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[USWP] The Undead Decided... Artela for PotUS!

Hari ke 1,989, 09:30 Diterbitkan di USA Inggris oleh Othere

Look for free stuff at the bottom of this article.

The members of the United States Workers party had two excellent candidates to choose from to endorse as Country President this month. After the dust cleared from this contentious primary election, it was clear Artela bested Tenshibo by a four vote margin. It is my pleasure to announce to you that the United States Workers Party formally endorses Artela for President of the eUnited States for May 2013.

Artela is a hardworking member of eUS society, former Country President, long-term Director of the CIA and Party President of the United States Workers party, among many other accolades. Artela will be sure to represent our great eNation, and the ever-stronger United States Workers Party with the grace and dignity her title of Grand Duchess demands.

If you'd like to read more about Artela, please visit the following articles she and others have published as a part of her CP campaign.

Yes, I'm Running for PotUS

Working Hard for eAmerica

The long awaited answer to Glove’s questionnaire

The Undead Report

Things are going great in the USWP. Forum activity is up. Participation in the primary election vote was up this month, thanks to a competitive race between two excellent candidates. Our efforts to improve intra-party communication is going excellently.

Many Serbtrolls who look to be attempting a PTO of our fair party have claimed that they are attempting to work with us. To this I say: prove it! And the only way you can prove it, is by voting. Do not vote for PTO candidates. Make more of an attempt to speak English on our party feeds. If you truly want to join the eUS community, prove it boys!

On a final note, a fellow who has been around for a while that you might not recognize entirely is Wild Owl. He has written A Guide to Training Centers and A Guide to Guerilla Warfare recently for the Dept. of Education. He is a two time member of the eUS congress, serving the United States Workers Party, Quarter Master for the BR4iNs f0r z0MBi3s program, an up-and-comming member of USWP, and someone to keep your eye out for on the national stage.

Le Rules
-Only one request per day
-eUS Citizenship
-Membership in PTO party will result in denial of request
-Make sure you have at least 100 spaces in your inventory, so you can receive all your supplies.

Supply Packs:
Non-USWP Members (Under level 25): 500 health
USWP Members (Under level 36): 500 health, 8 Q6 weapons


Simply post your profile link in that thread. We'll check your eligibility when we visit your profile page.

Other Helpful Programs:

Meals on Wheels: Level 25 and Under
Tank Up 2 Rank Up: Level 25-29
Bewbs 4 Newbs: Open to all!
Federalist's A Helpful Hand (AHH) Daily food and tanks, for members and non-members.
WTP's Feed The World (FTW) Daily food for all, extra for members.
Flight Training Application: Open to all!

Vice President of the USWP



Othere Hari ke 1,989, 09:32


GhostStrayDog Hari ke 1,990, 08:59

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zako soldier
zako soldier Hari ke 1,989, 10:03

voted 🙂

CrisoXPWOL Hari ke 1,989, 10:04


Thern alpha
Thern alpha Hari ke 1,989, 10:06


Gnilraps Hari ke 1,989, 10:08


ElvenCRO Hari ke 1,989, 10:19

Artela for PotUS!

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,989, 10:40

omgggggggggg who could've seen this coming?

oh yeah, fluffer.

Johnny Cache
Johnny Cache Hari ke 1,989, 11:17

Haven't you gotten thru Mordor yet?

Norbengo Hari ke 1,989, 11:45

less than 4% turnout... Thats dictatorship.

Don Begovic
Don Begovic Hari ke 1,989, 12:22


Elvedin Bajrektarevic
Elvedin Bajrektarevic Hari ke 1,989, 12:23


El_Gringo Hari ke 1,989, 12:25


Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Hari ke 1,989, 20:01

Suspicious that my article isn't linked correctly > >


Othere Hari ke 1,989, 21:25


JyM23 Hari ke 1,989, 21:09


nuno258 Hari ke 1,990, 01:02


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