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Aquitaine.. Giant Success or Gov Oops?

Hari ke 1,999, 11:22 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh stewy

Aquitaine was fun wasn't it? I mean, striking at those evil Serbs always puts a smile onto my face. According to the Gov's own paper, "In total, we freed 7 regions, cut off 1 resource, and enabled eAlbania to escape from the "Balkan Cage."" Not bad for a Thursday afternoon indeed. However, I can't help but wonder, just where did it all go wrong. Well, if you're anything like me, you started poking around. Grab a little piece of info here, a little there, and soon you start getting a picture to come together. Now, I can't release names that only talked to me under the condition of anonymity, but parts of what I found out were just mind blowing to me, so I'll let it out and see what kind of responses I get from those more in the know than I.

The plan, the Pics, the Analysis:

I. Setting things in motion
The plan for Aquitaine in itself was fairly simple. Now, to be sure, no plan is ever as simple as it looks on paper, but any plan where the end result comes out as "achieved" is viewed as a success 98% of the time. Seeing as AIM knew about it ahead of time, they obviously got the info from the Gov who was after it's cooperation.

From my viewpoint, I'd say it was a good move by both sides to try and work together. Think of all the possible things that can be accomplished when you bring into the loop a few groups that have been away from any gov relationship for a long time. Unfortunately, as with any new relationship, there's bound to be some bumps in the road.

I must say, I do find this second pic interesting. The Gov goes out of it's way to harp on the fact that there has to be communication between AIM and the Gov in different forums and articles, yet fails to actually let anyone know they bothered to put the plans into motion. Huh.. Bad AIM, y u no pay attn moar?!?

II. Execution
Well now.. the RW has well and truly started, and things are underway. Our current POTUS comes rearing out of the gate heading the early charge and dropping 100M+ in the opening rounds. AIM recovers from the sudden starting time and get's in gear as well, meeting up with other patriotic 'Muricans and allies on the battlefields. Things are tight for awhile, but with combined efforts of many, the resistance pulls ahead and seals the deal. A blow has been dealt, and Serbia has lost a weapon bonus region. Awww Yeah. Now we can go in, attack France, grab Aquitaine for the weapon bonus, and the added bonus of pissing off Serbia without physically attacking them directly. Excuse me while I do a little dance of joy real quick.

Awesome, now we're just a button push away from executing a perfect plan. Hmm, anytime now.... Heh, probably just savoring the victory for a few mins right?..... Surely the Gov will push that NE (Natural Enemy) button in just a sec... anddddd, then this:
Of course they would "beat" us to the NE, we gave them plenty of time to do it after all. The question that comes to my mind, is what the hell was the Gov doing?

III. The NE (Natural Enemy) Proposal

It appears there was some stalling on putting out the NE.. why? Well, it would seem that the Gov was having some concerns or worries over the Croatian and Albanian MPP's that would be lost should we NE France. While waiting for that aspect to get resolved, the Serbs beat us to the NE by 6? hrs. Now, I understand not wanting to lose a mpp, but what purpose did it serve to begin the RW in the first place if you didn't have things in place?
Just before the NE was finally put up, Congress was given a quick heads up with the condition of not passing the NE if the rw in Midi-Pyrenees failed. Why the condition attached? Well, since the Serbs had the first NE on France, if the 2nd rw failed, it was pretty obvious that the Serbs would take Aquitaine back, and we would be left attacking the wrong side of France from what was intended. Ofc Congress being Congress, and having been conditioned for a long time to auto-approve a NE set by a POTUS, passed the NE without looking at the attached conditions first. With the Serbs about to win handily in Aquitaine and retake the region, they will close their war with France. The eUS on the other hand, is looking at possibly wasting energy in an attack on the wrong side of France with Poland between the eUS and Serbia.

I can't help but feel disappointed at the moment by the turn of events. There is however a silver lining.. should a successful attempt be made to again RW Aquitaine back to France, the eUS would be right back in the drivers seat with an active war against France, whereas Serbia would be on the outside looking in and scrambling to get a NE repassed while trying to stall the US from taking Aquitaine by fighting for France. The next few days will certainly be interesting in that region.

Also, be sure to check out POTUS Artela's article on the subject here.



Ruthain Hari ke 1,999, 11:37

Hmmmmmm hats off to our enlightened leaders.

Lorcema Hari ke 2,000, 08:24

Komentar dihapus

Derphoof Hari ke 1,999, 11:42

Even with the major derpitude on the part of the government, the fact that it could still work out in the end is highly amusing

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 11:45

yeah, anythings possible.. if it does, i'm buying a lotto ticket ^.^

Deepchill Hari ke 1,999, 11:55

Yeah, sucks. Disappointed also.

Cubby Hari ke 1,999, 12:10

Maybe this is like a pinata—hit it enough and eventually the goodies will fall out no matter how shitty your AIM is. (NB4 bad pun is used by another commenter)

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 12:16

i lol'd 🙂

Deepchill Hari ke 1,999, 12:20

That is funny.

Simulare Hari ke 1,999, 12:50

What do you expect from an administration made of people who aren't qualified to roll a burrito at Taco Bell?

redbirdusa Hari ke 1,999, 13:20

Well said.

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Hari ke 1,999, 13:39

Insightful and analytical. Nice to see some people think about things.

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 20:29

thx frost o/

Josh Frost
Josh Frost Hari ke 1,999, 20:31


crashthompson. Hari ke 1,999, 13:40

Good article stewy!

And now for the government, ill say hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......

Dogpyle Hari ke 1,999, 13:46

The government can suck my neutered balls.

pop George
pop George Hari ke 1,999, 14:07

v + s

sounds like eUS government wants the slogan you made for the AFA???

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 14:16


Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Hari ke 1,999, 14:20

I shouted the article

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 14:31

ty o/

Gnilraps Hari ke 1,999, 16:53

I accept Artela's apology.

Even so, this was damned good journalism.

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 20:30

ty, appreciate that gnil

Kortanul Hari ke 1,999, 18:11

I was quite confused by the lack of an immediate NE--I assumed that was the whole point of the fight

Clydeo Hari ke 1,999, 18:13

Why didn't they propose it then you have 23 hrs. to decide what to do

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Hari ke 1,999, 19:17

If Pfiffers not online, which is REALLY odd htat he is not, then you the govt wont start the NE vote yet until he says so, and it you are in congress and ou do something wihtout his say so, well, then.......

pop George
pop George Hari ke 1,999, 19:25

so all the wise guys let this happen because....

that is right let someone else fail so they can get elected and mess things up so bad the next few don;t have a chance and around we go....

entertaining for enough for how many months how?

fingerguns Hari ke 1,999, 19:41

Good article. Us regular folks like hearing how it all works.

Thanks for posting!

stewy Hari ke 1,999, 20:31

i finally get the comment, thx for splainin it to me on irc xD
thx for reading lol

Candor Hari ke 1,999, 22:17

Ya, us regular folks, lol.

DMV3 Hari ke 1,999, 19:51

Great article bud.

Candor Hari ke 1,999, 22:17

Great media.

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Hari ke 2,000, 02:49

Fail. of course

Sindh v.2

Policija Srbije
Policija Srbije Hari ke 2,000, 03:04

electrolover Hari ke 2,000, 03:33

"evil Serbs". LOL

Alorio Hari ke 2,000, 04:09

It is so called Sindh syndrome

LordRahl2 Hari ke 2,000, 04:26

Good article man. Thanks.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 2,000, 04:29

good article 🙂

Top Channel 8
Top Channel 8 Hari ke 2,000, 04:30

For Albania USA is prority No. 1. We do respect our allies and keep our friendship. However, for Albania USA is our second homeland so we have to support and be with them at any circumctances.

Miha777 Hari ke 2,000, 04:39

albania second homeland AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA, i bet u didn't know where albania is until they brought it up in the game

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Hari ke 2,000, 05:15

Second homeland is not India?

Top Channel 8
Top Channel 8 Hari ke 2,000, 04:44

Smart ass just walk and be quite. Did anyone asked yr opinion.

Lemon Vodka
Lemon Vodka Hari ke 2,000, 05:27

Good job bud.

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Hari ke 2,000, 05:28

Excellent analysis, good balance of explanation of holding back secret/anonymous information, and good form wrt linking Artela's article and your comments after she released it.

You should write more. Now that US-AIM is going to be involved in more planned military actions with the government like this, it would be a solid benefit to have one or more people in the AIM leadership group writing articles to analyze and explain the strategy and tactics of various actions moving forward.

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Hari ke 2,000, 06:40

Stewy is sexy.

stewy Hari ke 2,000, 20:36

< 3

Fitisin Hari ke 2,000, 06:46

Good article - I'm pretty sure you mean "roaring out of the gate." not "rearing out of the gate" 😃

stewy Hari ke 2,000, 15:21

Actually I was going for visual like a general or king's horse that rears up and takes off to start an assualt in the movies

Victor Manikin Hari ke 2,000, 07:30

Komentar dihapus

Victor Manikin Hari ke 2,000, 07:30

Komentar dihapus

Minino. Hari ke 2,000, 10:10


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