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Clan Wolf welcomes the merger from the Crimson Order Party

Hari ke 1,842, 08:54 Diterbitkan di Canada Kanada oleh Oinyo

The Crimson Order has come forward and made it clear that they support Clan Wolf and would like to merge the 2 clans into one.

We welcome them into the clan and ask that they please start moving over their members after the elections 🙂

For the time being they will stay as a second Clan Wolf with our same logo to show their support and dedication to us as they slowly move over their members.

This is a big step forward and we can only see great things happen in the future.

Thank you

P.S This has no ties to the MU


TheBurningMan Hari ke 1,842, 09:22

It is a big step, but it should be good for you guys.

Muglack Hari ke 1,842, 09:47

I'm pretty sure it's a joke based on the Logo/Name stealing for the election.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Hari ke 1,842, 10:41

This is either oinyo being sarcastic... or duped. This is election lulz. Kinda lame really. But I guess it's all you get when SoA decides to take an election off.

I-Bleed-Blue-93 Hari ke 1,842, 10:52

haha, SoA on vacation? I don't know...the day is still young 😛

Oinyo Hari ke 1,842, 10:56

A little bit of both Quimbie.. I would be pretty disappointing if they were just doing this for some sick lulz.. I am still hoping some of them hop on over to the real Clan Wolf.

usually when a clan takes on another clans name and flag it indicates they want to merge, be a sister clan or join the 2 clans. It is a sign of great respect and admiration and shows they want to send out a sign that they wear our flag proudly looking to join us.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Hari ke 1,842, 11:53

Um, not in eRep, when a party changes their name on election day, it's lulz. This is not a sign of respect bud, sorry.

Oinyo Hari ke 1,842, 12:11

Ha ha no worries Quimbie 🙂 You know me well enough to know I usually expect the best from people and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Looks like once again I have been made a fool of 😛

Oh well. this disgusts and saddens me. At the very least I can take away from this that we have been given exposure.

I really do hate lulz.. It weakens the country so damn much when people play these childish pointless mind games.

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Hari ke 1,842, 12:14

The Crimson Order only plays a bit part in eCan politics, I wouldn't be too chafed by their shenanigans. As for lulz, meh, a break in the monotony is all.

Oinyo Hari ke 1,842, 13:20

True. Things would get boring if we ran like a well oiled machine lol.

Auk Rest
Auk Rest Hari ke 1,842, 14:58

I'm not sure why they would do it, maybe an experiment to see if they can pull an EPIC akin to Christian Doe?

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Hari ke 1,842, 15:13

Has anyone asked aformofclosure? He's the dude with the authority to change the party name.

Oinyo Hari ke 1,842, 16:11

Quimbie. After I sent him a mail he sent me this back.

It's an honor for me to lead the Wolf community.
Hope someday your party could join us and be part of this
community of hungry wolfs.
Tnx again.😃


Homer J Simpson
Homer J Simpson Hari ke 1,842, 16:24

I think you should clarify in your article that it's just the Crimson Order Party, which has no official ties to the MU.

Just saying

aformofclosure Hari ke 1,842, 17:02

Don't be angry Kevin. 😉

You are welcome 😃

Quim B. Muffins
Quim B. Muffins Hari ke 1,842, 17:15

HA! Shenanigans.

Plugson Hari ke 1,842, 19:31

And let's say Crimson Order Party did merge with Clan Wolf ~ would that mean some kind of political development in eCanada?

Politics in this country is similar to joining someone's Facebook group. You suddenly make a lot of new friends that you can chat with and vote up each other's comments. That is a good thing. Yet, perhaps there could be more. I suppose being friends is good for those playing the game for social reasons.

Oinyo Hari ke 1,843, 07:16

Looks pity. They are back to their old name. Looks like I owe Quimbie another beer...
I updated the form Homer to reflect the clan and not the MU 🙂

Well then.. Guess this little bit of excitement is over for now..

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