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Making my decision

Hari ke 1,898, 05:05 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Jefferson Locke

Hello America......

So, here we are again. We again stand at a crossroads of sorts, where we are forced to make a decision in the CP race between two people. This month, I would argue, could very well be as important as we’ve ever seen, for the simple fact that we have two very different candidates running. Now before I go into details, let me just say something. I promised both men that are running this month, Jason Statham JR. and John Killah that before I campaigned for either one I would look at their cabinets and positions and decide from there who to support. I say that because on one hand we have John Killah, who has offered me the role of Vice President, and on the other hand, I have Jason Statham, who has offered me the role of Secretary of State. I love the idea of having both of those jobs, as they are both awesome and things that I have been looking forward too. However, over the past few days, a choice has been made clear to me.

There is only one person in this election that I support, and that man is John Killah.

There are numerous reasons why I think John Killah is the best choice for President, so bear with me. First, I feel that he is someone that has a clear vision of what he wants to do for this nation. He has clear goals and the experience to lead us into the future as a stronger nation. He has impressed me with the answers that he has given to some rather tough questions, as I find being direct to be better than someone who uses populist rhetoric. Polling everyone sounds great, until it is exposed to some critical thought. Let’s say you want to take a poll about our place in CoT. You set the poll up and educate the public, making sure they have enough time to learn the information. You’re looking at around a week right there. Then you put the poll out,and let it run, giving everyone enough time to vote. You’re looking at another four days there, at least. Once you take the poll down, you would have to make sure there is no fraudulent activity, which brings in another 4-5 days, and then the results have to be published and debated, and rechecked since the side that doesn’t win will challenge them. So you’re looking at a three week process to make one decision......By the time the decision is made, the president will be on his way out the door, without having to deal with any of the consequences! I’m sorry, I just find that to be irrational. The idea of polling everyone about everything is not a plan, it’s actually the LACK of one.

For the second reason, I know what John Killah is capable of doing. John and I have worked together in government for the past two months, and I have seen him work his way through tough situations numerous times. I have seen him step up and take on leadership roles and work himself out of love for his ecountry. I believe that the continuity of government is important, in that it’s hard for me to imagine someone who has had almost zero experience with game mechanics or dealing with foreign leaders being an effective president. After reading the questions and answers over the past week, it has become clear to me that Jason still needs to work on these things, whereas John Killah already has the knowledge needed. Being the president should not be an “on the job training” experience.

When someone says “we never had a chance to be a part of the decision on CoT, it was never talked about” after Cerb published his last presidential article about it, Inwegen spent the entire month talking about it along with state articles, it was presented to congress WHEN JASON WAS THERE, and it was then the main issue in the last election (Fingerguns was pro CoT, John Jay was against) I find it hard for someone who wants to be CP to say “we never heard anything about it until the decision was made”. The entire election was about it! Here’s something better though: Ask him what his comments were in the Congressional boards when CoT was brought up. It will reveal a lot, because he either commented, knowing full well that CoT was being discussed, making him dishonest in his assertion that it was never discussed and making his “power to the people” mantra questionable (why wasn’t there an article to the people? Why didn’t you go to the AMP members with the debate? Power to the people huh?) or he never responded, which would make him neglectful of his duties as a congressman. I know the answer, but I want someone to ask him. Maybe he’ll take a poll to figure out what his response should be?

And finally, I believe that John Killah should be the president because I think that he will represent all Americans. John is someone that I have seen work along side people of all different philosophies in erep, both in his party and in the national government. I have never once seen John speak ill will against those that disagree with him. I cannot say the same about his opponent though. His opponent is someone that does not deal well with criticism, and someone that falls for the same old populist line of thinking. He is someone that gets upset with people and uses personal attacks against them. I don’t want a president that calls people “flufferist”. I don’t want a president that just two weeks ago was against being in CoT, and now says “we’ll give it a shot”. I want a president that will work with everyone in this country, and that can make a decision on policy and stick with it.

I want John Killah for president. And I want to be your vice president, because i know that together, John and I can keep this country going in the right direction. I know that we have the experience needed to make tough decisions without trying to skate around them with “polling”. And I know that we have real ideas, not just populist phrases that sound nice, but mean nothing.

I want John Killah for CP. Stand with us, and I promise that we will work as hard for you as possible. We will do everything we can to continue this country down the path of greatness. You won’t regret it.

Yours always in service,
Jefferson Locke



Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Hari ke 1,898, 05:06

First reserved for JK 4 Potus!

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Hari ke 1,898, 05:16

No brainer.

Bucephalus92 Hari ke 1,898, 05:34


Mister Y
Mister Y Hari ke 1,898, 06:40

Killah times?

fingerguns Hari ke 1,898, 07:46

I support this.

Bacon Empire
Bacon Empire Hari ke 1,898, 08:06

I support this

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,898, 09:19

Funny how all the same people choose the PTO unity candidate each month.

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Hari ke 1,898, 13:02

Funny how you call the legitimate government a PTO

Thedillpickl Hari ke 1,898, 14:01

Wait just one cotton pickin' minute!

Has this been cleared by the public commission on transparency and openness? We need to have a referendum to discuss the need for CoT to be discussed in an article talking about responsibility for the inclusion of the popular opinion to bring about equality and fairness to remove the hidden agenda by the populist elite than control the shadow government behind the scenes that the people need to know about.

Don't you agree? You MUST agree! I used all the catch word propaganda phrases that people cling to.


Seriously, JLo just went WAY UP on the pickle chart for having the balls to state the truth despite of any repercussions. And he did it without being an ass too.

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Hari ke 1,898, 14:11

^Pickle's comment is so pro

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Hari ke 1,898, 14:18



PigInZen Hari ke 1,898, 16:24

JK I gotta say it seems like you never considered JSJ. Not that I have a problem with that, LOL.

PigInZen Hari ke 1,898, 16:32

and of course I meant JL

SColbert Hari ke 1,898, 17:06

Vox Populi would have greatly appreciated it if JK had asked for our endorsement. We were both saddened, and angry over the fact that we were completely ignored by him. We take it as yet another slap in the face, by certain T5 parties.

We have heard that JK's reasoning behind completely ignoring us, was that he felt he would have no chance winning our endorsement. I was saddened to hear this, because several players, including myself, had wanted to vote for him in our primary. The fact is that, JK would have most likely won our primary, had he at least asked for our endorsement.

Haliman Hari ke 1,898, 18:57


needs boobs

Tiacha Hari ke 1,898, 18:58

JLo is smelly

Tiamati Hari ke 1,898, 19:32

There is no mention of Zoli's candidacy so no vote.

There is no point in keeping Any of the current exec branch online for next month given this month's epic presidential failures. I personally would vote for Candor long before anyone involved in FG's regime.

Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Hari ke 1,898, 19:50

JK for POTUS, because CoT is the future!

Principe Alessandro
Principe Alessandro Hari ke 1,899, 04:39

Hail USA!
Hail CoT!

SinaAria Hari ke 1,899, 04:52

V for your thoughtfulness.

Kemal Ergenekon
Kemal Ergenekon Hari ke 1,899, 11:49

@Supporters of Jason:,24245.0.html

Read especially pages 2 & 3. I was initially not sure between JK and Jason, but this thread clearly shows that Jason is unfortunately unfit to be the POTUS.

Black Baroness
Black Baroness Hari ke 1,899, 11:51

@Haliman: you need boobs ??? poor man watch a porn 😃

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