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[ΕΝ/GR/TR] Ε-Cyprus Census! - Απογρα& phi;ή στην e-Κύπρο!

Hari ke 1,874, 14:36 Diterbitkan di Cyprus Siprus oleh Kaniballos

Greetings fellow eCypriots and Donkeys. I was forced by our new reyiz May the Bee to write this article : ( . She is a person that believes very much in ordering having lots of slaves hardworking people in the government and she forced kindly asked me to be one of them...

[EN] As Seniora Presidente Maya said we will try to give out fortum, twice this month. Please Fill this to be included...

[TR] Maya reyiz bu ay iki kez fortum vermeye çalışacağız dedi. Formu doldurun oçlar...

[GR] Όπως ανακοίνωσε η Μάγια, αυτό τον μήνα θα προσπαθήσουμε να μοιράσουμε δύο φορές παροχές. Συμπληρώστε την φόρμα για να σας συμπεριλάβουμε...

Also some caps:



Kaniballos Hari ke 1,874, 14:37

Sorry I was forced : (

Alfadi Hari ke 1,874, 14:41

Best census ever

marcelbok Hari ke 1,874, 14:42

I don't want to get any supply and I didnt fill the form. You know my statistics o/

xam xam
xam xam Hari ke 1,874, 14:43

i like the pink in the form, also i like the pussies in the photos, nice combo

Kaniballos Hari ke 1,874, 14:44

Yes article with a lot of pussies : (

CamiIo Cienfuegos
CamiIo Cienfuegos Hari ke 1,874, 14:45

waay wayyy fortum o1

Rauf Raif Denktas
Rauf Raif Denktas Hari ke 1,874, 14:45

vot vot vot

MakisSafosTsetsenoglou Hari ke 1,874, 14:46


bibermk Hari ke 1,874, 14:46

EN, TR, GR where is MK ?

kthniatros Hari ke 1,874, 14:49

vork vork vork

hanibalbg Hari ke 1,874, 14:54

If you have prooves, you can go to police, get her a trial, and send her to the jail.

Kaniballos Hari ke 1,874, 14:56

vork, drink, fyght

The.Merovingian Hari ke 1,874, 15:20

ülkenin başına kızları getirirsen caps niyetine ne görürüz emenike 🙁

CloseheimeRamk Hari ke 1,874, 15:28

ne güzel kedi la 🙁

CooLMasTR Hari ke 1,874, 15:29

@the.mervingian : (

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Hari ke 1,874, 15:48

(poor Kaniballos xDDDD )

Maya_The_Bee Hari ke 1,874, 16:12

aaaaaaaa and where is the part that if they sub my newspaper and write the No of it in the form they'll get food extra ^_~

Georgelakeland Hari ke 1,874, 16:22

I DONT FILL IN FORMS so i just write my details

profile link
division 1
yes i have cyprus cs
yes i belong to cyprus mu
my cyprus mu is GeorgelakelandKYPREOSKYPRIOSCY

Kaniballos Hari ke 1,874, 16:54

Φυσικά και θα πάρεις προμήθειες Γιώργη!

RE-M-PELLOS Hari ke 1,875, 23:52

omg, my balls just dissappeared after i saw the form ...

adamjensenn Hari ke 1,875, 01:27

im just here for the kittehz

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Hari ke 1,875, 03:16

I'm glad she made you get in touch with your feminine side 🙂
In fact, I think you like it - you seem like a natural at this.
Voted for flowery pinkness and sweet furry babies.
Form completed.

Kaniballos Hari ke 1,875, 04:26

Grainne I sense a hint of racism against our cross-dressing members of our community, i.e. Xam Xam and RE-M-PELLOS and I detest that!

Grainne Ni Mhaille
Grainne Ni Mhaille Hari ke 1,875, 04:32

What???? How DARE you. I've always supported their glittery pinkness!
That made me cry ;_;

Georgelakeland Hari ke 1,875, 05:40

commented again after seeing what many people wrote...

chuki99 Hari ke 1,875, 06:36

sorry, i am not a gay 🙁

mac42 Hari ke 1,875, 08:40

That was a VERY pink census form...

Colonel Dag
Colonel Dag Hari ke 1,875, 10:29

no dogs no vote 🙁

satlak Hari ke 1,875, 11:30

Why not Kurdish?

Kaniballos Hari ke 1,876, 02:55

you interested in making translation?

Maya_The_Bee Hari ke 1,876, 10:14

where is that fortum re? ^_~

Finway Hari ke 1,876, 11:59

yuhu~ kaniballossounet 😉 😉 😉
u share ur a$$? < 3

Like Marceloç, I'm here but didn't fill the form o7 : )

pablo emilio
pablo emilio Hari ke 1,877, 23:32


Taffin Hari ke 1,877, 14:21


Georgelakeland Hari ke 1,878, 21:20

thank you for the 20 weapons..

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