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Betrayal by Brazil?

Hari ke 2,133, 16:15 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

My fellow Americans,

Mere moments ago, our supposed ‘greatest ally’, Brazil proposed a MPP with Spain.

It’s no secret that the United States has had a lukewarm relationship with Spain in the past year. They’ve been the least terrible of all the TWO nations. Admittedly, that’s not saying a lot. But up until recently, they had stayed out of TWO’s massive invasion of the United States.

Now however, we are at war with Spain. And to see Brazil do something this low, and cowardly is a true punch in the stomach.

Why this stings so much

Brazil did a lot for us.

They sent us ATO voters even while their own country was under the threat of a Romanian PTO. They went out on a limb with us when Terra was formed. It took a lot for them to do that, just like it did for us. They held communes for us, after we lost our bonuses, just as we had held communes for them during our Golden Age.

Brazil and the United States had a bromance that was born out of our mutual struggles. Following the collapse of Terra and CTRL, both nations needed a home but neither of us wanted to join EDEN. So we resolved to stand together. On our own against ONE. We would do everything that we could for each other, not just because we had to, but because we wanted to.

Our bromance was a real one. It wasn’t a foreign policy stunt.

I was the Secretary of State that helped draw up the United States’ first Bromance Pact.
306 days ago, on Day 1872 President Cerb and President RegisAJR signed the bropact, permanently and publicly cementing our love and respect for each other.

The United States destroyed our relationship with other countries in order to stand by Brazil. We supported their foolhardy attempt to attack China, even though we knew that doing so would forever ruin any chance we might have of wooing China.

It was a huge risk for us, but we did it willingly. That’s how much we cared about Brazil and how much we we were willing to sacrifice for them.

So how did we get here?
There has always been an internal struggle within Brazil. A strong push to return to the days of Phoenix and PEACE when Brazil was allied with Serbia and Hungary.

It is similar to the internal dynamics of the United States. The major difference being that both sides have political power and extensive foreign policy contacts, and of course that no one in the USA wants to ally Serbia.

This leads to shifts in Brazilian foreign policy on a monthly basis, making them a difficult country to rely on. And it leads to the United States supporting Brazilian plans that we know are foolish (ie: trying to invade China).

All of this fickleness has meant that our once powerful bromance has been losing it’s importance to us. At a certain point, it gets tiring trying to continually appease an ally that may not be worth your time. Add in the rise of our friendships in Circle of Trust and continually following Brazil from one silly initiative to the next just isn’t worth it anymore.

When we had no one else, we spent a lot of time trying to keep Brazil from allying Poland or Spain or Serbia. But our focus has been elsewhere of late, and this lapse in attention has meant that Brazil has looked elsewhere for damage.

Where do we go from here?

After everything we’ve been through with Brazil, this stings a lot. All of the sacrifices we’ve made and all that we’ve given up is being tossed away.

But all is not lost. We still have friends in Brazil, and there are still people that I am proud to call not just my ally but my friend as well. The strongest military unit in Brazil, C.A.T. Brasil is still considered to be an ally of the United States. We will continue to support them, and know that they will continue to fight the good fight in a nation gone astray.

I am still holding out hope that the Brazilian Congress will come to their senses and vote this law down. There is still almost 22 hours left, and many votes outstanding.

This relationship can still be saved. Years of friendship does not go down the drain just because of one MPP.

I am extending the olive branch, and willing to double down on our relationship with Brazil, if they are willing to step back from the ledge.

Here’s hoping.


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C H I N G U Hari ke 2,133, 16:16


totMarius Hari ke 2,134, 14:55

"...our supposed ‘greatest ally’, Brazil proposed a MPP with Spain."

no this is impossible i can;t believe , Brasil never do this
__ ironic mod OFF

o7 CAT my friends from Brasil

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Hari ke 2,133, 16:17


Tenshibo Hari ke 2,133, 16:17

Voted for a bromance.

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Hari ke 2,133, 16:18


Josh Frost
Josh Frost Hari ke 2,133, 16:19

Brazil has been our friend since TERRA. I hope they remember how much we have done for each other.

El Manolito
El Manolito Hari ke 2,133, 16:21


Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Hari ke 2,133, 16:22



M. de Ruyter
M. de Ruyter Hari ke 2,133, 16:22

You own "how did we get there" shows this won't be mend so easy. Good luck anyway!

Lapraksi Hari ke 2,133, 16:23

Hail USA!
Hail CAT!

Napalm Norm
Napalm Norm Hari ke 2,133, 16:23

Yea was really surprised to see that MPP earlier. Lets hope they realize they are making a mistake.

NueveOcho Hari ke 2,133, 16:24

Just when I though CoT couldn't fail any harder xD

MAO CAT Hari ke 2,133, 16:24

Hail USA!
Hail CAT!

Subcomandante Marighella
Subcomandante Marighella Hari ke 2,133, 16:25

HAIL CAT! !!!!

EddieJoe Hari ke 2,133, 16:27

Well, I'm embarrassed of this decision.

Hail USA.

Aladrak Hari ke 2,133, 16:28

SBROZIL my friends 😛

XenthuS Hari ke 2,133, 16:29

hahahahahahaha xD

So patetic hahahaha

Master Saita Norgan
Master Saita Norgan Hari ke 2,133, 19:58

Learn English if you want to speak it! Pathetic is how you say it i have no idea what the heck is patetic lol

Levi Mikhailov
Levi Mikhailov Hari ke 2,133, 16:29

HAIL SERBIA!! No, wait...

Critico Hari ke 2,133, 16:30

HAIL CAT! !!!!

Minino. Hari ke 2,133, 16:30

The USA ,a country which is fighting against Spain and not helping Brazil in its RWs, talking about betrayal.

Sounds legit :Miaufacepalm:

Tenshibo Hari ke 2,133, 16:31

Nicka, you drunk? :3

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 2,133, 16:33


CatBea Hari ke 2,133, 16:45

nope he's high...xDDD

potato134 Hari ke 2,133, 16:32

You're the one who decided to NE the USA and Mexico and not help Brazil 🙁
With allies like you why does Brazil need enemies 🙁

Olorum Hari ke 2,133, 16:34

Spain has helped us a lot, meanwhile at CoT HQ...

XenthuS Hari ke 2,133, 16:37

We have been helping Brazil even when our alliance forbade us to do that... and which CAT fighting agaisnt us all this time. 😃

Minino. Hari ke 2,133, 16:38

If you attack Poland, you're attacking Spain too. So it happened with both Mexico and the USA.

Brazil helped Spain in Guayana, being that the reason why today many Spaniards assisted Brazil. However, it seems the USA was having some tacos with Mexico: you know, talking about how to attack Spain without being affected in the long-term.

Btw, Spain stayed out of the first invasion to the USA. They respected Brazil's stance, but you just cant play with Spoland twice. Moreover, with this MPP, Brazil's position towards Spain is pretty clear....

Romper Hari ke 2,133, 16:44

When did Mexico attack Loland?

Romper Hari ke 2,133, 16:45

and while at it, who attacked who, USA Loland or maybe vice versa? Spaniards sinking lower and lower...

Minino. Hari ke 2,133, 16:46

They were about to do so, Romper. They NEed Poland 🙂 It was not a direct attack, just in case you want me to tell ya you're right xD

csc11 Hari ke 2,133, 17:25

"They were about to do so, Romper. They NEed Poland 🙂 It was not a direct attack, just in case you want me to tell ya you're right xD" Iraq version 2?

Dio Pumba
Dio Pumba Hari ke 2,133, 16:37


Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Hari ke 2,133, 16:31


I dont know anything about CAT. They do not like Spain/Poland and they also do not like the COT. They are pró-EDEN.

Publicly supporting CAT wont help get better relationship with the other part of the country.

Critico Hari ke 2,133, 16:35

You Lose Judas!

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Hari ke 2,133, 16:40

Nem tenho nada a perder mas não sei se ajudou na possibilidade de retomar os laços com o Brasil.

Critico Hari ke 2,133, 16:43

Os laços de quem eles querem ao lado não incluem o seu grupo, que venderiam a mãe pela simples regra do menor esforço.

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Hari ke 2,133, 16:55

Claro, só inclui o CAT. rsrs

Quero ver quando eles descobrirem que você não ligam nem um pouco pela COT.

oDdkID Hari ke 2,133, 16:31

Shit happens.

Olorum Hari ke 2,133, 16:33

I have not seen USA in recent months, where were you?

Fighting for who?

Marcellus Bracara
Marcellus Bracara Hari ke 2,133, 16:37

Alabania. oh Albania lol

Critico Hari ke 2,133, 16:37

Fighting against 4 countries... for example!

Bucephalus92 Hari ke 2,133, 16:53

We were invaded by seven nations at the same time.

CatBea Hari ke 2,133, 16:53

well if one of your two neurons wasn't broken you would be able to see they were fighting against ePoland, eHungary, eSerbia....duh??!!!

take your meds

Lord MdMG
Lord MdMG Hari ke 2,134, 14:56

USA was fighting against the whole TWO (7 countries attack them, the 2 most powerfull countries in eR were in the list), while Brazil was enjoying full bonus and fighting... South Africa...think about it.

And still in this situation, USA manage to reduce the invaders to only Poland, and free South Korea, Mexico and Russia from their invaders, while supporting other CoT members in their campaings.

You would like to think that while Brazil is wiped by Argentina, Spain shares borders with they...and they decided to go in a nonsense war against USA, instead of being fully free to help you in your RWs.

ketoner Hari ke 2,133, 16:37

Where was USA when Brazil got swept? And while it still is? Nice ally there

\o/ Hail Brusahahaha \o/

Kongha CAT
Kongha CAT Hari ke 2,133, 16:53

they was fighting against spaniard mommy Poland and dad SerbHun

teXou Hari ke 2,133, 16:39

Hail USA!
Hail CAT!


Yluss Hari ke 2,133, 16:40

I am in for our brotherhood, and we can expect many to show it!

Hail USA, Hail BROZIL and Hail CAT!

Claudio Torch
Claudio Torch Hari ke 2,133, 16:46


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