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[FED] My sit down with... Greene12

Hari ke 1,847, 10:58 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Ramilas

The past few weeks we Feds have been conducting interviews with some of our members to garner a better understanding of who we are and what makes us, well, US. I was lucky enough to be chosen to interview Greene12, a Fed through and through and a pretty interesting fellow. I very much enjoyed getting to know him a bit better, and I hope you feel the same. Below is our conversation.

RAMI: I've been fortunate enough to obtain YOU as one of my interviewees for the great Fed interviews of 2012. (Which is extra fortunate since I nominated you, since I've seen you around but don't know much about you!)

Well let's just roll on here... if that is ok with you. I'd like the result to be pretty conversational so a lot of back and forth would be good. So I'll start with a couple of "softballs" and we'll see where it leads us...


Why Greene12? Why Jimmy Stewart? (Greene's forum avatar is James Stewart) and Why the Feds?

GREENE: Greene12 is because I'm a bit of a history fan, and Nathanael Greene was a kick ass revolutionary war general. The numbers are because some other faggot took Greene first. If I ever meet them, there will certainly be a duel.

Jimmy Stewart? I love his movies. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a fantastic film.

The Feds? Like most newbs I got a good handful of recruiting PMs from party machines, and one was from Wingfield of the Federalist Party. I didnt jump into the feds right away because the political mod was what interested me at first (like many new players) and I wanted to choose my political party carefully. I joined the feds because Wingfield and other federalists I met were cool, helpful people. The forums were a lot of fun, and I liked the mildly quixotic role play of the party. The role play is toned down these days, but I'm proud/horny about the feds insistence on honest dealing, and Country > Party > Self. I've been a Federalist ever since I joined.

RAMI: Excellent, duels are always great for ratings... how do you think you'd fair in a RL duel, pistols, 12 paces?

GREENE: I'm p sure I would win any pistol duel. Even If I got shot first, bullets don't really bother me that much, I just take it like a man and shoot them right back.

RAMI: Now THATS what I'm talking about... taking a bullet and firing back is true FED toughness. Let's also back up a step (no duel pun intended)... how did you come about this game we call eRep? What is your favorite thing about it?

GREENE: I came across erep I believe by an ad on the Guardian's website. My favorite thing has definitely been the feds, I like the party atmosphere and its a fun place to play. Feds are the only part of the game I've never stopped playing.

RAMI: Let's face it, everyone likes to bitch, it is a god given eUSA citizen's right to. So playing off this line, whats your biggest complaint about the game, and then tell me, if you would, if you could be eRep GOD for a day and had all-encompassing power what would you change IMMEDIATELY?

GREENE: One thing I would change immediately: I would bring back the wall in battles. I think the 24 hour battle is more suspenseful, and even low damage hitters have an effect when fighting a wall. Rounds are okay and all but I think its more fun to watch a battle develop over 24 hours.

RAMI: I see you've been a congressman a few times over, anything you'd like to say about those experiences? Any other offices or titles you've held that you'd like to speak more about or are particularly proud (and horny) of?

GREENE: Congress was certainly interesting and worth a try for everyone, some people really like it. Personally, it wasn't quite my cup of tea. As for other jerbs, I did well for myself in the military, but as far as proud/horny goes, my work in the Feds has been the best and its why I've been a fed ever since I was a high enough level to join.

RAMI: You've stated that the feds are the only part of the game that you've never stopped playing... Who are some of the feds that made this worthwhile? Who inspired you? Who was just so gosh darn cool that it kept you here? (take as much space as you need).

GREENE: I kinda want to avoid mentioning a bunch of oldfags here, but Gaius Julius, Fingerguns, Capt. Wolf and Alexander Hamilton are some of the old (and mostly dead) feds that I loved playing with. What keeps it great though are the new players we always have joining. Its amazing to see new players take the reins and run the show. Melissa Rose, Molly Emma are two greats I got to be around for when they started, and now we've got Jefferson Locke, Duncan Crowe, Ramilas, Exploration, and more starting to get really involved and make the party their own. Feds have always been a party for newbs, and by newbs.

RAMI: Any personal aspirations in terms of the party or country?

GREENE: The party is kicking ass right now and I couldn't be happier with where we're at. As for the country though, I seriously hope we've learned our lesson about selling citizenship and being complete dicks to each other. I love competition and beating the other guy into the ground but at times, our nation has been more interesting in destroying itself than wrecking our enemies.

RAMI: No one plays this game forever... What do you want people to remember about Greene12 when you are no longer here?

GREENE: I want them to remember that I was one proud/horny motherfucker. Just like my wiki page says.

RAMI: You're a 3 star general in the Easy Company Patriots. Is that as freaking awesome as it sounds?

GREENE: Shit, I am? Where does it say that? Anyway, EZC Patriots is simply set to always pick an American battle, whoever runs the MU changes it if need be, but the MU kinda runs itself.

RAMI: Any thoughts as it pertains to the current political climate (PTO and the AFA, Unity candidates) and the Feds role in making the eUSA the best it can be?

GREENE: I think the current PTO threat is simply the result of most of the country dropping the ball on enforcing immigration rules among senators. Whatever is going on though, the Feds simply have to do what we've always done: support the best option for keeping the nation secure. Right now that means unity candidates and such. I hate unity candidates, I think they make the game boring, but the most important thing is to keep our country, so as feds, we're going to do just that.

RAMI: You have one battle hero medal... admit it, that was by accident right? 🙂

GREENE: I've never spent money on gold. I was strong for a little bit in this game, right before V2 and then during V2, I was able to put down some srs damage (I even qualified to tank in V2, though V2 had a relatively low bar for tanking). Anyway, various game changes and my insistence on never giving the gypsies any of my real money, combined with some laziness, means I've never been super strong. I wanted a BH at some point, so I saved up and then went hard for it once. One dude a bajillion times stronger than me and with a zillion BH medals already almost sniped it from me, but then he was like: "oh hey, its youre first BH after 2 years of playing, I'll let you keep this one"

RAMI: Ok man, entertainment quickies...

1. Favorite musical artist/band/album?

GREENE: your mother last night. (RAMI: ouch.)

2. Favorite movie?
GREENE: Gettysburg

3. Favorite book?
GREENE: This is awfully hard. I think its either between Bruce Catton's civil war trilogy, or David McCullough's John Adams

4. Favorite __________ (you pick... your favorite WHAT?)
GREENE: Favorite Brewery: Founders Brewing Company.

RAMI: Alright, Fedlove time...

1. What should every Fed know?

GREENE: On a scale of 1 to 10, just exactly how proud/horny they are. (Should be 10 ofc)

2. What should every Fed forget?
GREENE: How to unban on IRC. Theres no reason to know that.

3. What flavor is Fed Kool-Aid?
GREENE: We drink the kool-aid hard, every day, all day. All flavors are used.

4. Which one Fed would you follow into hell RIGHT NOW?
GREENE: Duncan Crowe. Because his avatars usually feature attractive females, I'm pretty sure he's actually an attractive female.

RAMI: If a new player came to you and said they felt like their voice wasn't being heard or that they were considering quitting the game altogether what would you tell them?

GREENE: I would tell them to get on IRC, forums, post stuff, make a newspaper, play all the aspects of the game. Its very easy to find a niche in erep. I think I've managed to poke my nose into pretty much every area of the game but now I just hang out in the feds. Enjoying erep is simply about finding a spot where you have fun, so a new player who wants to get involved should try out as much as they can. Most ereppers are niche players.

However its just a game. If you dont like it, you should quit.

RAMI: What do you consider as the biggest asset a Fed can have? (writing ability, activity, general kickassery, etc.)

GREENE: links to our graphics. Holy shit we have so many kickass graphics.

RAMI: And LASTLY, a few this or thats:

Mountain or Beach?

GREENE: Mountain. Unless its a nude beach, that may be good.

Mayhem or Order?
GREENE: Mayhem. Way more interesting.

Beer or Liquor?
GREENE: Beer, though I love them both dearly.

So there you have it. You don't get much more FEDtastic than Greene12 (we're looking for you #'s 1-11). If you see him around buy him a cyber beer, or shot, or some Fed Kool-Aid... he'll tell you about the time he was shot dueling and the rest will be history.

Like this interview... Rami over and out.

And don't forget to report any shady business to the hard-working folks at the DHS:



Ramilas Hari ke 1,847, 10:59

First reserved for Mr. Greene.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,847, 11:06

Greene puts the H in P/H

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,847, 11:40

Gettysburg? Bet you root for the Yankees.

Evil.Elvis Hari ke 1,847, 12:39

Greene was the reason i joined the feds.

Great interview Rami.

One Sky
One Sky Hari ke 1,847, 12:45

" bullets don't really bother me that much, I just take it like a man and shoot them right back." P/h greene

wingfield Hari ke 1,847, 12:52

Hi Greene12 - good to see you out and about!

bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,847, 12:53

Greene12 have me my first job in eRep. So if anybody dislikes me, blame him. Lol

Deepchill Hari ke 1,847, 13:18

Great stuff

Greene12 Hari ke 1,847, 14:07

Sup wingfield. Cool to see you still kicking.

I am not at fault for any of the stuff bigC does. I've done nothing wrong.

@ajay: damn right I root for the yankees, I'm no anti-american secessionist.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,847, 14:09

The Confederacy fought for liberty! o/

Greene12 Hari ke 1,847, 14:29

Ajay: While the rest of us role play soldiers, politicians, robber-barons, he pioneers the moron role play.

stewy Hari ke 1,847, 16:04

p/h to a whole nutha lvl

shiloh13 Hari ke 1,847, 19:53

Green12 one of the good ones.

Ajay: "The Confederacy fought for liberty! o/ "
My god you are a true idiot.

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,848, 01:49

greene oh iI bet you loveeee kool aid... and watermelon

fingerguns Hari ke 1,848, 07:27

What do you have against watermelon, RGR?

I'm reporting you to the National Watermelon Association. I can't believe you hate American farmers so much.

Darian Dracona
Darian Dracona Hari ke 1,848, 07:46

Greene12 is one of the best guys in the game. Does not push as much as others for the spot light but really is a great guy and should be in it all the time.

Oh... The rest of you... Could you please stop feeding the trolls... Can I get a halfwit here to translate RGR's rambling idiocies?

Sozo Hari ke 1,848, 08:46

Voted + subbed. Greene12 is a pretty cool guy. 😛

GG Bings
GG Bings Hari ke 1,849, 09:58

OMG! 600+ votes!

I want such stats! ))

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