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[Vote hard!]TOP BOT MUs![Vote hard!]

Hari ke 1,517, 09:14 Diterbitkan di Bulgaria Bulgaria oleh Sluuby

Dear eRepublik players,
I present to you the ultimate statistic in eRepublik. It is so awesome that it will blow your mind! Prepare yourself to be amazed!!! I present to you the top bot MUs in ONE/pro ONE!

4.South Korea

To sum it up, I shall say that Poland disappoints me big time! I was even wondering if I shall put it in the top or not. Their bot reginments are messed up so you have to look closely! Even though Poland has drastically lost positions, a new player arises. Maybe a surprise for most of you, but South Korea has come fourth in this month's charts. These guys don't play small! I don't think there are any surprises in first 3 positions... Nothing out of the ordinary!

However, I will gladly present such statistic for TEDEN, but first things first! Maybe someONE would help out! 😃

Let's have a fair game! The reporting shall start now!

~~~~~~~~~~Top Bot MUs!~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~Chain shout~~~~~~~~~~

Yours faithfully,
Sluuby, Commander of The Guardians



Sluuby Hari ke 1,517, 09:14

First denied!

Spresko Hari ke 1,517, 09:16


epssia Hari ke 1,517, 09:22


lioshi Hari ke 1,517, 09:25

good job ; ) нека рипортването започне.. СЕГА :Q

firomonojad Hari ke 1,517, 09:30


hanibalbg Hari ke 1,517, 09:41

reported : ))) !

BubataBG Hari ke 1,517, 09:48

И аз репортвам

Richelieu BG
Richelieu BG Hari ke 1,517, 10:00


FASec Hari ke 1,517, 10:54

why dont you show bosnian or croatian botoMU's? = )

Sluuby Hari ke 1,517, 10:58

I have left some work for you! 😃

Alkolakis Hari ke 1,517, 11:18

As I understand these bots have/had special purpose to fight in RWs and it's not a secret, that most Serbian bots fought for Italy these days... so showing ONE bot MUs You just point finger to Teden bots ; )

kostas free
kostas free Hari ke 1,517, 15:13


nem01able Hari ke 1,517, 17:35

Now all we need is proof. Have you seen them all fight at the same battle? No? Okay.

Maybe the reason there are so many people in a group is because in the first steps section they were told to join that military group....

without proof this article is a fail

Sluuby Hari ke 1,517, 17:39

If you go through the reginments, it's just obvious.. I don't care about proofs, neither do I have the time to provide them. However, it's just redicilous how many "players" there are in the MUs!

nem01able Hari ke 1,517, 17:40

like i said before its because the first step section told them to join that military group and + your not the first to figure this out... your like 3 months behind.

Vesko S. Petkov
Vesko S. Petkov Hari ke 1,518, 03:38


sLayer212 Hari ke 1,518, 08:54

Report !!!! o7

eDarkAngel Hari ke 1,518, 09:33


Bot farm MUs and other MUs can easily be distinguished by the random effect. When it is a MU where all the new players join because they're told to do so, there is a randomness to the accounts that have joined, there development and the state of the accounts. When there is a sort of "uniformity" then it is bots.

The bots are created by bot-masters for hire, however for a long time they did not render their cirvices accessible to ONE. Back then no ONE from ONE was complaining and were always talking about the vast amounts of active players they have.

Well the most active of their players have decided to join the opposition as well now. The statistics say that ONE still has a "damage" advantage, however it does not show on the battlefield not because of bots, but because of inferior tactics and coordination. Recently there has been an improvement even if marginal and that has led to some limited successes even though the damage difference has actually gone further down.

I bet we're gonna see a bot fest tomorrow in the Poland vs Germany battle.

Chance Harrison
Chance Harrison Hari ke 1,518, 10:43

Voted! Already subbed.

The Georgian Knight
The Georgian Knight Hari ke 1,518, 11:03

vote and subscribe, good job!

zErO_cRo Hari ke 1,518, 11:53

60k inf serbian bots for hard times

oh noooo the ONE script strikes again!!

adibubu10 Hari ke 1,518, 14:33

can someone pls PM me with the name of Bulgarian trade chanel ...

Rhodesknight Hari ke 1,519, 06:21


Szenti Hari ke 1,519, 09:50

"I almost forgot! Check out these guys!
Pro Style!"

If you dont know something better stay quite or asking first!

Asmodeushu- If you open his profile you can see his avatar,are you try open this site?! your FAIL.

Laulic- "dead citizen" he stop playing before one years ago,also he promoted erepublik in some portals
(one of them ).
Are you opened his friend list?! yeah there is lot of BOTs, they never fights,most of with 1 level ,there is the last who find this article and using his refferal link for registration
eRepublik birthday Sep 30, 2011 ,about what are you talking?BOT fighters? LOL

Enkivagyok- He promoting erep. in some social networking service like FB.

About my MU, nem01able explain you what is the reason why most of newbie joining us.Im to lazy removing them.So we dont have 2 K BOT fighters ,we have 2 K DEAD players,why he left BOTrepublik ask from Plato .

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