy or send me a pm

Good luck in the game!


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