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Markets Report - Week 1908-1914

Hari ke 1,914, 12:43 Diterbitkan di Ireland Australia oleh Elite C

Here's the first of what I hope will be many Market Reports

These article will have a look at and analyse the data collected from:
Prices of Q7 weapons
Monetary Market

and present them in colourful charts!

Q7 Weapons

Prices of the Q7 Weapons had a bumpy week and at one stage were selling for €10.99. They averaged around the €7.20 mark. The ups and downs make it pretty hard to gauge the trend we might experience next week, but it seems it will be another rocky road!


As wages began hitting an all time low of €8.75 early in the week they were soon uplifted by a job offer of €18 and €15. The week averaged at €13.47.
It's expected that next weeks average will earn about €12.00 as recent trends suggest, so those of you in jobs paying more than 12, STAY PUT.

Monetary Market

Gold rose significantly in value and I had expected to stay going but then the admins offered factory upgrades for 45% less and this, I believe, is what caused prices to droup down a few euro. We have a day or so left of these offers and I expect gold to again rise gradually and it should reach €285 by this day week, unless the admins comes out with another offer.

Thats it for this week

All the Best,



Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Hari ke 1,914, 12:49

Nice one. Good graphs turn an article from a hamburger into a nice tender steak.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Hari ke 1,914, 13:12

I'd suggest you'd be better taking an average price, rather than highest price, as it's more representative e.g. the current top three job offers are 15.0, 10.0 & 9.10 so using 15 is probably overstating the wages on offer. Aside from that. I like seeing these reports.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,914, 13:28

Agreed, keep posting articles in this regard Elite C Im enjoying them!

Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Hari ke 1,914, 13:44

Good job

I think the 45% offers increase the price of gold. Most experience players wait for the sales. The upgrade sales cause players to buy gold and spend it. That increases gold demand and drops gold supply. I see gold continuing to drop.

Keep these coming. I enjoy talking eEconomics.

Elite C
Elite C Hari ke 1,914, 13:50

True but this the the second report I have done and in both I have noticed a drop in gold prices when admins offer gold or upgrades at better rate.

Thanks though!

Cpt Jackson
Cpt Jackson Hari ke 1,914, 13:57

Yes the gold buying discounts lower the price (more supply), but I don't think they had a discount on gold this time. People need gold now to take advantage of the training contracts and upgrades (more demand). The only time I buy gold from the market is durring training center discounts. Most of the other times I am selling my gold from metals to buy weapons.

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Hari ke 1,915, 13:32

Please keep these coming. I'm trying to get more knowledgeable on the economics front in the game,and things like this help a lot.

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