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Department of Immigration Report

Hari ke 1,914, 15:57 Diterbitkan di Ireland Australia oleh Elite C

As you aware, immigration has grown to be a problem in the past few weeks. As a result, the CP Committee have decided to reform the old immigration committee by appointing 3 people into a joint ministry.
Elite C

Below are the questions each person who requests citizenship are asked to answer.

Citizen Name
Link to Profile
Do You Speak English
Please Rate Your English on a scale of 1 to 5
What other languages do you speak
Why do you desire to move to eIreland?
Have you ever been an eIrish citizen before?
If Yes, please provide us with a reference from Ireland who can vouch for you.
If No, please provide us with a reference from your countries CP or 3 members of government.

Rules of Accepting/Denying

Applicants are accepted if 2 or more Ministers vote YES
Applicants are denied if 2 or more Minsters vote NO

Applicant can be denied if:
1. One or more of their provided references opt not to vouch for them or a reference provides information that an applicant maybe/are a TO threat.

2. They fail to provide ANY references

3. If they express themselves as holiday makers (i.e. Cite that they intend to experience the country for a while). Not Applicable in the last 3 days of Congress term.

4. Provide false information in relation to Ireland (i.e. Cite they want to help Ireland defeat the UK in the war e.t.c.)

Arguments the Department makes in relation to
1. There is always the possibility a reference may be joking or lying, but we are not in a position to take a chance.

2. Even if a citizen is new to the game and know few to no people in their country, it is not our problem. If they truly wanted to be in Ireland they would have done so in the very begining. Valid only for persons under 45 days

3. Holiday makers intend to spend a month or less in Ireland. It is therefore a waste of a CS Pass. While we aknowledge that after a few days here they wish to stay they should have provided us with that information.

4. It speaks for itself. If they express having clearly no idea of whats in Ireland then they are free to be accepted. But if in their application they provide false information then we have a right to assume they are here on political grounds.

See below for the applications to Ireland since 5th February 2013
Right-click image and click Open in New Tab

Also the follwoing applied and were accepted without consent from the Department

Deus Invictus (Domagojvu II) – 05/02/2013
Rike Espada (Danilo Garcia) – 10/02/2013
sir adriano prette (Biker2446) – 10/02/2013

This is seen as undermining and disrespecting the system for personal gain. We aknowlegde that they may know the applicants but they are required to go through the process. If there is an Irish person who can vouch for them then they indicate so in the Questionnaire.

UPDATE: little Victoria's reference who previously called her a TOer has now stated "im sorry, i didnt no it was serious thing. she not a TOer". I therefore am changing my verdict to a Yes. But it takes 2 out of 3.

I will update weekly the applications to Ireland.

All the Best,
Elite C
Department of Immigration



MrConway Hari ke 1,914, 16:01


Elite C
Elite C Hari ke 1,914, 16:03


Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Hari ke 1,914, 16:03

Strength and Honour

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,914, 16:03

little Victoria TOer? Who told that? Please give me name because she's great and she'd really add something good to this enough pathetic country

Elite C
Elite C Hari ke 1,914, 16:04

well then why were we told otherwise?

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,914, 16:05

who told that??

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,914, 20:00

if its a pathetic country why are you here MUFC?

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,914, 16:04

You should really consider accepting people who could help this country since we already have one of lowest amount of active citizens in eWorld, we need foreigners to join us.

Elite C
Elite C Hari ke 1,914, 16:06

We can only go by what they provide us with and what references provide us with

"1. There is always the possibility a reference may be joking or lying, but we are not in a position to take a chance."

The Irish William Wallace
The Irish William Wallace Hari ke 1,914, 16:04

Very well done report! Hope all congress members read this so they understand our Immigration Policy.

Liam Tatlock
Liam Tatlock Hari ke 1,914, 16:17

Openness is good but I take a slight issue with the "holidaymakers" refusal. I wouldn't take that as a reason for refusal if the application was in the last 2-3 days of Congress and a member had an unused pass.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Hari ke 1,915, 07:13

I think that's a good point. Generally we don't want to waste a Cz on someone who wont stay, but if the passes are about to go stale anyway, there's no reason not to give them one if they're as clean shaven as any other candidate.

Cydp Hari ke 1,914, 16:40


MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 00:41

This article makes me very happy.
Just need to estblish a punishment for those that break the rules.

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,915, 01:37

A waggy finger and a stern telling off is all you can do unless you can persuade PP's to not run certain people.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 01:40

Ye and that won't happen in this country ;_;

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,915, 02:19

well you've seen the baw it creates in the eUK... In the year ive been playing its been the biggest flash point.

castaneda Hari ke 1,915, 01:52

Having Conway on the panel undermines the integrity of the system and shows disrespect for Irish citizens , so before u get on your high horse about others giving CS passes maybe you should him from your committee

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,915, 03:08

So I'd like someone from this comittee to explain me why little Victoria is rejected, Conway told me that Giovani00 from eCroatia marked her as a threat, I've asked him and he told me he promised to guarantee for her.

This Immigration comittee is just done subjective decision and rejected someone who could really help eIreland. Why? Simply because she's Croatian girl...

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,915, 03:21

If this shows up as truth I'll have to request from our President to change comittee members.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 03:25

I think somebody has a crush on Victoria xD

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 03:28

And imo we have enough Croats in Ireland atm. Why let them in when the ones already here are PTO parties? Doesnt make sense. Theyve also shown us theyre aggressively homophobic, use multis & support Nazism.
I value the word of somebody in Croatia thats honest over fanatic MUFC anyday!

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,915, 03:26

No, but I don't stand when someone is unfair...or thief...

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 03:29

You use multis...
So youre telling me Im a thief? If not me the 30-odd members of my party are thieves?
Lame excuse to PTO a party
You can do better xD

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,915, 03:35

Who's PTOing parties? We've been here like 2 years now and we've never cause any trouble ever. Don't try to blame that on Croatia cuz that's really lame excuse, it was personal PTO last month and it's personal this month.

You'd be very surprised if you know how many Irish, Canadians and other nationalities voted against ur party. Just because thief founded it - Marcus.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 03:45

Me & Padraig founded it. Me, him & Conway are the most active members. It's wrong punishing thirty odd members because of a personal feud.
We have screenshots of the Croatian players who joined our party, none of any Canadians.

MUFC992 Hari ke 1,915, 03:48

You better be more careful when taking screenshots next time 😉
This "party" nominate known thief for President of eIreland. Isn't that enough reason? Prevent another robbery is important.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,915, 03:48

Anyway dont want to turn Elite C's article into an arguement. Good job Im happy with the committee and wish it could been implemented sooner!

Paddy OBrien
Paddy OBrien Hari ke 1,915, 13:27

Good work by the committee. Wish everyone cooperated with them. It's not a tough questionnaire, IMO. We want immigration, and we want active players, so what's wrong with sorting the herd?

Furry Monsters
Furry Monsters Hari ke 1,915, 14:45

Simple question. Why would anyone want to PTO this country? What potential benefits could they gain?

Elite C
Elite C Hari ke 1,915, 16:15

No idea

moomoohead Hari ke 1,915, 18:28

Best imigration article I can rember reading.

MikiST Hari ke 1,916, 00:26


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