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Clap Clap, I Think They Need a Round of Applause

Hari ke 1,900, 12:20 Diterbitkan di Netherlands Norwegia oleh Joshua Morriseau

Well usually I don't find it necessary to respond to such propaganda however, when people decide to quote you for half a sentence and leave the rest out it doesn't really make for a full story now does it? What Im referring to is this, garbage.

Now that you have all read how, "evil and vile" I am lets look at the facts and what the DPP are upset about.

RV93 proposed a Motion of no Confidence against Kamp as the MoD because he was inactive. The motion never succeeded or ever made it to voting rounds. I made a comment which only half a sentence has ever been quoted and that the DPP have put their official spin on so without having to wait please read the entire comment. This was posted on January 26th, 2013 at 15:54, and I quote.

"Lets be honest, Kamp was appointed the MoD and the VCP by Kim and in return his party supported her in the election in which she won. She bought his vote with an appointment to office, there is nothing wrong with that imo. However I told Kim that Kamp wasn't the most active person to have in two such important roles before the election happened and she replied that he was very active (not his fault just shouldn't have been appointed in the first place.) And I don't think Kamp had much of a say in the Ministry anyways, Kim was calling the shots, it is her government, she should step up and take responsibility for it. Kamp was nothing more than a party's support for her, EDEN and Kim called the shots it wasn't Kamp."

The only part that the DPP has spun is where I said Kim bought their vote. Nothing else was added to that including the last half of that sentence where I said, "there is nothing wrong with that imo." Its apart of winning and its what you need however someone shouldn't try and do it if they know that the person there trying to bring on board doesn't have the time. You guys also forgot to add the part where I blatantly said it was Kim's and EDEN's fault not Kamp's. I defended Kamp in this and put all the blame on Kim...its funny how things get spun. If I started to take half sentence quotes from people Im sure I could also turn it into any story I wanted to.

On to the next one, now I've bin accused of stabbing people in the back? Hmm, I believed I have made more of an effort to reach out to the DPP than any other party. I even praised them in my last article, You Brought Change. I believe I was also asked if GPN could extend her Adopt a Rookie Program to DPP members who needed a mentor and my answer naturally was of course yes we would love to help out the DPP and some younger members. So who is really stabbing who now?

Then of course Im accused of replacing Kamp as the MoD with Aries. Lets look at the facts for this as well to instead of just accusations of people who are hurt.

Aries was my original choice for the MoD if I had won.
Joep was replaced as the MoFA.
Viglius was replaced as MoHA.

It wasn't just Kamp so please stop with all this your being singled out of everyone and picked on because that clearly wasn't the case. Kamp was invited to stay in the MoD team in a role better suited for the amount of time he has to play the game. Isn't funny how I was also accused of being upset that the DPP didn't support me but now they are upset that I replaced Kamp as MoD. Who is really upset here? I myself never sought the GPN bid for CP this round because I don't have the time, I picked up another class as well I asked not to be a Minister in the government because I won't have the time so Ill be stepping back until my school term is over and I have less classes again, something everyone should do if they know they don't have the time.

May I also add I offered Kamp a role in my government as well, I believe a ssMoD or ssMoFA if I am correct and he turned it down saying that he had offeres from Kim and that if she lost he would take a break, already hinting that he didn't have as much time as he needed to fulfill his duties as VCP and MoD.

So if your idea of evil and vile is that I replaced multiple Ministers in my government from people of all parties and not just one, well than I guess you can accuse me of it. If your idea of evil is me defending the very member you accuse me of throwing under the bus against the previous CP and EDEN, then I guess Im evil. If your idea of evil and vile is leaving the next government with a surplus of 110gold or roughly 30k,(enough to sign 3 extra MPP'S) something which I don't think any CP has done in a long time well then go ahead and point your fingers. All I ask of you is that next time you wish write about me (because lets face it it will happen a lot, I am a hot topic) that you please include all the the facts and all of the quotes before making a biased opinion. Sure your article wouldn't of had as much firepower to it but you would of at least been telling the truth.

I think your just a little hurt but thats okay, I was to when I came and seen an article made up of misinformation wrote about me so clap clap, I think they need a round of applause. I gotta give it to you all here's your applause, your gigs up, final curtain call.

Moral to the story,“At first, they'll only dislike what you say, but the more correct you start sounding the more they'll dislike you.” -Criss Jami

Kind Regards,

Joshua Morriseau
Party President



Zeeuwsmeisje Hari ke 1,900, 12:29

I hate to see articles like the one from PariahDog and the (necessary) defense by Joshua. Still voted, since we must stop the deep-rooted thinking in terms of the evil-others.

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Hari ke 1,900, 12:31

Don't be fooled by his treacherous lies, he is but an agent of darkness and the harbinger of doom! His vessel is the GPN and it will not stop until all of Netherlands is under its corrupt veil!


Reinier Claeszen
Reinier Claeszen Hari ke 1,900, 12:32

Voted. And hoping everyone will come to their sences! There is too much work to be done, and we all need to put our shoulders under it. The real enemy is out there, it'called the discusting pink!!!

Viglius Hari ke 1,900, 13:11

If you would have added the obvious good humour Pariahdog did add to his article, I might have approved of this. For now, defending yourself like this makes it look like you do see some truth in his baseless accusations.

In any way, the campaign has clearly started, and nothing seems to have changed at all. No suprise, I guess.

On a different note: technically, I have never been 'replaced' as MoHA, I simply resigned my position under your abomination of a predecessor, for obvious reasons. That you chose Zeeuwsmeisje to fill in an unfilled post is something entirely different from me being replaced by her.

Marnix Maximus
Marnix Maximus Hari ke 1,900, 13:17

''May I also add I offered Kamp a role in my government as well, I believe a ssMoD or ssMoFA if I am correct and he turned it down saying that he had offeres from Kim and that if she lost he would take a break, already hinting that he didn't have as much time as he needed to fulfill his duties as VCP and MoD.'' I quote the full sentence otherwise you will say I don't quote all. But I wanted to take a break, because I had enough of the dutch politic. Not that I haven't enough time.

@aries You play your role well 🙂

@reinier I have a dutch proverb I don't know the english version. ''Je ziet de splinter in andermans oog, maar niet de balk in je eigen oog.'' of zo iets.

Aries Prime
Aries Prime Hari ke 1,900, 13:45

Glad I am just acting because man that would be tough to keep up all day.

Kordak Hari ke 1,900, 14:10

We as party voted democraticly to support DemNL because their program was closer to us...

Alex the best123
Alex the best123 Hari ke 1,900, 15:08

@Kordak; I really are hoping that the hate and lies will stop here. I had never any troubles with members of your party. And now I am called a traitor and my work is called incompetent. That is not how I like to play this game, and if this goes on I will leave this country because then I see no future for me to be in here.
I wish you well, and hope you can stop this hatetred towards GPN.

RV93 Hari ke 1,900, 15:29

Again, during the debating of the MoNC, I decided to shut the MoNC down, for I did not believe in the rightfullness of the MoNC itself, anymore.. So, I had it shut down.

Why the hatred DPP?

PariahDog Hari ke 1,900, 17:28

Thank you for the applause, I am truly flattered. There is no hatred, though!

Kazziman Hari ke 1,901, 06:36

I already stopped reading when you said: 'lets look at the facts and what the DPP are upset about.'

Stop generalize and name the ones who said something you diddnt like!

Shtula Hari ke 1,901, 09:13

Obviously,I will candidate myself again.

ZenTex Hari ke 1,901, 09:48

Too much mud slinging going around lately, just let it rest and focus on more important matters please.
Accusations back and forth only hurt the country.

FrankieVB Hari ke 1,901, 12:17

I'm with Kazziman. I'm sick and tired of the continuous generalisations on ALL sides. If you have issues with a certain person or with the actions of a certain person (there is a distinction between the two that very few people seem able to make) then take it up with them and don't turn it onto a full-blown war between political or other parties.
I emigrated before because I couldn't stand it anymore and I'm tempted to leave again or even quit playing. As is, this is not a community I want to be part of.

Gwom Hari ke 1,901, 16:20

Not whole the DPP is behind the opinion of Pariahdog. He used the name of DPP without any permission. I agree with Kordak and FrankieVB. We must stop the generalizations!!

S.Killer Hari ke 1,902, 11:01

i still dont know what this is all about?

Who is telling the truth and who is telling lies?

I hope no one will vote (the people that not in a party) for a party just for a blockade ; )

ZenTex Hari ke 1,902, 12:12

I don't care who says what. Be nice, girls, and stop the slander.

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