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Candor: A thanks to staff and Patriots

Hari ke 1,906, 10:00 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Candor


No way! I’m having too much fun. And the folks I pulled in to this mad journey with me are having too much fun as well.

Leaders lead from the front. They goad us, cajole us, prod us, bribe us, provide us vision. Anything to get others to follow them onto the road less traveled. Into the fog of the yet unknown, risk takers every one of them.

And my campaign pulled together a diverse group of leaders and risk takers. But all folks who know that we play eRepublik for the community, each other, and for fun.

Well established people, with long histories and reputations like the guys who agreed to lead the nation’s security team: Deificus, Dennis McVicker, Andy Dufresne. Guys who needed no further accolades in their careers, who have all done their part for the nation in years previous. People with nothing to prove.

The national security team stepped up because they saw the vision, and they needed no one’s approval to lead yet one more time.

And people like Tiamati, an economist, who leaped with 110% dedication into reviewing all things related to budgets, production, efficiency, and somehow found the time build an entirely new forum with depth and security for the Executive to use if necessary, and the community to use, if desired. There aren’t enough thanks that can be bestowed on Tiamati for his service and hard work. He is an American Patriot.

People like Av khan, who became the CoS on almost day one of the campaign, and spent long days there after organizing documents and rosters, irc rooms and security protocals. The Vanek26 of the next generation. If people aren’t knocking down this guys door with job offers in game, they’re missing out on a serious national asset.

And one further word on Av Khan: A President, any serious leader for that matter, needs at least one person they trust entirely. I have a few such people in game, and recommend all players develop at least one such wing-man relationship. Av Khan is and always will be that guy for me. Someone I trust entirely. If he commits to being your friend, count yourself among the lucky.

And while we’re on trustworthy people and friends, I count Max McFarland among those I trust in a similar though slightly different way. If there is one single person in this nation who is above the politics of the day, a person who is able to strategically look a long ways into the nations future, as well as asses the issues in this day, it’s Max.

Max is looking out for this nation like no one else on our team. I don’t know how else to say it. Max is the Puzzle Master. I’m glad I have Max to bounce ideas off of and to share my own long term vision with, his advice and feedback is invaluable. Never, ever underestimate Max. He’s the nation’s God Father, and we’re blessed to have him.

And Bia. Bia doesn’t really trust anyone much, but I count her among my close friends all the same. Bia is the nations little voice in the back of our collective minds, always looking for the angles, always doubting the 100% truth of what she sees and hears. We can count on Bia to express those concerns as a team. And it’s why Bia was the perfect person to spai on the Executive and release information that you had the right and need to know. I’m only sorry that it won’t be this term. Bia is a hoot. She’s not always right with her conspiracy stuff from where I sit, but there’s usually at least a grain of insight in her musings. God bless Bia, another American Patriot.

Our State team was led by John Francis Wilander and an enthusiastic group of international Ambassadors. These guys saw my vision for the department and were willing to go out around the world and really engage. State is a tool of the Executive for international relationships as well as basic intelligence. I spoke with a dozen of John’s staff over the course of the campaign and was looking forward to working with these guys. They didn’t need to share my vision of the nation, though I’m sure some did. They were prepared to do their jobs representing a nation and team, not an Executive in particular. This was a State Department that was going to operate as a State Department should, involved and proactive, working hard to develop personal friendships in nations near and far, small and large.

Kudo’s to these men and women. It would behoove John Killah to keep these guys on. They weren’t Candor men, they were men for the team.

A special thank you to John himself though. He put in many, many hours organizing this group. He’s another national asset that people should be throwing job offers at.

A few lose ends due thanks and notice.

Haliman. A personal friend and someone whom I enjoy years of history. As PP of the AMP, Haliman was in a difficult position with regards to my candidacy and the Unity ticket. I let Haliman know that I understood this difficulty and wouldn’t expect him to support my campaign or Administration. Haliman replied that the nation was perfectly safe with either outcome, and that he would be honored to hold a place as an Advisor in my Administration (a spot that is automatically open to Haliman in any leadership role I hold). Kudo’s to my friend. He was never coward by vitriol.

Equally Publius, a man I respect. We aren’t close, but I have watched his behavior over the years I’ve played. And though he get’s lumped with the horrible elitists, Publius is an honorable guy who isn’t nearly as serious as people assume him to be. He makes a conscious effort to play with a moral and ethical compass rare amongst players. It’s from that that Publius has the nations respect, not from a storied resume. He’s trustworthy.

I early asked him to be on my staff, and he early on accepted. His views are views that should never be discounted off hand, regardless of the subject.

Joseph Dinero. He got shuffled and shafted while putting together my team, but he chose to stick around all the same. JD is nobody’s patsy and a national leader with an independent streak. And most certainly that is something I admire greatly. I had hoped to work with JD in establishing a permanent system for 6th party representation in the Executive, as well as give him voice at the national table establishing and maintaining our international strategies. Thank you JD for standing with me.

Pop George, the crazy loon, is our national Troll Czar. And a good friend. He trolls me as much as anyone else. But George and I go back along time now, and I value his friendship. Thanks for coming along for the ride George.

Josh was going to help run the media, never got the chance. Thanks Josh. Gnilraps even offered to help out with media, and respect goes his way as well considering the mixed staff on my team and his prior work with ATO. Sure he was interested in seeing how all this functioned of course, but he would have done his part and earned his keep and without causing any problems, I had faith in that. Another time Gnil.

New Faustian Man has an MU streamlining plan which he’s worked hard on, and I was looking forward to his work on the Eco Team, and a large and dirty debate on the floor of Congress I expect. But honestly, our current system of MU’s isn’t very efficient; some national discussion could be had without a doubt. Even if NFM’s plan didn’t pan out, the debate would have left everyone in a better place for pointing out the problems and offering alternatives. Thanks for the time you put in NFM.

Viarizi. The most involved of the few guys from the AFA on our team. Now this will come as a surprise to most of you reading this, but the AFA did not request any particular place in my Adminisration. However, as they knew, it was my goal to incorporate some AFA people on the staff, as I did with people from parties all over the nation. Viarizi and I have actually become friends over the last couple of months. Frankly, I would have seriously considered him for any post he had an interest in.

But you know what Viarizi said he wanted to do? Get this: Viarizi wanted to deal with newbs. As Rainy’s assistant, he was going to be Deputy Secretary of the Interior. He wanted to be part of the welcoming committee, hand out food and what not along side GOTJ. And he wanted to recruit players from around the world to join out team, something he does anyway in his role as AFA PP.

He could have asked for any role, and he asks to work in Interior? Viarizi is a guy to know. Treat him with respect, and he’ll treat you with respect. He’s playing for this team, and I’m glad to have him. Bro fist to Viarizi. I hope to work with you further in our shared vision for a stronger Team America.

Which reminds me, thank you to my friend Rainy Sunday for agreeing to stay on as Secretary of the Interior. Rainy is another player who, if you treat her with respect, she’ll always treat you with respect. And she’s someone who has the capacity to look at the big picture and puzzle as well. I’ve no idea how much of what I say Rainy agrees with on any given day, but Rainy is also someone I trust personally and with regards to the nation. She is always worth paying attention to and always has something to add to any discussion.

Cyber Witch. CW can’t be part of any political team, and wasn’t part of mine. But she’s a really neat person who believes in community and fun above all else. We often discuss the nation in general, and our shared vision of a place people want to be and enjoy logging into to spend time. She’s perhaps the most down to earth player around, in my opinion. She’s just a genuinely decent person. One day, maybe CW and I will share a hike in the Colorado Rockies 😉

Shout out to Glove, who will always hold a seat at any table I set. He knows we're playing a game, and no one will ever tell him how to think. Friend him if you haven't and listen when he has something to say.

Emerick, you bitch. Never showed up, but I expect you would have eventually. Another guy who knows we're playing a game. Those who don't appreciate Emerick are missing the point: He's an artist, and one of the best I've ever known. An Urban poet. And probably the best Puzzle Master's this game has ever seen, when he was playing.

And a shout out to Zoli. He never showed up either and is therefor a girly man. But he has my endorsement for POTUS next month all the same, and before he gets labled a Pfeiffer man. He isn't, as hard as both sides will make him out to be. But he'll be a lot of fun, without a doubt.

And my wing man in The NoS Party, Stylez of Roman, and all The NoS: No one knows how to play like a NoS. We goof around because we know it's all pretend and we're here to have a good time. And we do!

Wrap up thoughts wrt fingerguns.

FG and I have an odd relationship. We're both stubborn as mules. But I gotta say it, I was impressed with her month in office. She didn't focus on the things that I would have focused on of course, but that isn't the measure of a leader, valuing what I necessarily value. A leader makes choices, after considering many options. And then they take the rap and defend those choices. FG has stood up, front and center, and did a whole lot of defending in the last 10 days or so. And she didn't have to, almost no President does that. That earned a lot of respect. And if you pay attention you'd know how few Presidents ever bother stepping up and explaining/defending what they've done. Whether or not you agree with her choices is irrelevant.

FG is a leader.

Lastly, nice campaign John Killah, you kept it clean and that was appreciated. I have more confidence in your capacity to do great things than it appears you do. But it's up to you. Be your own man, make your own choices. I always support my President.

Man if I forgot you, speak up and apologies. It was a busy two weeks!

Where do we go from here? Well I think we can all agree no one wants to hear anything more today, lol. But our journey is only starting. I’m not going anywhere, and neither are you. We’ve a long journey ahead, and this was only one battle of the larger war. And regardless of how it seems, we didn’t lose the battle. We planted a seed.

I’ll talk more about what’s next in a few days.

Thanks guys for being friends and national leaders, each of you.

Best Regards,


Seriously? Pfeiffer for CIA? This just went from bad government to silly government. Just how much more divisive are they looking for exactly?

Oh my.



Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Hari ke 1,906, 10:28

Thankfully, the British have saved us from our bonuses.

BugsBunnyz Hari ke 1,906, 10:41

Viarizi is as crazy as Ajay... you know that right?

Waruda Hari ke 1,906, 10:42

(~_^) voted

Animis Hari ke 1,906, 10:45

Candor, you always have my respect. I have always enjoyed all of our interactions.

Thanks from one of the 10 real chicks playing the game, Animis!

Syz2 Hari ke 1,906, 10:52

Great article! Voted

@AR Viarzi is crazy, but at least not make fake parties to cheat in elections crazy.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,906, 10:55


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Hari ke 1,906, 10:55

Animis is a bloke, don't believe his lies!

Great article Candor. And how did that team not get elected!?

Our journey is only starting o7

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,906, 10:59

Don't forget the Russians George....

K1tho Hari ke 1,906, 11:00

vote for candor

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Hari ke 1,906, 11:02


Tiamati Hari ke 1,906, 11:12

I am honored to have been part of such a dedicated and determined team, thank you yet again for this opportunity Candor along with your excellent summary of the Campaign from your perspective in the hotseat.

I am pleased to also state the forum of which you spoke is currently being retweaked and will be publicly unveiled in the near future...

Mister Y
Mister Y Hari ke 1,906, 11:14

Nice attempt.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 1,906, 11:34

Thankfully, the British have saved us from our bonuses. x2 lol

Good guy Candor!

@NFM her*

Stef40 Hari ke 1,906, 11:42


Viarizi Hari ke 1,906, 12:02

.....geeeeeez I blushed! Helping is just in my nature. It was a nice effort though... maybe next time we can all work together as eAmericans.

- You know you're an asshole right?

nuno258 Hari ke 1,906, 12:18

every1 knows viarizi is crazy but he kick ***
what would be the world without crazy people


rainy sunday
rainy sunday Hari ke 1,906, 12:34



I like dive bars

and I believe Viarizi is vilified because he poses a threat...

because he's



Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Hari ke 1,906, 16:10

LOL I wish I was wrong more often, Darlin. I thank you for your faith in me for that position. I think it was a great idea and I hope to see it realized in the future.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Hari ke 1,906, 16:38

Candor, you will make a great President one day, just stick with it. 😁

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Hari ke 1,906, 16:38

^ _ ^

Deificus Hari ke 1,906, 16:40

Would've been an interesting month, that's for sure. But you know something... I've a feeling it was going to be an interesting month either way. No matter how much the game gets dumbed down for mass consumption and eventual rejection, it's the people playing that make this game what it is... either candidate's administration would've led this country down an invariably unique road with it's own twists and turns.

I say just sit back and enjoy the ride.

SColbert Hari ke 1,906, 18:41

I would have liked to have seen your month as CP. Good luck going forward!

Dell Fargus
Dell Fargus Hari ke 1,906, 19:15

Most gracious concession. There's no substitute for class.

SilentSurfer Hari ke 1,906, 20:15

oh the day has come to say that phrase .. how was it ..

ahh yeah TLDR ..

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Hari ke 1,906, 20:35

close to one of the worst things I've ever read

SinaAria Hari ke 1,906, 23:06

Stick with it dude, you`ll get into that office soon.

Goran L
Goran L Hari ke 1,906, 23:06

v for Cartman!

stylez of roman
stylez of roman Hari ke 1,907, 00:37

Candor 4 Prez! Never forget this is a game and not life! MAKE IT FUN FOR ALL!!

Animis Hari ke 1,907, 02:37

New Faustian Man, you are so jelly...... BLOKE!!! hahaha

Belisarus Hari ke 1,907, 03:04

Great work Candor, you have my vote & support. Hope to see you running for POTUS next month! I bet you would got much more votes, even won, if the elections were totally free, without this unity tyranny.

av khan
av khan Hari ke 1,907, 03:11

Thank you very much, Candor for such kind words.

Shame you weren't elected but it was fun and as you said, the world didn't end on these elections.

Cyber Witch
Cyber Witch Hari ke 1,907, 05:08

This game needs more fun, a lot more. (and milkduds too)
You bring the gps. I'll pack the lunch. 😃

Diggs Hari ke 1,907, 05:46

Real issues addressed without personal attacks, how refreshing!

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Hari ke 1,907, 09:24

Honest and well written. I think the AFA still has work to do to prove it is what it says it is... With that said, I do believe you running has moderated some of the divisiveness in the country. The campaign was very clean (one of the cleanest I have seen in a long time) and as a common citizen I appreciate that from both sides. I hear the wind... And it whispers that change is coming...

John Wilander
John Wilander Hari ke 1,907, 15:49

Thanks Candor o/ call me up if you ever need a DoAA you should have won but there's always next month right. Good luck in your future journeys lol.


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