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Hari ke 2,437, 06:54 Diterbitkan di Greece Yunani oleh Epimitheis

As we all know, CYPRUS WROTE HISTORY during their successful Air Strike against Hungary!!!

The successful airstrike of a small country with a population of less than 250 players and only 7 mpps against a strong erep country like Hungary with 20 mpps has never happened before.
More than this, small countries wouldn’t even THINK to attempt something like this even in their wildest dreams !!

Entire groups of Terroristas (like Myrmidons, Spar7ans and Gama) participated in this suicide mission. The whole plan was in conjunction and direct continuation of the Saudi Arabian war (Turkey-Cyprus versus Hungary).

But let’s take things from the beginning, so we will begin by making this statement !!

Eastern Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are in the sphere of influence of Turkey and Cyprus!!

This arrangement has been agreed to long ago between the participating countries and The High Priest of eRep. There is nothing in this eWorld that could now change this agreement.

The ONLY reason that Hungary landed in the Middle East was to produce tension and finally conflict between Greece and Turkey, something that we, as Terroristas, couldn’t allow.

In other words, Hungary has been USED by the HQ of their Alliance which acted under the secret guidance of the multiple account congress junta of eGreece. Investigate into this yourselves and you will see the truth.

Now a few words about Hungary’s strategy and battle management. In the Saudi Arabian war your Minister Of Defence proved incompetent !!
With Cyprus approaching and after the intervention of Turkey your strategic movements were childish. It was understandable that you wanted to liberate Sharjah in order to isolate Ajman.
This was NOT the best strategic plan, BUT it was understandable.
But for the love of God WHY did you spend so much effort and such HUGE amounts of damage to keep Ajman when the resistance started there ???

After your failure to start a resistance in Sharjah (ask yourselves why), Ajman was USELESS. Even a freshman MoD would understand that after the RW opened your ONLY hope was to send your forces to the battle of Cyprus (using your mpp’s to win a battle instead of fighting with mobiles to win a rw), win the battle, retake the initiative and then try to push Cyprus back north. Attempting to stay in Ajman was suicidal (see the map yourselves).
Also your battle tactics of starting to strike back in rounds when the enemy was reaching 1400 points was wrong. Simply because then it’s TOO LATE. We believe you corrected that.

As far as it concerns the mini battles we can’t avoid to mention the 6th round of yesterday’s battle. How did you manage to LOSE this round guys ?? Our officers in our operating room couldn’t believe their own eyes. And how about this poor guy Three-headed, who made 810M just to lose in the last minute ??

We don’t want to be misunderstood. We say all these thoughts in a GOOD way. Improving your strategy and tactics, will improve our fun during the battles.

IF there are any other battles. Which bring us to the message mentioned in the title of this article.

In the Saudi Arabian war we noticed some of your great tank players asking repeatedly “Why us??” , “Why you hit against Hungary so hard??” !!!

The truth is that we have NOTHING against Hungary (except maybe the well known diplomatical episode with one of your MoFA and MoD officers) !!

The Saudi Arabian war happened to protect Greece as we explain above. Now the Cyprus airstrike happened for a similar reason. AGAIN, you have been used and someone messed with you in the Croatia war. This is what typically diplomatically strong countries do, putting others in harms way for their own benefit and then letting them pay the price.

The purpose of this message from us is to make you aware of all of these facts and therefore allow you to act accordingly.

Stay away from Eastern Saudi Arabia and stay away from the battles of Croatia. If you do this we will disappear from your battles !!! In other words… try not to be used again to achieve the goals of some politicians that will only harm you while they play their game safely hidden behind you.

Remember that regardless of what will happen in the next days with the Cyprus airstrike, there will always be an advantage for us being “Terroristas”.

We are the Stateless Hellenes
This means we have to defend our country in the way we deem as appropriate until the political situation changes!!! You can’t strike us back because we belong nowhere. We belong only where our Greek heart shows and beats.

Have fun !!

The Secret Council of the Terroristas and The High Priest



A3naos Hari ke 2,437, 06:58

Voted !!!

RomyGr Hari ke 2,437, 10:10


Mithrantir Hari ke 2,437, 07:00


Nariii Hari ke 2,437, 14:18

You have successfully donated 1 HUF. If the user accepts, the amount will appear shortly in the citizen account.

For the tons of damage what you did for nothing. All hail macedonia!

3ka1inos Hari ke 2,437, 21:43

Hail Thrace, ionian islands .....

Dacicus Maximus
Dacicus Maximus Hari ke 2,438, 06:28

Hail North-Cyprus.

Waruda Hari ke 2,437, 07:09


Va.da Hari ke 2,437, 07:12


V4LeRioN Hari ke 2,437, 07:14

Free tactical lessons?.....V

SteffanoS Hari ke 2,437, 07:28


MakedoniaGreece Hari ke 2,437, 07:30


tasos maximous
tasos maximous Hari ke 2,437, 07:31


myrmid0nas Hari ke 2,437, 07:32


oDdkID Hari ke 2,437, 07:33


tahaua Hari ke 2,437, 07:33

Free Lessons at there 😛

GX99 Hari ke 2,437, 07:34


1224333 Hari ke 2,437, 07:36


Albanian Terminator
Albanian Terminator Hari ke 2,437, 07:36

Article is really nice, so objective that you didn't mention that Hungary was under attack by Ukraine and Croatia at the same time.

Arrlo Hari ke 2,437, 07:49

Evil bullying Croatia, invading Hungary like that. 🙂

Tornyosj Hari ke 2,437, 08:04

and Chile, but doesn't mind 🙂

Orzack Hari ke 2,437, 08:44

the Nasty Chileans are so bad and mean

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Hari ke 2,437, 13:52

Chile, Croatia, Ukraine and have in mind Turkey that is waiting to get border...It more seems like failed attempt to delete Hungary and this is now damage control or marketing...

Arrlo Hari ke 2,437, 15:06

Deleting Hungary was well within in our power, please ask your government if you are unsure.

Van Sebe
Van Sebe Hari ke 2,437, 23:53

And the reason why you've signed the NAP is?
Clearly you had a chance, but it looks like you were not so certain in the final outcome...
My point was that entire text with its's "reasons", "fields of interests"or "strategy" is lame...
Why didn't they kick out BiH or Albania from UAE in past or present times?
I could write a long text on any of the "statements" in this text...

Yellow PeePee
Yellow PeePee Hari ke 2,437, 07:37


Thanatos the Magnificent
Thanatos the Magnificent Hari ke 2,437, 07:38


MaZzA Hari ke 2,437, 07:41


Dihenekis Hari ke 2,437, 07:41

With a small amount of gold we will take the responsibility to staff your MoD team and teach your future MoD tactics and strategy

Don't hesitate to contact us for further information


Nakia aka Hatbatamado Hari ke 2,437, 08:10

Komentar dihapus

Nakia aka Hatbatamado
Nakia aka Hatbatamado Hari ke 2,437, 08:12

Like we have one, even the president is inactive and people dont care here to impeach him

Bogi Hari ke 2,437, 07:42

Epi high priest \o/

corina07 Hari ke 2,437, 07:44

don/t forget the AS of Hungary against Singapore an year ago....epic fail

clawy Hari ke 2,437, 08:20

The sole stated porpoise of that AS by our joke president at that point was to reduce the 10 billion shield to 0. That was accomplished without losing a single point. And I must admit it was fun, some rounds we won from 1700 points against us.
After that nobody from Hungary cared, nobody of our allies cared. Actually it was an epic waster of RL money for Chilians to defend the battle against MPPs, instead of waiting to RW it back.

Orzack Hari ke 2,437, 08:46

you are talking about Chileans ?....

Damage Dealer
Damage Dealer Hari ke 2,437, 10:04

no, Chile fought in the last rounds, during night. It seemn you don't remember too good that day.
The first part was won by SPP & friends.
It worth so much dmg for Singa shield? No. 😁

corina07 Hari ke 2,437, 11:30


Mitsou Hari ke 2,456, 15:24

Yeah fail...
on next day our indonesian brothers sucessfully counqevered the region. 🙂

estroe Hari ke 2,437, 07:44

Seeing you fighting alongside with your 'friends' turks and bulgarians against asteria and after a while they are your enemies in greece vs fyrom is priceless.hypocrisy at its finest....'we are so mad that our visa cards didnt dictated the future of the country but we are fine when they are fighting our country against our biggest enemy'

Iaswn Hari ke 2,437, 07:48

I wonder why you didnt wrote anything similar when our visa cards as you say was used to help Romania against the Huns but hey now you are fighting hand in hand with them. I suppose thats different from our Scenario right?

Better look at your garden first before you talk about ours 😉

estroe Hari ke 2,437, 07:58

where did you saw romanians tanking for the huns? And our beef with them is kinda over.the difference between our visa players and yours is that for us Ro is 1st and others last. In your case not so much. You fight hand in hand against Asteria with DiegoIceAce for exemple and now guess who did 1 billion against you.Should i mention the Gama AlexSkopje?

vladb Hari ke 2,437, 07:59

Visa ,no Visa that does not make this part "Seeing you fighting alongside with your 'friends' turks and bulgarians against asteria and after a while they are your enemies in greece vs fyrom" less true 😉

Iaswn Hari ke 2,437, 08:08

estroe do you remember the time when all Romanian Tanks left Romania and they didnt fought for Romania? Cause I do!
Similar scenario with ours! I even remember Romanian Tanks fighting against Romania which is not the case with us at least yet!

Please go and tell these stories to someone who wasnt present, adn if your beef against the Huns is over I dont understand why you dont sign MPP with them? or why you dont bring them back to your alliance

tasos maximous
tasos maximous Hari ke 2,437, 08:17

sorry estroe but when Asteria was made i tanked few times against Hungary and most of the times Romanians were tanking for them.

estroe Hari ke 2,437, 08:25

Iaswn,you are right..but you didnt saw romanians fighing against Ro allies.They had a beef with the government. And they hit them. But not like you. You fight alongside turks,bulgarians etc.The same that are tanking against you
t.maximos, yes...because we were in the same alliance.and lets face it: we and huns are kinda ok...but you and fyrom? not so much..we really want mpp with them but they dont

estroe Hari ke 2,437, 08:27

And for both of you: It doesnt bother you seeing turks bulgarians tanking against Greece's allies(with your help) and against you?

Iaswn Hari ke 2,437, 08:29

a) we have no problem at all with eTurkey and this is going on for the past 3 years.

bulgarians were always backstabbers I couldnt care less about them we saved their skin too many times! Remember Remember the battle of Sofia and Plovdiv and the money exohoritis gave for their freedom and we all remember what was their reply few months later they left EDEN because stoich told them so.

estroe Hari ke 2,437, 08:41

So eTurkye should keep hitting against Greece in their war with Fyrom?.It doesnt bother you at all?

Yellow PeePee
Yellow PeePee Hari ke 2,437, 08:45

which Turk did tank against Greece ? I didnt see even any shout for fighting against Greece xdxd

The pacoX
The pacoX Hari ke 2,437, 09:37

So laswn for you it is a backstab when the alliance doesn't listen to you and does whatever they want?

quasarr Hari ke 2,437, 09:51

wtf are you talking about? Turkey even don't have mpp with them -.-

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