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[PRF] New Spokesman & Clearing the Air

Hari ke 1,976, 09:55 Diterbitkan di Pakistan Pakistan oleh Rider of Darkness

The New Spokesman
I have recently stepped into take up the Job as Spokesman of Pakistan Revolutionary Front. I hope that I could do my best in this new position and would be able to promote the Pakistan Revolutionary front.

History of Pakistan Revolutionary Front

Pakistan Revolutionary Front was an Idea which was conceived me and raao in late 2010. The idea behind the Party was the revolution against the status quo forces at the time. Pakistan was run by few very strong and influential individuals who believed in using might rather than discussing and arriving at decisions through consensus.

We believed that everyone in ePakistan powerful and weak should have a say in matters of country and how it is run. Pakistan Revolutionary Front soon turned into a movement that was endorsed by ePakistanis all over ePakistan and within 1 month PRF became Pakistan's largest political party and Raao became the Country President. Since then there has been no looking back.

Recent Events

Due to the recent events which have unfolded before us. I as founding member of PRF decided to step in and called a meeting of those who been using PRF name and forming unwanted political alliances which led to increased internal fighting among ePakistanis. Hence I was appointed as Spokesman of the Party and I have decided to put an end to the political nonsense which has been going on since last Presidential elections.

Pakistan Revolutionary Front was founded on values such as unity and democracy. The recent events have not only damaged the unity that prevailed in ePakistan but has also put a question mark on the process of democracy in this country. We believe everyone in this country has the right to vote and we respect that right.

Things have been said from both ends and now it is time that we put an end to this. This Not only wasted the time of both parties but also wasted precious time which could have been better spent on working towards a better ePakistan.

The New Policy

PRF is from now on is going to work with all political forces in ePakistan for a better ePakistan. We are open to forming political alliance with any party who is interested and we propose that all parties sit together and decide a consensus candidate in future presidential elections. Though that would be up to respectable party presidents to decide. This will not only promote unity but will also make us stronger to combat any PTO threats that arise from time to time. A united Pakistan is better pakistan.

PRF will be announcing All Parties Conference soon enough in which position holders of all political parties will be invited in order to discuss political future of ePakistan.

Long live ePakistan
Pride Power Pakistan


ComKar Hari ke 1,976, 10:01

great ahsan
Hail ahsan

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Hari ke 1,976, 10:06

Very nice article ,This our party policy ....
I appreciate your efforts Ahsan Bhai good job
Pride Power Pakistan

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Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Hari ke 1,976, 22:31


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