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[UKPP] My Farewell.

Hari ke 1,912, 23:49 Diterbitkan di United Kingdom Belanda oleh lancer450

Greetings fellow UKPP’ers and fellow eBritons,

This will be my final update as Party President.

Last month, when I was elected leader of our Party, the UKPP was, no doubt, in decline. Our membership was declining rapidly and activity was beginning to wane. Thus, I felt the need to step up and do what I could to help the party that had been so good to me since my arrival in the eUK. It was an exciting election and, to my surprise, I came away with a victory. My term as leader of our Party began with optimism and hope despite the problems we were facing.

I immediately began work and contacted several party members asking for their help to accomplish all that I had talked about during the campaign. Thankfully, many were willing to help me out and were very supportive.

With the help of our fabulous recruitment team, we saw a tremendous comeback with an increase of 40+ members in our party. I would like to thank all who were a part of this effort and helped to accomplish more than I thought we could in such a short period of time. Recruiting was obviously a major issue I focused on this month and I’m extremely satisfied with the results to say the least as we currently stand as the largest political party in the entirety of the eUK with an overall total of 288 members, which is a full 81 members above the party in the second position. Thanks again to my fantastic recruiters.

This past month we also saw nine congress members elected, five veterans and four newcomers, and I kept my promise of giving opportunities to all, no matter their age or experience. I had also promised during the campaign that I would cooperate and work with other parties this month. And, we, as a party, worked with our great friends in the Workers’ Rights Party and permitted two of their candidates to run on our ballot during the election and managed to help to elect one of them. I am proud to say that the bond between our two parties has most certainly strengthened over the course of this past month.

In the past month we saw our second consecutive UKPP Country President elected with Richard Feist’s exciting victory on the 5th of February as well as the third consecutive UKPP victory in the presidential election after BigAnt’s first two successful terms. We obviously proved over the past month that the UKPP is and will continue to be a relevant and powerful voice in eUK politics. I thank all who voted and supported the UKPP in both the presidential and congressional elections to help make this possible.

I’ve attempted to keep the party engaged and active during my term, spending countless hours sending out messages to every member with links to updates, articles, questions, etc. It was time-consuming but worth it. I’ve also kept my pledge not to purchase votes for any articles during my term and, for the most part, so did my counterparts in the other parties except for a couple. I look back over the past month and I feel happy with the job I’ve done. There are a few things I would have done differently given the chance but, generally, I have absolutely no regrets.

I have done all that I set out to do in eRepublik over the past year and a half. I thank everybody who has ever supported me or voted for me in the countless campaigns I have been a part of. I couldn’t have done it without you.

To that end, I will be retiring from politics once my term as Party President concludes.

It's time for the next UKPP leader; it's time for the next set of progressive ideas to guide our party and our country forward.

I wish all of the candidates vying for the leadership of our Party good luck and godspeed.

Hail the UKPP!
Hail the eUK!


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scottty the NUKE
scottty the NUKE Hari ke 1,912, 23:59

Come back to eAustralia!
I miss you

Tim_Holtz Hari ke 1,912, 00:23


LongShotzZ Hari ke 1,912, 00:00

Sad to see you go but good luck in any other endeavours 🙂

Niko Jones
Niko Jones Hari ke 1,912, 00:39

You can be proud of what you have acheived. All the best for the future and hope you remain a dentist...o7

ArnoldDjin Hari ke 1,912, 00:47

o7 BB

Bohemond4 Hari ke 1,912, 00:50

hope you stick around mate, your a good guy!

Ziltoid16 Hari ke 1,913, 06:21


I love this new comment layout, so many grammar Nazi opportunities! 😃

Jimbojoy Hari ke 1,912, 01:31

It's been a much cordial month between UKPP and all other reasonably parties in the eUK, long may it continue, we've been better together!

Kumeyhu Hari ke 1,912, 01:37


mick cain
mick cain Hari ke 1,912, 02:06

great month as leader mate,well done and good luck in your future conquests (not sure if that is the correct term but my mind went blank and i thought fuck it,it will do).....🙂

Rfeist Hari ke 1,912, 02:09

Well done my friend, A great term o7

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,912, 02:17

Like a boss... You did the party and yourself proud!

Jack West Jr
Jack West Jr Hari ke 1,912, 04:04

You did a brilliant term and I'm sad to see you go, You've done great this term and done your party proud o7 Wish you the best!

jamesw Hari ke 1,912, 04:11

A good term. Hopefully next months partys reps will be able to continue and expand upon the much nicer political climate we have found ourselves in, and for once and all put to bed this notion that a party has to conform to a 'side'

jamesw Hari ke 1,912, 04:11

A good term. Hopefully next months partys reps will be able to continue and expand upon the much nicer political climate we have found ourselves in, and for once and all put to bed this notion that a party has to conform to a 'side'

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Hari ke 1,912, 05:31

Not entirely true. We weren't in decline. We lost about 10-20 members due to natural decay, but our recruitment team was picking up new members all the time. We were also heavily focused on getting UKPP into office, which resulted in 2 months of UKPP Presidency; now 3 months straight. Hardly what you'd call a decline.

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,912, 06:15

UKPP is always on the edge of choas... Its what makes us so great!

lancer450 Hari ke 1,912, 08:14

I was referring more to the fact that while we were losing members, the party in second place, while also losing members, was actually losing them at a slower rate and had been able to come within striking distance during that time, putting our top party status at risk.

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Hari ke 1,912, 11:06

Nevertheless, you were a good PP. I'm just sayin', we weren't really in a decline 😛

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,912, 06:16

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,912, 06:17

Shitty iPad... Chaos

Sir Nick Griffin
Sir Nick Griffin Hari ke 1,912, 11:05

And you called me gay for having an iPod. 😛

lancer450 Hari ke 1,912, 11:37

hahahahaha xD

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,912, 11:53

not mine...

Marquis Andras Hari ke 1,912, 06:19

Komentar dihapus

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Hari ke 1,912, 06:19

Jamie2721 Hari ke 1,912, 08:09

Voted, good PP

Molly Jo Hari ke 1,912, 14:41

Komentar dihapus

Lady Macbeth II
Lady Macbeth II Hari ke 1,913, 07:26

We didn't see him much, we didn't hear him much, but nevertheless he has always been there and things have been always done on time. I guess, you're a very talented leader, Lancer 🙂

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,922, 02:36

he's a yank, he runs on a different time zone, when you go to bed he comes online 😛

GoIdfish Hari ke 1,913, 09:24


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