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[eUSA] Unity Interviews: fingerguns & John Jay.

Hari ke 1,867, 23:25 Diterbitkan di USA Swedia oleh Lonestar 2

Citizens of the eUSA,

Would you like some theme music?
~ Nothing special to say here. I only wish the video were longer.

There are four significant candidates vying for the Presidency:
~ RGR is the AFA candidate who wants us to take one for the gipper.
~ fingerguns is the pro-establishment unity candidate.
~ John Jay is the anti-establishment unity candidate.
~ Max is temporarily on the list thanks to GLaDOS' sense of humour.
~ Candor is the big tent candidate who hopes to bring us all together.

These four have all written plenty of articles.
~ We know RGR will run in the general election.
~ We know that I'll find a way out before the general election.
~ We know that Candor will bow out after the Unity primary.
~ We know that fingerguns and John Jay are the Unity frontrunners.

So, it's pretty clear the first choice you have to make is between fingerguns and John Jay. Keep in mind, Candor also runs in the Unity primary, but he has support outside the primary as well. Earlier today, I spoke with fingerguns and John Jay to get some insight from both of them. I'm going to lay that out here for you. Perhaps it may help you make your decision.

Comparison Format:
1. Past Highlights: Military, Economics, Politics, Government, Social Programs, Diplomacy
2. Key Objectives as President: Military, Economics, Politics, Government, Social Programs, Diplomacy
3. Individual Points of Interest
4. Why are you a better choice than your opponent?
5. Closing Statements
6. Dioism

~ The first five sections are objectvie comparisons and some quotes.
~ The six section, the Dioism section, is a subjective narrative.

fingerguns - Past Highlights:
Military: Former Army Officer, longstanding Easy Company Member/Founder.
Economics: Some prior experience in private company management, extensive Federalist Party commune management experience.
Politics: Federalist Party President x4, Federalist Vice President x3, Federalist Media Director x4, Federalist Recruiting and Retention Director x4, Federalist Political Director x3, Federalist FBI Founder, Federalist EZC Founder, Federalist Outreach Program Founder. Previously held basically every party position, founding and improving many programs that have lasted for years. She took over the Feds as a sixth party and grew them into the powerhouse they are today.
Government: eUSA Vice President x1, eUSA Chief of Staff x2, eUSA Deputy Secretary of State x1, eUSA Director of Homeland Security x2. Tireless and efficient organizer in executive cabinets.
Social Programs: Pretty much all her activity is focused on new players, working with various social programs. If not working on education and logistics, then working on boosting activity and creating opportunities for new players. She previously did some extensive work creating educational support materials and customized modules for parties to use, still held by the Department of Education but not currently used to full effect.
Diplomacy: Currently working in the State Department, negotiating peace between Chile and Australia. Australia will return to the map with one region so they may begin to rebuild.

John Jay - Past Highlights:
Military: Longstanding eUS Military Marine, former member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, built the first eUSA Military tanking squadron in V1 as an eUS Marine. Former General of the Armies in eIsrael.
Economics: Co-founded (with Jewitt) and ran the second largest business comglomerate in eRepublik in V1, the Tennessee Valley Authority, operating 46 Companies of Q3-Q5 products across 14 countries. Ran eUS Military Communes for the JCS, also ran military communes in eIsrael.
Politics: Party President in America's Advancement Party (eUSA), the United Independants Party (eUSA), We The People (eUSA), Ireland First (eIreland), and Singapore Nationalist Party (eSingapore).
Government: eUSA National Security Council Director x3, eUSA Congress Member x8. eSingapore Country President x2, eIreland Vice President x2, eIsrael Vice President x2, eIndia Minister of Defense, eSingapore Minister of Defense, eIreland Minister of Defense, eSingapore Congress Member x3, eIreland Congress Member x2.
Social Programs: Worked as a Mentor and with retention programs in the eUSA, eIreland, eSingapore. Founded social programs in eSingapore.
Diplomacy: Experience gained through his many positions.

fingerguns - Key Objectives as President:
Military: Plans to wage war to gain some additional resources, to take some of the burden off military communes. Specific plans being drafted at present, but nothing can be revealed just yet. To quote her, "That means we're going to war. Rape and pillage time.".
Economics: No specifics; the economic module limits government participation in this area.
Politics: Her biggest goal is to eliminate the PTO. Methods include but are not limited to working with allied nations to recall their folks, using the DHS to crack down on multis, government organization of ATO efforts, more active presence by immigration figures, and a more strategic use of citizenship approvals. Also, no shouting down of new players by crusty old elites, as new players are the lifeblood of our community.
Government: Wants to run government the same way she has effectively run her party. Open communications, clear objectives and goals, no empty titles, no BS. What is expected will be well understood at all times, and everyone in government will be working toward the same goals.
Diplomacy: Fully supports eUSA entry into the Circle of Trust alliance, intending to make this happen during her term.

John Jay - Key Objectives as President:
Military: Plans to bring all citizens in loyal eUS Military Units back to the eUSA to improve communication, cooperation, and distribution of damage; JCS Militia, SFP Bear Cavalry, Pickle's Patriots, etc. No plans to invade anyone due to problems with foreign affairs.
Economics: No plans to change taxes, economic module is broken; will follow eUSA Economic Council recommendations.
Politics: Plans to aggressively lead efforts to take back PTO'd parties and eliminate the AFA, using the DHS offensively and working closer with the Party Presidents to avoid wasting votes.
Government: Plans to make a reconstruction of the State Department his first priority, putting it back on track. Plans to appoint four Vice Presidents: Media, Domestic, Foreign Affairs, Military; this is to increase communication and ensure things get done.
Diplomacy: Encourage other nations to respect eUS sovereignty and recall their PTO placements. Plans to gain one, maybe two resources via diplomacy if the PTO can be disposed of first; would like to make agreements with Canada/Mexico for weapon resources. Favors Circle of Trust membership, but only if they make major concessions to recall CoT and TWO members in the PTO movement. If the eUSA is a CoT member nation before he takes office, may consider removing the eUSA if the CoT and allied TWO nations do not assist with eUSA PTO issues. Prefers independence outside a major alliance.

fingerguns - Individual Points of Interest:
1. As she describes it, the Circle of Trust is a stable alliance that treats members fairly and equally. She feels they are everything EDEN isn't, thus why EDEN nations are dropping like flies and the line for CoT membership is around the block. She want us to join CoT, she feels that not only would John Jay fail to make this work, but he would offend them and lead us to doubling down on the PTO.

John Jay - Individual Points of Interest:
1. There is some controversy regarding John Jay, Navy II, and the theft of some government organizations years ago. I heard a bit on this from many sides, back then and also today. I think it's better for people to put this aside when making their decision in this election. I don't think the facts add up to prove John Jay is guilty of this theft. At worst, I think he and several others are jointly guilty of sloppy turnover resulting in Navy II taking advantage of the situation to run off with some assets.
2. Plans to run government as a major turnover from the last regime; no Inwegen, no Pfeiffer, etc. Intends to make new decisions, not based on the status quo. Pfeiffer might be considered for eNPR and only eNPR, and only then if he make some major changes to keep that position.

fingerguns - Why are you a better choice than your opponent?:
"Some things need to be said out loud. I'm not burnt out. I'm not dripping with butthurt. I haven't been balls deep in drama the last three years. It's not weighing me down. I don't have a bunch of people pulling me a million different directions because I owe them something. I have clarity, man. I have peace."

John Jay - Why are you a better choice than your opponent?:
"I have experience and a mind that can think on it's own. I have been active in this game since I started in V1, except for a three month break in V2. In contrast, fingerguns took three years off, and is running for POTUS after just three months back. She is weighted down by the status quo. Being inexperienced, she has to be propped up by it."

fingerguns - Closing Statements:
"My cards are on the table, America. You know what I want to do and how I plan to do it. If you believe our best days are yet to come, I would appreciate your vote for President. Dio be with you. Dio be with us all."

John Jay - Closing Statements:
"By winning this election, we can cast off the chains of one-way politics that are bringing us down. We have been controlled for way too long by a set of individuals that consider Americans to be peasants that they control like marionettes. No other candidate offers this, and in my opinion this is the single most needed thing that has to happen in this country."

~ You should probably skip this section if you prefer fair and balanced reporting.

fingerguns - Dioism:

John Jay - Dioism:
I must sadly report I have nothing positive to say here about John Jay. He mistakes sand worms for bear traps. He goes across the world in fear, as he does not walk in the light of Dio. His views on Dioists are tinged with a subconscious air of prejudice. He fears that even if he chose to convert, he could not do so, as he fears the might and power of Pfeiffer would prevent him from fulfilling his heart's hidden desire. Roll that one around in your head for a second, it made no sense to me at the time; apparently he thinks Pfeiffer is a Head Minister or something.

Anyway. I attempted to educate him on /v/irginization and offered to sponsor him through the Rites of Sand, Snow, and Manhood, yet he declined, claiming he needed to think on it first. One does not think about whether or not they wish to be a bad dude. Clearly he is simply not a bad enough dude to be a Dioist. Clearly, he must be a prissy boy. It's the only alternative. As a prissy boy who is not a bad enough dude to even undertake the rites, let alone complete them, how can be possibly be successful as a President? He cannot. Facts are facts.

Comparison Summary:
1. Past Highlights: I say Politics and Social Programs go to fingerguns. I say Military, Government and Economics go to John Jay. I say Diplomacy is a toss-up.
2. Key Objectives as President: I say Military, Politics and Diplomacy go to fingerguns. I say Government and Economics are a toss-up.
3. Individual Points of Interest: N/A.
4. Why are you a better choice than your opponent? I say... I'll avoid taking sides on the personal insults portion. Yeah.
5. Closing Statements: I say it's a toss-up. Both have valid points.
6. Dioism: I say fingerguns walks in the light of Dio.

John Jay Summary:

I like both of them. After the party president elections on the 15th I pulled together a lot of people to organize some ATO efforts. John Jay was a constant bedrock of support during this period. I think that if he wins the unity primary, I can gladly vote for him in the general election. I do not agree with all his goals and positions, but I think he could make a good, solid President. He could also be a strong unifying force for the eUSA. It would be a good month.

I was perhaps a bit harsh on John in the Dioism section; I might go overboard in matters of culture in this game. John is a player who objects more to the thought of Dioism in the game, rather than to Dioism specifically.

John has the broader, international base of experience. If you question that fun is what we need right now, he is your man. Arguments can be made that we do not face a question of fun in this country. He has been here continuously in a game that has changed exponentially over time. He is definitely fit to run our country. He has broad personal experience with many alliances. He can surely run a country and run it well.

I'd also personally prefer we stay independant.

That said...

fingerguns Summary:

I think fingerguns makes the stronger case. She has passion, zeal, energy, and yet she stays refreshed and active through everything she does. I think she has bolder (and more fun) plans for military expansion. I think she has better plans and odds for planned improvements to government. I think she has the better path forward for the PTO/ATO. I have seen her in action in the executive office before, she is a force of nature. Most significantly, it's not just her... it's the way she inspires and energizes everyone around her. This same passion makes some dislike her. It happens. She can work past it. Who else successfully balances being a part of the elite establishment with the small party thinking and attitude of the Federalists so very well?

I say she is the better choice for eUSA Country President. The main complaint against her cited by John Jay is her inexperience. I say this is not an issue. She is a level head. She knows she can't do it all, and is going to rely heavily on information and input from her cabinet (which is pretty solid). She'll be more of a scrabman than a Frost, for perspective.

Anyway... yeah. I like them both, but I'm voting for fingerguns.

Cheers. 🙂

Max McFarland 3
~ Councillor, Stardust Crusaders USA.



Longbaugh Hari ke 1,867, 23:29

John Jay declined /v/irginization???


Candor Hari ke 1,867, 23:33

Voted, good article.

Hassan Al Banna
Hassan Al Banna Hari ke 1,867, 23:33


Civil  Anarchy
Civil Anarchy Hari ke 1,867, 23:36


TemujinBC Hari ke 1,867, 23:37


Sleep is for the weak
Sleep is for the weak Hari ke 1,867, 23:38

Hail 'Merica!

Bucephalus92 Hari ke 1,867, 23:54


Kody5. Hari ke 1,867, 00:05

The end made me laugh for Some reason lol.
Even Max Approves

stewy Hari ke 1,867, 00:16

nice article, i enjoyed the breakdown of both positions. personal opinion section not withstanding, one of the best pre-election articles i've seen giving both candidates sides clearly and succinctly

Alexander Valkor II
Alexander Valkor II Hari ke 1,867, 00:17

Good stuff. Keep at it Max.

Also, I loved the reference to the Scrabman vs Frost way of managing things. Definitely seems like the Scrabman model which was very successful.

Bristel Akina
Bristel Akina Hari ke 1,867, 00:29

Good luck FG!

FG4POTUS (I can't rightly say CP as I'm in eIreland, behehehe)

Brian Boru
Brian Boru Hari ke 1,867, 00:31

The anti-establishment candidate doesn't get endorsed?

Could have seen that one coming...

Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Hari ke 1,867, 00:41


Publius Hari ke 1,867, 00:53

Dioism section clinched it for me. I choose the candidate of PRIDE and POWER. I choose FINGERGUNS.

TellUrGrlThx Hari ke 1,867, 01:00

Voted and Subbed.

As a new player it's nice to have some material to read and give us "newbies" some insight on what is what in this game on the realm of politics. All in all, I enjoyed reading it.

Thank you

Captain Salty Kushskins
Captain Salty Kushskins Hari ke 1,867, 01:10

Humorous article, I enjoyed it

vladb Hari ke 1,867, 01:16

The article should have been balanced but towards the end of the article the position leans towards FG.

It seems that to be an unity candidate for POTUS nowadays besides being a pfeiferist you also need to be a dioist.

Thorin II Oakenshield
Thorin II Oakenshield Hari ke 1,867, 01:39


James Buffet
James Buffet Hari ke 1,867, 02:35

why is every leader in this game a communist... Thats whats wrong with the dang economy

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,867, 02:37

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus
The Senate and People of Rome... that a fancy way of saying We The People...?

This was a good article until the Dioism came out. Just like in RL religion and politics do not mix. fingerguns being one makes her even less desirable when added to the fact that she is a 'Flufferist'. What is even funnier is for the last couple of days Jefferson Locke has been trying to say she isn't a 'Flufferist'...

Agent T
Agent T Hari ke 1,867, 03:16

>Socialist Freedom Party
>Socialist Freedom

Contradictio in adiecto, debilis

ElvenCRO Hari ke 1,867, 03:56


One Sky
One Sky Hari ke 1,867, 04:49

FG4PP ! Good article

Silas Soule
Silas Soule Hari ke 1,867, 05:02

>Socialist Freedom

Gloriosa communistis chorum, mirabile

VampirisLav Hari ke 1,867, 05:14

Silly potus, 'Murican megasoreass the gay dinasoreus.

Serbia calls to you Max! Bring Dio to us!


Viarizi Hari ke 1,867, 06:03


Me nota likie dis news.

Norbengo Hari ke 1,867, 06:49

FG is Pfeiffers puppet and he's the guy controlin' primaries.
Nuff said.

On the other hand JJ is a drop out.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,867, 07:08

Ick you compared me to Scrabman. Gross.

Also, I am not the Director of DHS. I just do the public stuff that makes people call me the gestapo.

Unum Hari ke 1,867, 07:14

John Jay is the choice of the People!

Deepchill Hari ke 1,867, 07:17

Wow, nice article.

Giovanni 00
Giovanni 00 Hari ke 1,867, 07:28

Time for changes, eUSA!

John Jay for PotUS!

Waruda Hari ke 1,867, 07:40

I remember Fingerguns returning to Za Warudo, she did not stay in Pakistan for very long, perhaps her destiny rests in Murica

Pary 82
Pary 82 Hari ke 1,867, 08:05

!SHOUT!! Free q7 weps!!! just sub and vote !!SHOUT!!

Hunter Dean Rivett
Hunter Dean Rivett Hari ke 1,867, 09:09


GregoryG Hari ke 1,867, 09:38

fingerguns does sound interesting

Admiral  PAC
Admiral PAC Hari ke 1,867, 10:06

JJ for POtus.

Syz2 Hari ke 1,867, 10:12

We need JJ!

7etracampeon Hari ke 1,867, 10:55

Never send a woman to do a man`s job.

Jegarmister Hari ke 1,867, 11:12

Komentar dihapus

Iamnameless Hari ke 1,867, 11:45

Strong article.

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Hari ke 1,867, 11:49

good article .... as always ^^

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Hari ke 1,867, 12:06

Good article.

John Jay for PotUS

Kranax Hari ke 1,867, 12:19


Dylanger94 Hari ke 1,867, 12:28

Great stuff Max as always 🙂 voted o7

Jon Barack Bluejacket
Jon Barack Bluejacket Hari ke 1,867, 13:25

Fingerguns-- I like her. She's spunky. She'd be a fun President.
John Jay-- solid record, not a bad choice at all.
MM2-- I'm probably overly effected by his Brad Pitt avatar, but what the hell?

Any of the above are valid choices, in my opinion.

Ajay Bruno/PizzatheHut/General Cartman Lee/Ronald Gipper Reagan-- proven cheater and liar. Elect him, and America dies.

Candor-- is under the dangerous delusion the Ajay Bruno can be reasoned with. This would be like bringing Benedict Arnold into the tent. A slightly slower death for America.

Vote with care, America. If and when we get PTO'd, it's almost impossible to fix.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Hari ke 1,867, 14:23

'Ick you compared me to Scrabman. Gross.'

Sorry FG, I didn't mean to insult bad....

Inwegen Hari ke 1,867, 14:55


bdlueck Hari ke 1,867, 20:53


Satya Yuga
Satya Yuga Hari ke 1,867, 21:24

"We know RGR and Candor will run in the general election."

You might have wanted to communicate with me as President of the Socialist Freedom Party before coming to this conclusion. We are still having our PotUS Primary. Candor is just there as a placeholder as John Jay and fingerguns are there as placeholders for the parties currently endorsing them.

I will be strictly observing Section 12 Paragraph 1 of the SFP Constitution which states the following:

Section 12: Congress and Country President Nominations

1. The Party President shall nominate or endorse eUSA Country President (CP) candidates based on the results of a Party primary conducted on the Forum in the week prior to elections. CP elections are held on the 5th of each month. Results of the Party primary should be concluded no later than the 3rd of each month.

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