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[Fed] eFPR tonight and March 2013 Fed Congress!

Hari ke 1,948, 06:09 Diterbitkan di USA Kroasia oleh Tiacha

Federalist Party Radio Tonight!

Ladies, Gentleman, and Albronians, it’s time for another exciting episode of Federalist Party Radio, tonight at 18:00 ER. Tonight promises to be exciting, when hosts Tiacha, Jefferson Locke and Duncan Crowe discuss many exciting relevant topics to the Federalist Party, including:

• The EZC split and the future of Federalist sponsored MUs
• ATO plans for the Congressional election
• The cast of Federalist Congress Critters for March 2013
• The Federalist “mock” presidential simulation activity
• The end of Operation Gangnam Style
• A probable guest appearance by Madame Fingerguns
• Jefferson Locke, rambling like a madman without his cigarettes.

It’ll prove to be an exciting night, full of fun, laughter, and interesting conversation. If you want to call in to get on the action, join #eFPR at 18:00 and either Skype or call in to the panel! Show up with your proud/horny card, cause it’ll be an exciting night!

March Federalist Congress Critters!

In case you missed the Federalist Party meeting last night, PP Fingerguns announced the list of Federalist Party Congress critters for the month. Fingerguns, and political director, the Elitist, Paul Proteus, had an exceptionally hard time coming up with this list because there were so many wonderful candidates who applied. When it came down to it, though, this month was a mix of newer candidates, with a steady core of Federalist legends to reinvigorate Congress this month. The following made the cut:

1) ElPatoDiablo
2) Molly Emma
3) Kody5
4) virtual vendetta
5) Jefferson Locke
6) Tiacha
7) Duncan Crowe
8 ) Darian Dracona
9) The Original Fawkie
10) SinaAria
11) AlexJ1890
12) BigCDizzle
13) Cromstar

This list does not include 6th party candidates which the Federalist Party will run. But the list is full of proud/horniness to an extreme level. March will be an awesome month for the Feds in Congress. If you did not make the list and applied, try again next month! Get involved on the forum and get your name out there! Remember, the Feds are the largest, most active party in the eUS, and is a perfect place to build your political career. We offer an exceptional new player help program, which includes supplies for new players. We are one of the longest running political parties in the eUS, established in October of 2008. I was there in the beginning and I can assure you, we will continue to be around for years to come! Join us today!



Kody5. Hari ke 1,948, 06:12

First, i also claim the woman that wrote this article.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,948, 06:54


Seriously, tonight should be very interesting. Great topics

One Sky
One Sky Hari ke 1,948, 06:55


Sle7en Hari ke 1,948, 06:58

\o/ ... will be waiting..! 😃

bigcdizzle Hari ke 1,948, 07:47

Cool. Cool cool cool.


Sozo Hari ke 1,948, 07:58


MAXIMA1997 Hari ke 1,948, 08:11

I'd like to get to Congress
but what trebiue to do to get there.
I'm a good guy and I really want it.

Tiacha Hari ke 1,948, 08:36

Sign up on the forums in game. Get active on the forums, then sign up on our application sheet for Congress next month. That's our process. We are glad to have you in the Feds!

MAXIMA1997 Hari ke 1,948, 08:38

I do not know what forum you write.
Please give me a chance.

Tiacha Hari ke 1,948, 08:49

It was linked in the article.
Here it is again:

fingerguns Hari ke 1,948, 09:09

Fernando, I appreciate that you are excited to get into Congress. However, the Federalist Party will not run you this month. Start getting involved and active with our group so you can be considered in the future! Also, your English is pretty good, well done!

MAXIMA1997 Hari ke 1,948, 09:18

I wished I hard
Forum not know how to send messages plus do not understand
Moldova does not compare to USA

ligtreb Hari ke 1,948, 09:10

That looks like a solid Congressional list.

MAXIMA1997 Hari ke 1,948, 09:12

I want to become a congress man
please more
I do not need gold medals but that
please more

I have a the chance

The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Hari ke 1,948, 09:44


Neo Iasov
Neo Iasov Hari ke 1,948, 09:45

boated and serbscribed.

AlexJ1890 Hari ke 1,948, 13:52

So P/H. Awesome congress list is awesome. Feds rock!

Duncan Crowe
Duncan Crowe Hari ke 1,948, 14:15


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