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[PotUS]News from the Front

Hari ke 1,765, 19:05 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Israel Stevens

My fellow Americans,

I’m having a really crappy week, and haven’t had time to sit down and type out a few paragraphs to let you guys know what is up. This won’t be long, or in depth. But I do want to get something published tonight.

The most important person in any ATO, is you. You were the one that moved to a new party. You were the one that voted. I, and the rest of the country and very appreciative of your efforts. There are some other people that are worthy of recognition as well:
Slade Cash
Henry Arundel
LeperMessiah, Ramiz Emmi and all of the peeps over in iNCi. cCc ATO cCc
United States Armed Forces
Members of the JCS branches
Anyone that shouted to vote for gnilraps.

I’m sure I forgot someone, but I didn’t do it intentionally, I promise.
This could not have been done without you, so give yourself a pat on the back.

Natural Enemy?

I get asked a lot if we’re ever going to attack someone and stop fighting over Tacos down in Mexico. The short answer is, yes! And soon. The long answer is more complicated, and involves waiting for certain countries to do certain things. If you look at a map, and have paid attention the past week or so, you can probably get a good idea of where we are headed. It’s going to be tough, but I have faith that we can do it.

Update on the Air Force

You’ll remember that a handful of former officers from the Air Force absconded with a little over 2 Million USD. As of this writing, two of them have paid it back. Carhugar1 and GLHalJordan have both returned everything that they could, and are ok guys in my book. They may have left the Air Force, but they did the right thing, and returned everything they could. Thanks guys!

Still waiting on Roper 70], eShades, Daz840, Ignas2526, JB Battlemaster and Unna343 to do the right thing. It’s been a week, so I’m assuming that they have just decided to run off with the money. If you guys would like to do the right thing, my inbox is always open. Just ask GLHalJordan. He and I had a very long (and in my opinion) fruitful discussion.

Some of you may have noticed that iNCi is issuing an ultimatum to the USA. It’s unfortunate.

iNCi has a long history of actively working with the United States, and doing everything they could to work within our system. They had over 1000 people in their political party at one time, and never took more than 5 Congress Seats. iNCi was a great help in this months ATO. They are also currently a top 15 MU in the world, and a top 3[ MU here in the United States.

They can deal serious damage on the battlefield, and have a political organizing prowess that is top notch. But issuing ultimatums is not the way to get things resolved.

I will be reaching out to LeperMessiah in hopes that a mutual agreement can be reached.

This is probably my worst article ever. But I am absolutely beat, and need to go to bed.

If you want to ask me a question check out this thread on the National Forums where you can ask me anything. If you've got something to ask, post in there and I'll make sure it gets answered. Or, if forums aren't your thing, send me a personal message in game, and we can chat. My inbox is always open.

Or, just leave it in the comments below and I’ll address it when I wake up.



Coxswain McGillicutty
Coxswain McGillicutty Hari ke 1,765, 19:11

cCc ATO cCc

Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Hari ke 1,765, 19:13

Get ready for the 25th

potato134 Hari ke 1,765, 19:13

Terrible article is terrible

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,765, 19:15

So much truth.

Kutluk Bilge Kul isotgg
Kutluk Bilge Kul isotgg Hari ke 1,765, 19:15

You know that Gnilraps failed.

inci loves usa and has no problem with e-usa community. I hope that we can solve the problem as soon as possible.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,765, 19:17

Me too mate.

chickensguys Hari ke 1,765, 19:18

INCI, don't them trick them you.

Gnilraps takes your help then cuts your money.

Cubby Hari ke 1,765, 19:23

This is definitely your worst article ever. Thank you.

FRITZHILL Hari ke 1,765, 19:24

LeperMessiah is a theif and took me for $82000 in tanks and you wanna trust him? I did and never got paid

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Hari ke 1,765, 19:26

Voted, why not : 3

Candor Hari ke 1,765, 19:26

You did fine here IS. You spoke the truth, no games, no bs.

Finer poetry has been scribed, but this contained the things we most needed to hear today.

Go sleep bro.


Gnilraps Hari ke 1,765, 19:32

This is the best terrible article ever.

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Hari ke 1,765, 19:37


Siddy Tramero
Siddy Tramero Hari ke 1,765, 19:38


rainy sunday
rainy sunday Hari ke 1,765, 19:49

Thank you for taking the time to inform.

Kutluk Bilge Kul isotgg
Kutluk Bilge Kul isotgg Hari ke 1,765, 20:13

in pm :

05:41 Avruch hey
05:41 Avruch just wanted to let you know I deleted your access to #NSC

when i try to join :

06:09 --- GIJoe has banned *!*@C46E387.68BE8804.BA60C584.IP
06:09 *** isotgg was kicked by GIJoe (You are not permitted to be on this channel.)
06:09 !!! You have been kicked from #NSC

Deleting owls commanders' access, its really good way to get problems solved.

Synesi Hari ke 1,765, 20:25

I hear that blackmail is a good way to solve problems. Maybe you should try that owait...

JB Battlemaster
JB Battlemaster Hari ke 1,765, 21:02

Hopefully the rest of your article has more truth in it, but you made a few tiny mistakes in the AF update. The handful of officers you're talking about were actually more than two thirds of the active officer staff at the time. Also, of the 2x 1 mil sums you mention, you were already given back the remainder of the last 1 mil (which was 552,000 usd at the time of our departure) and AF still holds 612,000 usd in infrastructure from the first 1 mil.

JB Battlemaster
JB Battlemaster Hari ke 1,765, 21:02

As you have ignored my attempts at communication so far, the statement that your inbox is open also regrettably rings hollow. But that's fine, I think I'd rather communicate with your successor anyway.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,765, 21:19

Sorry that extortion has consequences. Hopefully you guys can get all sorted out. It seems so unnecessary, especially right now.

Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir
Kutluk Bilge Kul Bekir Hari ke 1,765, 22:30

ato ne la ankara ticaret odası mı xdxd sinan aygünü getirek xd

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Hari ke 1,766, 03:08

If I understood correctly, I am the most important person in every ATO. Didn't know that, but I'll have that in mind in the future.

cCc : ) ( : cCc

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Hari ke 1,766, 04:43

lol re the leper.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Hari ke 1,766, 07:35

I thought you were joking when you sent me that PM, JB. That's how ridiculous it was.
You mean you were serious?

Sir LeatherNeck
Sir LeatherNeck Hari ke 1,766, 07:53

INCI, don't them trick them you.

Gnilraps takes your help then cuts your money.


Sztandar Hari ke 1,766, 09:14

use Turks in ATO then ban'em on the IRC

...because of the hostile ultimatum. I'm proud of you, USA - you got both balls and brains o/

Simulare Hari ke 1,766, 09:58

If you "reach out" to inci with anything other than an extended middle finger, you are a coward.

HannyaTR Hari ke 1,766, 16:36

inci daşak oglanı olmuş haberimiz yok. kanaldan atılma neymiş la küçük cocuğun elinden topunu alıp bir tokat yapıştırmak gibi olmuş.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Hari ke 1,766, 18:04

"and never took more than 5 Congress Seats." hahahah what about last month and 40% of Congress ?!

Mr. Indigo
Mr. Indigo Hari ke 1,766, 22:37

Little numbers then about INCI seats in Congress for this year:

January - 4
February - 4
March - 4
April - 12
May - 12
June - 10
July - 10
August - 26

There may be some small errors in these numbers but it general they have either get more than five or have let more people to gain Congress seats. I don't know who is your source mr. President but obviously someone is lying.

Uschmidt Hari ke 1,767, 00:03

INCI is on rank 6 but has 40% of the congress. Now they are blackmailing the eUSA. WTF?

Hale Caesar
Hale Caesar Hari ke 1,767, 11:53

Colombia supports USA againts Failcedonia FYRON

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