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[eUSA] Why Follow Orders?

Hari ke 1,906, 11:58 Diterbitkan di USA Swedia oleh Lonestar 2

Citizens of the eUSA,

Take a moment to watch the origin of break dance.
~ Enjoy. Excellent things come of a Cossack dance and an American music mix. ^_~

Anyway, today I'd like to briefly address a topic that keeps coming up in my shout feed.

It goes roughly like this:
1. I click 'accept' to post a standard 'won a BH/CH medal' shout.
2. Some folks I know and like get upset over who I fought for.
3. ???

So, case in point:

My comments above pretty much sum up my view in it's entirety.
~ If you don't like TL;DR just skim the parts in bold font.

It doesn't matter to me which side the eUSA fights for.
I'll fight where the daily orders say to fight.
Would I sometimes prefer one side over another? Yes, sure.
Does that stop me from fighting for whoever my orders say to fight for? No, definitely not.

We are all of us together stronger than any of us apart.
We are all at our best when we stand united for the national team.

Personally I liked the old status quo...
...the military leaders didn't run in elections or political circles.
...the political leaders didn't run any national military units.

Once we started to let folks blend the two roles we ran into trouble.

We're past that now. Damage done. Now I see comments from folks wearing American banners getting upset at medals won fighting for American allies. I don't like it. I do still like the people I see making those comments.

We might eventually face another breaking point.
We might face some AFA President who cannot be impeached.
What then? The eUSAF breaks away as the JCS broke away?

Personally, so long as they try to shepherd the nation well, I'll continue to fight where the nation says to fight.

Anyway... ask yourself this:
Is it more important to support your own nation even in the hard times?
Or is it more important to support your old foreign allies once the nation moves on?

The answer is different for each of us. I know my answer.
I don't always tank. But when I do, I know the damage goes where the nation needs it. I follow orders.

I'm a Nationalist. Actually, it might be more accurate to say Fascist, at least in eRepublik.
Parties and movements change. USWP APF SEES SPQR etc. Whatever works at the time. That's politics.
The military should be better than that.
The military should fight for the nation regardless of parties or alliances.

The point is simple... I'd rather we all just get in line, join the appropriate rank/strength MU inside the national system, and fight as directed. If we did this, we'd concentrate our firepower much more effectively.

Some folks like to cry foul over the very notion of the eUSA being inside Circle of Trust. That's just silly.

The past two unity elections have been about foreign policy as much as about anything else. In Fingerguns vs John Jay, it was a choice between the Circle of Trust alliance and a policy favoring EDEN nations. In John Killah vs Jason Statham Jr it was a choice between the Circle of Trust alliance and a citizen's referendum on staying in CoT or moving back to independence and possibly building a new small alliance. Both times the active intra-party communities within the 2nd-5th parties chose Circle of Trust.

The past two general elections have also been about foreign policy. In the general elections, Fingerguns vs RGR isn't a good example since animosity against RGR/AFA colours the decision, but it was clear that Fingerguns favored Circle of Trust and RGR favored a mixed batch of old friends. In contrast, the election between John Killah and Candor offered another chance to set a different course. John Killah was obviously for the Circle of Trust alliance, whereas Candor's take on direct democracy might have moved us in any direction.

As the Narrator said,
Our foreign policy is incomprehensible,
our party politics is laughable,
and our reputation abroad loathsome.

My point here is this... everyone had a few chances to change the course of our foreign policy in recent months. Everyone let the shift to Circle of Trust happen. Everyone could have rallied more voters in the primaries and the elections. Through action or inaction, everyone chose. We're in a new alliance now. Let's make the best of it.

Anyway... yeah.

For anyone who thinks I have an agenda here, let me make my history plain:
At first, I was ignorant of the alliances. As I learned more, when in Congress I voted to take the eUSA out of EDEN. As our relations with EDEN stabilized, while Vice President I argued for swapping resource regions with EDEN for free to strengthen our collective power. Over time as the relationships with some EDEN nations soured, I grew to dislike EDEN and pushed for a change in alliance. I was purged from government. I left. I returned.

The main lessons I learned over time are this...
1. We should all fight together as directed by the national leaders each month.
2. We should be very, very careful when joining or leaving any alliance.
3. We should strive to be a bedrock member of any alliance we do join.

As it stands, we are in CoT now, like it or not.
I personally think our wayward cousins in the JCS and elsewhere should come home.
I personally think that if the AFA is truely dedicated to the eUSA, their units should join the eUSAF.
In the words of CJCS Eugene Harlot, STFU AND FIGHT.

Cheers. ^_~

Max McFarland 3
~ Party President, Stardust Crusaders USA.


Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Hari ke 1,906, 12:05

v - I agree with plenty of this.

o Gravy
o Gravy Hari ke 1,906, 12:05


The Original Hawkie
The Original Hawkie Hari ke 1,906, 12:07


Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Hari ke 1,906, 12:12

GOOD article TBH

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,906, 12:17

We can't join the eUSAF, we are banned

Oblige Hari ke 1,906, 12:20

As a politician, I've hated the transition towards CoT.
As Commander of the Special Forces, I set orders where told and shut up and fight.

Capn. Gertrude Firepants Hari ke 1,906, 12:22

Komentar dihapus

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,906, 12:28

very nice...especially the Eugene Harlot quote...STFU and Fight....

Chocoholic_Jedi Hari ke 1,906, 12:31


On top of all that Max, you were fighting DIRECTLY for America, in a campaign the US started.

So what's up with that "no shame fighting for CoTWO" comment? Makes no sense.

Iamnameless Hari ke 1,906, 12:35

Man, I just plain like Max.

I'm not wild about the new set up myself. It reminds me a little of rl, when sometimes I voted for the new POTUS and sometimes I didn't. Sometimes my country acts in a way that brings us all honor and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes we deserve respect and sometimes we deserve criticism.

But it's still my country, right or wrong.


Publius Hari ke 1,906, 12:41

I agree with the premise that people should specialize but I disagree with the notion that people should isolate as you suggest in this article. Factions are inevitable in any sort of environment, but this game is fundamentally simple and isolation breeds polarization and miscommunication. The solution, of course, is a nationalist movement that encourages and facilitates unity in a country that is not intrinsically nationalistic in-game. I know of one such movement and it is great.


fingerguns Hari ke 1,906, 12:42

I really have nothing to add to this.

Thanks for posting.

Tiamati Hari ke 1,906, 13:12

Excellent points Max; I too am a vehement nationalist who is sick and tired of those attacking the military in the game we all know as ePolitics All governments depend on tax collection in order to fund their military; and yet here political wigs wanting part of the military pie demand the "right" to fix what wasn't broken in the first place.

Fast forwarding to today many of those same politicians today ridicule members of our community for advocating lower income taxes when they themselves hide within the MC's claiming the rest of us are doing it wrong for having regular job market wages.

Personally I find such stances from government appalling.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 1,906, 13:15


Roper 70
Roper 70 Hari ke 1,906, 13:28

"Personally I liked the old status quo...
...the military leaders didn't run in elections or political circles.
...the political leaders didn't run any national military units.
Once we started to let folks blend the two roles we ran into trouble."

"As the Narrator said,
Our foreign policy is incomprehensible,
our party politics is laughable,
and our reputation abroad loathsome."

Quotes of the fracking year! Baaa o7

potato134 Hari ke 1,906, 13:33

Great article I personally love the switch to CoT and expect anyone within the country to do whats best for the country O>

ligtreb Hari ke 1,906, 13:35

On all these points, I agree with you Max.

I know alliances can be tricky, but we must strive to be best allies we can in whatever alliance we are in.

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Hari ke 1,906, 13:42

i'm calling you all to read this article and see all eUSA's MPPs. Our Gov betrayed almost every of our old allies (except eAlbania). Now, we have MPPs with countries we fought against just few weeks ago...i'm not saying that's bad. MY opinion is we should have as many MPPs as we can sign. It's better to have them on our side, than on oposite...

But, Gov backstabed all old and good friends of ours..why? do we have bonuses..NO? do we have decent campaign...NO? those friends fought for us in every situation, even we started war with Canada,a nd even now we fignting against TEDEN..but trust me, that will be changed soon if we keep doing this crap..

Can anyone tell me why TEDEN still should fight for us?
We screwed them so many times...

so...say NO to this Gov, and support new one. I dont want to screw eUSA, i just want to make some fun with it...and you will enjoy too...

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Hari ke 1,906, 13:44

Exactly my thoughts

Hanibal LA
Hanibal LA Hari ke 1,906, 13:45

regarding the USAF...

You guys need to separate politics and military...but you don't.

Every single AFAer fight for eUSA and you know that, but you want to punish us cuz we have different political view. That's not democratic and that's not good for eUSA. But we don't care, if you want to be marked as guy who screwed are welcome...

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Hari ke 1,906, 13:46

Great article completely supported!
Military don't have to like orders but we follow orders.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Hari ke 1,906, 13:48

As Commander of the eUnited States Citizen's MU, I set orders where told and shut up and fight.

I also choose to play as a Nationalist, despite any real life views I may or may not hold.
I am often disappointed in my leaders but I understand some things should be dynamic while other things will remain static. Keep on moving forward.

Thesmos Hari ke 1,906, 13:52

Amerikanci pederi, izdajice buuuuuu
nek vam neko pismeniji prevede ovo

coolinbun Hari ke 1,906, 13:59

USA... please attack China!

Deepchill Hari ke 1,906, 14:04

As Commander of a eUS private militia. We follow 99% of where we are told to fight by POTUS. We are still a eUSA MU and will fight for our country.

Great article and completly supported.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Hari ke 1,906, 14:10

Cool story, bro. Now go out and get a BH for brazil against ZERO Allied South Africa, then go get one for FYROM aganist Greece.

Fight for the US is great, fight for a bad alliance against former allies is bad. Just because you are doing what you are told does not make it right, nor does it absolve you of fault.

No wrong doing here though, like I said fighting for the US is great.

Viarizi Hari ke 1,906, 14:10

AFA President? Its me! U calling?

Just follow DOD orders biatches.... AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA!


Rastko1991 Hari ke 1,906, 14:20

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Hari ke 1,906, 14:23

RGR was talking up a move into CoT back when the eUS was still in TERRA to be fair. Was My Bad being serious, seems more like a joke imo.

Pug Johnson
Pug Johnson Hari ke 1,906, 14:44


Vijalob Hari ke 1,906, 14:57


Fitisin Hari ke 1,906, 15:01

I follow the orders of the eUSMC.

Semper Fi, betches!

Corvolerc Hari ke 1,906, 15:30

Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,906, 12:17
"We can't join the eUSAF, we are banned"
Gee I wonder why *sarcasm*

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Hari ke 1,906, 15:46

^^^ Corvolerc: eRepublik birthday: Jan 18, 2013 -- And yet already rabid anti-RGR? Sounds legit.

Gnilraps Hari ke 1,906, 15:51

Voted hard

DW.Frost Hari ke 1,906, 15:55

You made it perftectly clear Max.

But imho you dont need to explain anything at all.

Some people will never understand that its just a game and sometimes we need to change the way we play it, otherwise the game becomes boring and boring and eventually everyone will lose interest.

Kara Zor El
Kara Zor El Hari ke 1,906, 16:27


L7.QualifiedWarrior Hari ke 1,906, 17:10

U lost your identity, u lost your allies..

Agent T
Agent T Hari ke 1,906, 17:20

briefly about your music theme:

This is Cossacks' dance invented by them while Ukraine (or Southern Ruthenia at that time) was a part of Poland. They might actually get offended for calling it Russian ; )

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Hari ke 1,906, 17:26

First, let me say that I think group messages have ruined the discussion that normally takes place in article comments. I thought I was saving time by mass-messaging (1) the folks/factions I mentioned in the article, and (2) MU leaders, asking them to comments here.

1. [eUSA] Why Follow Orders? (0 / 19)
~ Max McFarland 3 to Publius and Leather Neck, fingerguns, myBad, Thorin II Oakenshield, Candor, Cyber Witch, Jason Statham Jr, John Killah, GloveisLove, Viarizi, Ronald Gipper Reagan |
2. [eUSA] Why Follow Orders? (0 / 34)
~ Max McFarland 3 to Tiacha and Kodos, Jon Konning, ElvenCRO, seeker1, Cubby, rainy sunday, ghinculov, Fhaemita Malodorous, Tiamati, DMV3, Deepchill, Artela, Aeriala, JamesAlan, Squirtious Maximus, pearlowl, Hanibal LA, batata134, addarian, Dr Luis Sentieiro, Syz2, Ghost of Tom Joad |

Lonestar 2
Lonestar 2 Hari ke 1,906, 17:36


@ Agent T,
Thank you, I am clearly mistaken in my history here.
So... to which exact culture should I attribute it correctly?

@ RGR,
Try harder. Try again. You have shown remarkable perseverance in other things. I don't buy that you just gave up in this area. If not you, then Viarizi, I think he has the best odds of success. If not him, then at least Hanibal, or Sidarta, or heck even send Thorin. Better yet, all of you. Talk to the eUSAF Commanders. Find common ground. Do *not* ask for funding, at least for the first few months. Just get in the discussion for battle orders, cooperate, coordinate, work together to win our wars. No matter if it is fair or not from your view, just do what you can to build trust, fighting for the nation. Don't give up in this area. Your best odds for ever being accepted are to subordinate your military units to the national defense system.

@ Everyone with comments in support,
Thank you.

@ Upset EDEN folks,
Times Change. Tell me, do you decry Turkey, Italy, etc, for being villains once they abandoned Phoenix to join you? I think not. You cannot have it both ways.

Candor Hari ke 1,906, 17:56

I'm with you God Father.

Zheng He
Zheng He Hari ke 1,906, 18:27

In the words of CJCS Eugene Harlot, STFU AND FIGHT.

In my time in this game, nobody has done more for our country than Max McFarland.
Except possibly Eugene Harlot 🙂

Thedillpickl Hari ke 1,906, 18:34

Yes, and whatever floats yer boat I suppose.
~pickle goes back to some very important trivial something er other~

morningblur Hari ke 1,906, 19:20

This sums up my point of view completely. While I am not a member of our military, I do lay down my damage in the same battles they do. Presently that means when I decide to do some tanking, I will be fighting for CoT. If our national policies change then I too will change where I fight to match it. I do not try to hide the fact that I think EDEN is a worthless garbage alliance. However if it is in the eUSA's best interest to fight for EDEN I will do so gladly. Right now our best interests are with CoT, so I gladly tank for CoT. All Americans must put the eUSA first and our personal opinions second.

Candor Hari ke 1,906, 19:35

The politicians politicized the military when they decided to rewrite the Constitution and delete the military as a separate third tier of government, equal but separate.

In my opinion, the nation would be far better off if we combined MU's into a single fighting force again, with clear lines of distinction between politics and military.

What's been done can be undone. As many times as is necessary to get it right, or right for the times.

And is it just me, in example, or is the USAF now pretty much an AMP-centric militia? A political creature, and very much opinionated ofc. Not to knock either the USAF or the AMP, just one example.

Take the politics back out of the military. And fight as a nation,. not 50 MU's with 50 international strategy opinions.

AND while we're at it, bring the AED in and fund those guys like anyone else. But as you do this, it's time to realign and combine!

JyM23 Hari ke 1,906, 19:55


morningblur Hari ke 1,906, 19:57

One hole in that Candor. The AED guys are not here legally. They did not follow our rules and come here through the proper channels. They were not approved by immigration. They were brought in by AFA congressmen who themselves wormed their way in. The only way they could be intergrated into us, would be for them to abandon their pto, return to their home countries then apply to return the proper way. But we all know that won't happen. The AFA is a pto party and the AED is a military unit for the pto players of the AFA. I like a lot of what you say, but you completely lose me when you insist on treating these AFA folks like they are part of our country. They are not. All it would take is one battle with Servia and you would see them fighting on the opposite side of the battle. They are loyal to their home countries not the eUSA. You persisting in acting like they are part of us is precisely the reason that no matter how many times you run you will never be president as long as you see them that way. And that's a shame too since you would make a great president if we were not under this pto threat.

jadiv Hari ke 1,906, 20:13

What sense does it make to talk about a PTO or PTO party or militia. Our own politicians have sold us to the same enemy that they decry is attempting to PTO us?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Hari ke 1,906, 20:14

^LoL, what!!??! AED has been around since April, 2011, xD. Nuts.

"proper way"

according to who, the owners of the eUSA forums?

Not according to the Admins.

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