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Go Mobile!

Hari ke 854, 08:04 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Gnilraps

You are a Federalist.

If you are less active on the Federalist Forum or on the Fed IRC network (#fedpartychat), then you may not realize how cool you are!

The Federalist Party is known as the place to be... the Ace of Bass... The Nucleus of Now... the Azimuth of Wow... the Pinnicle of Pow... the...

No, really, you will literally triple your fun if you will just spend a few minutes with your party members where we hang out.

BUT RIGHT NOW... You can do ONE THING to help your party. You can agree to be a mobile voter. In this congressional election, your vote MATTERS if you mobile vote. If you don't, you are likely wasting your vote.

Just follow these two simple steps:
Click this link and sign onto the Fed IRC network: link

> Fed IRC

Then introduce yourself and simply say you want to be a mobile voter. You will be connected with a Federalist who will make sure you are supplied with two free moving tickets. With these, you will be instructed how to place your vote in another eUS state, then be able to return home. You may also FEEL FREE to request a gift to replace any health lost on your journey.

If you do this, two things will happen:

1: There will be much rejoicing.

2: You will be playing a crucial role in getting Federalists elected to congress. This obviously increases the fun factor for all of us, you included. And if you linger a bit on the IRC, I can guarantee you will have a blast.

You play eRep to have fun. This is a guaranteed way to multiply your enjoyment of the game.

Don't waste your vote in Karnataka, Florida, or California.
Be a mobile voter and MATTER.

If you have any questions at all, PM me. I help ALL who ask.



Mourning Star
Mourning Star Hari ke 854, 08:20

tl;dr GO FEDS!!!!

Mourning Star
Mourning Star Hari ke 854, 08:21

j/k you know I did...

Trick246 Hari ke 854, 10:30


Sozo Hari ke 854, 12:15

Every time a Fed wastes a vote, a baby seal is clubbed. 🙁

Go Mobile!

fingerguns Hari ke 854, 20:27

GO FEDS!!!!!

Syrup Hari ke 854, 21:14

Go Feds!

JeremyR Hari ke 854, 21:40

We will also be having a raffle on election night get to the Fed forums for details.

Talio Extremist
Talio Extremist Hari ke 854, 21:50

I hate when baby seals are clubbed...Fedz do not waste your vote.

Zoli Hari ke 855, 05:16

Vermont votes with Feds!

Alice_D Hari ke 855, 06:39

I'll go mobile to Rhode Island, then move back. Thanks for article!

Boot1221 Hari ke 856, 14:52

I voted rejoicing that there were no balls to the wind visuals.

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