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[Zeng4PotUS]Epic Cabinet and the Invasion

Hari ke 2,053, 18:40 Diterbitkan di USA Pakistan oleh Zeng999
Our Independence Day

My fellow Americans,

Firstly, Happy Independence Day.
This is a day that holds a sacred place in the hearts of all true Americans.
This upcoming Election takes place right on the heels of our Independence Day.
It is on this day that all Americans will have the choice to save our country.

I spent the last two days in negotiations with representatives from eSerbia, eHungary and ePoland in order to reach an agreement.
In my candidacy for president I said that my number one priority as President would be to establish good foreign policy and bring an end to the invasion.
They are willing to reach a truce, because as I said before, none of the invading countries have profited from bonuses in this war, they do it just for fun.
Immediately after the elections I will establish contact with the governments of these countries and my team and I will actively negotiate for a truce.


It has taken me a lot of time to pick my cabinet, but finally it is done.
The Cabinet is made up of experienced and outstanding players, including younger players eager to prove themselves. To please the general population in the whole country I am running my campaign with players from all parties.
It gives me great pleasure that I can work with representatives from all parties. That's what was lacking in America for a long time, unification.

This will be my team:

Vice-President: Dr. Walter Bishop

Experienced and popular politician, not very active lately, but will be back to help the U.S. in these difficult times.

Chief of Staff: Joseph Dinero

One of the leaders in "Vox Populi", the commander of "Sons of Liberty", a very popular politician who stays on top of the cabinet, ensuring they’re doing their job, writing articles, informing the community of what’s going on, and all around being active. He will ensure that this country receives nothing but the best.

Secretary of State: Emerick

As a four time president, and having been various cabinet positions over his years, he is greatly experienced in all aspects of the game.
He is the perfect man to ensure we get the best of the best out of our Foreign Affairs department.

Secretary of Defence and War: Gnilraps

Is there a better choice than the man who served 5 times as Secretary of Defence, 4 times as Secretary of Media,Vice President and five times as Federalist Party President . He has plenty of experience in this department and he is the perfect choice. He will be responsible for the direction of damage and I'm sure that with him as Minister of Defence and War America will restore all territories in the fastest possible time.
Deputies: Falkenhayn

Secretary of Interior: Viarizi

The right man capable for this position. He is a very good friend of mine, in who I have full confidence. He is a hard working player in whom I am confident that he will perform his job on a high level.
Deputies: Winter Night,McBober

Secretary of Media: Ronald Gipper Reagan

One of the most experienced leaders in the eUSA, Reagan has served in multiple Administrations, as well as many times been a Top 5 Party President, Congressman, and runs one of the most prolific and popular papers in the eUSA and the world. A Media Secretary must be one who can connect with large numbers of people which makes him an ideal choice for this role.
Deputies:Ichi nii,HarleyQuinn

National Security Director: Cubby

The ex commander of Seal Team 6,the strongest MU in the country, he is experienced in many aspects of the game and have served in many cabinets before. I don't doubt that he will fulfill his duties as National Security Director on high level.
Deputies:Emperor Zorokian

Secretary of Education : K1tho

As always helpful to the newer players he is the man who can fulfil this job to the level required. Very good friend of mine who has proved himself many times in this area.

I believe this team will be the best so far and will return the US to its former glory.
We are facing perhaps the toughest times ever in erep as a nation and we all need to be united.
Regardless of our political history,we all decide to unite ourselves as a team to serve our country.
In these times we should all unite regardless of our past, if you can't do it for you, do it for your country.

eUSA needs you!!!

United we stand,divided we fall.


VOTE Zeng999 for PotUS!!

[Zeng4PotUS]Epic Cabinet and the Invasion


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Hari ke 2,053, 18:40


Profeta ERIC
Profeta ERIC Hari ke 2,053, 18:41

Good Luck Zeng999

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,053, 18:41

[Zeng4PotUS]Epic Cabinet and the Invasion

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Hari ke 2,053, 18:58

You have forgotten the most >>stronk<< politician for your cabinet!

Remember him?

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,053, 19:05

Komentar dihapus

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Hari ke 2,053, 20:24

You say you've contacted him, but he is on vacation?

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,054, 04:26


K1tho Hari ke 2,053, 20:59

eUSA needs you!!!

United we stand,divided we fall.


VOTE Zeng999 for PotUS!!

olivermellors Hari ke 2,053, 22:47

have all your cabinet picks actally been contacted and accepted, particularly: cubby, dinero, black baroness, gnillraps, Emerick?

Fhaemita The Apostate Hari ke 2,054, 01:52

Komentar dihapus

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Hari ke 2,054, 01:52

I was wondering the same thing, I was also asked but I declined

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,054, 02:31

they accepted, if i were trolling i would have put you, but you declined

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,054, 02:19

yes, they all accepted !
And why you don't believe me?

dmjohnston Hari ke 2,053, 23:11

Something tells me none of the people know about these positions they've apparently agreed to....

logamac Hari ke 2,054, 01:30

He got them drunk.

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,054, 02:20

lol no, they agree to be part of my cabinet with sober head

Fidel Castro IX
Fidel Castro IX Hari ke 2,054, 05:16

Grandiosa y ingeniosamente


dante1988 Hari ke 2,054, 07:47


D E A N M A R T I N Hari ke 2,054, 12:21


Dio Ichigo
Dio Ichigo Hari ke 2,054, 14:01


VOTE Zeng999 for PotUS!!

Syz2 Hari ke 2,054, 17:57

Hey, the first AFA candidate to not have a full AFA cabinet.

olivermellors Hari ke 2,054, 18:03

that isn't right. Candor had a great roundtable .... Can't remember if Savonrepus released a cabinet.

It would be good to have confirmation about their acceptance of cabinet offers from Gnilraps, Cubby, and Emerick (I see black baroness in no longer marked as VP).

Zeng999 Hari ke 2,054, 18:46

Black Baroness message me to be removed because i guess she is affraid that will have problems in AMP with this, sadly, i messaged many people from the other parties to be part of my cabinet and most of them were afraid too.
Btw, they all accepted, i can show you screenshots, but i will not do that without their approval.

Syz2 Hari ke 2,055, 10:59

What makes you think they wouldn't accept? Even if they weren't really wanting to hold that position, I would think they would accept. The question is how different their jobs will be compared to how those jobs are traditionally operated.

Kostas S. Stav
Kostas S. Stav Hari ke 2,055, 01:55

K1tho o7

gfsoak Hari ke 2,083, 10:50


FernandoEBastos Hari ke 2,083, 20:56


gfsoak Hari ke 2,088, 00:11


Burek Vruci
Burek Vruci Hari ke 2,111, 09:03


gfsoak Hari ke 2,114, 03:54


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