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[THE PATRIOTS] Congress Elections

Hari ke 1,891, 13:55 Diterbitkan di Ireland Irlandia oleh MrConway

[Party Update]

The leadership of THE PATRIOTS would like to inform our supporters and the general population that we are running under the Irish Union Party. With regret, we felt moving party for the congress elections was the best option available to us. It was in our interest to have real representatives of THE PATRIOTS elected and the move was conducted in fear of discrimination by the illegal Party President neglecting members and thus we felt obliged to move parties.

We would again like to extend our thanks the Irish Union Party. They put aside all political differences between our parties, all personal differences to show that there is no place in eIreland for PTO’ers. They are a credit to themselves and to the nation. Their respect and hospitality is to be admired and we wish them the best of luck in the upcoming election.

Our Candidates.

Marcus Suridius
Lliam Costello
Patrick O’Leary
Carolus XII Rex
Saoirse na hEireann

Between our candidates we have
128-Congress Medals
7-Country President Medals
3-Military Commanders
4-Irish Army Founders & Ex-Commanders

It is undeniable that our candidates are among the most experienced and well qualified candidates for the job. We are here to serve Ireland and will do it to the best of our capability. We achieved our goals last month and hope to build on them this month. We encourage all of our elected representatives to donate the gold obtained from medal to the State. Let’s look forwards to a brighter future, a stronger Ireland.

As the Irish Union Party says: “Ní neart go cur le chéile.”

Thank you,
Mr Conway



Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,891, 13:57

Quality list of experince

James Keiller
James Keiller Hari ke 1,891, 13:59

Unionist scum.

MrConway Hari ke 1,891, 13:59


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,891, 14:04

We do what a union with the north and south, thanks for pointing it out mate : )

Viktor Kurgan
Viktor Kurgan Hari ke 1,891, 14:06

So why patriots are not running in patriots party?
Surely elected PP desire to prove you he is not a PTOer and give you good places on election list.

Bhane Hari ke 1,891, 14:09

The Patriots would not be defined as "allies" of the IUP. They have actively undermined my patriotic idealism many times. But, we do not support the PTO of any party, be they friend or foe.

In the spirit of helping eIreland overcome PTO attempts, we in the IUP offer asylum and safe harbor to the patriot party refugees. I don't support a lot of the values that the patriots have shown in the past, but we won't stand idly while a PTO occurs.

Digitsss Hari ke 1,891, 15:05

No mention of how your mess has pushed Independent Voices out of congress, I see. Of course, I'm against PTO's and all that, but it's still pretty lame.

As a matter of interest, did you ask Jack X would he put you on his list?

Mlickism Hari ke 1,891, 15:13

I stand to support my country in good time and bad o7

MR. PADRAIG PEARSE Hari ke 1,891, 15:39


Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,891, 15:46

Digits I can't speak for others in the party but I for one refuse to work with PTO'ers, I am doing nothing to help him make his PTO a success.

Greatmoff Hari ke 1,891, 15:55

Good luck against the PTO.

Damhnaic Hari ke 1,891, 19:37

I am sorry such sorrow events brings us to such measures. Shame on the PTOers.

Ian E CoIeman
Ian E CoIeman Hari ke 1,891, 20:23

Is the the order of priority for the candidates?

Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Hari ke 1,892, 23:04

so you telling me if marcus win a congress seat he will donate all gold from medal to country.

lol this will be 0,1% what je stole and others 🙂

this is just hilarious 😛

Domagojvu II
Domagojvu II Hari ke 1,892, 23:05


Rip Riley
Rip Riley Hari ke 1,892, 03:03

thanks IUP for your asylum. and thank you Patriots.
"give unto Ceaser what is Ceaser's , and give unto the Patriots what is their's"
we will party once more...muah ha ha

T1nk3r Hari ke 1,892, 05:26

Good luck.

How is candidate position decided?

Hitoyoshi Hari ke 1,892, 07:33

Votado !

Good luck

MrConway Hari ke 1,892, 08:05

This isn't our order for election

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,892, 08:19

Thanks to the IUP & the recent joint statement from all the major parties condemming the PTO.

Sean MacDiarmata
Sean MacDiarmata Hari ke 1,892, 09:36

Lol at all of Saoirse members talking crap of me robbing when there was no proof yet we know there is loads of Croatian multies and they stay quite about that.

orangejuicemmm Hari ke 1,892, 09:51

Had IV offered to let us run before the IUP did we would have joined them just as easily.

Maybe the IUP is taking advantage of us and our fleeing members but at the end of the day they stood up against the PTOers with us. Unlike all of the Top5 parties which clearly were only looking after their own.

If anything the previous Top5 parties are a disgrace and should look themselves in the mirror before trying to get one over on the REAL Patriots and IUP.

@Domagojvu II Everything you were told was a lie. Considering you weren't even around during said robbery this statement is as true as the various things you were told by the people with opposite political agendas to the Ex President, Ex Irish Army fouder, Ex Minister Of Defence, Ex Minister Of Foreign Affairs etc etc

Digitsss Hari ke 1,892, 10:21

The Patriots never asked could they run via Independent Voices. It would have been logical since then the Top 5 would not have been distorted because of the PTO.

Marcus, why do you always rise to the bait? They're only trying to get a rise out of you, you're an easy target. People troll to get a reaction, you're giving them what they want.

Mr. Jack X
Mr. Jack X Hari ke 1,892, 11:58

good luck guys!

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Hari ke 1,892, 12:31


OJ + Friends tried to PTO the IFP some months ago. So all this crying about being PTO'd yourself is all crocodile tears. The only difference is that OJ failed and Jack X succeeded. So when Marcus says 'I refuse to work with PTO'ers' he means PTO'ers who aren't his mates.

Lot of hypocrisy going on here..

When you say 'between us we have' you forgot to add '1,000,000 IEP'

Digitsss Hari ke 1,892, 13:50

Death and Taxes, everyone knows what everyone else thinks about it already. Unless there's something new to add, can we move on?

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Hari ke 1,892, 14:31

Move on where? You have no money, you are practically bankrupt. In the meantime you are quite happy to accommodate thieves, liars, cheats and PTO'ers. Just for the sake of what, a quiet life? To move on you need a spine, all I see is jelly fish.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,893, 03:27

God you've out played a broken record by this stage surely. If you have a personal vendetta with certain members of my party then threat it like so. 4 members you seem to have a problem with, 4 out of 38.

Yet still you comment on about how we're a band of no good thieves and PTO'ers painting us in such a negative light.

What about the ILP PP's collaboration with British PTO'ers? What about the Multi scandal in Saoirse? What about the PTO that was conducted against our party?

Im sick to the teeth of your comments aimed unjustly at my party members, it's completely disrespectful to me and the many people in my party who have done NOTHING negative against Ireland.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,893, 03:42

I have worked tirelessly in establishing a militarism movement in Ireland. My party was co-founded by somebody who donated his personal fortune to the establishment of the Irish Army, who gave up companies & devoted hours toward its successful running long before you were here. Who stayed up hours on end organizing damage so our trail as an EDEN member would be successful. We were also co-founded by a mischievous rogue who is far from perfect but is easily and by far the greatest military strategist we have in this country.

What you speak of I wasn't here when it happened, I saw opinion polls which gave the indication that there is no majority support to your claim.

Stop painting my party in such a negative light, keep your quarrels to yourself or at the very least solely to those it involves.

Digitsss Hari ke 1,893, 06:44

How does one accommodate thieves and liars? There is no mechanism in the game to remove citizenship.

Everyone at this stage knows what you think, and what Nogin thinks, and what Marcus thinks, and what everyone else things. What's the point of incessantly repeating this discussion, it's depressing! It's also not getting anyone anywhere, it just goes round in circles.

If the only thing you see as constructive is for people to leave eIreland or leave the game, pm them and tell them that, rather than playing out the same drama in public over and over again. It's old news.

Personally, I'd say Marcus was party to the money being taken, but that's just my opinion. I'm just saying that because I wasn't here, but everyone else who wanted to make their opinion known I'm sure have already broadcast it.

But we are where we ARE. Not where we WERE. I'm sure we'd all like if we didn't have to put up with some people, even in rl. But you have to, so we might as well suck it up, and make the best of it. And if you really don't like someone, IGNORE them.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Hari ke 1,893, 09:44

Yeah well, as the saying goes, bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. I'm sure it's really tiresome to have the truth stuffed in your faces every time Conway writes an article but hey, why don't you write it yourself?

Also, please don't start up on the 'what I have done for my country bit' we don't need statistics, trophies, medal counts or timelines. The only thing important is differentiating those that have stolen from the country and used this money for their military and political ends, and those that haven't.

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Hari ke 1,893, 10:00

As I've said before, from my point of view there is a simple solution to ending this and moving on. As with all preceding robberies (bar sawc), all I require is a simple admission of guilt, an apology to the State, and the transfer of a nominal amount of loot to the treasury from the guilty party(ies).

Then, and only then, can we move on.

MR. HANK SCORPIO Hari ke 1,894, 03:13

Keeping punishing 34 totally innovent people Mal' Im sure this isnt politically motivated at all...

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