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[eIndonesia Embassy] Introducing Indonesian Social-Cultural #1

Hari ke 1,821, 18:53 Diterbitkan di Chile Indonesia oleh David Romeo


Hola Amigos!
Hail eChile! Hail eIndonesia!

Just like I said before, in my previous article. My goal in Chilean-Indonesian brothership is to introducing some Indonesian Social-Cultural.

First, let's start from Indonesia Heroes' Day, 10 October.

Four days ago, Indonesia citizen celebrate our National Heroes Day. We celebrate at all but also didn't forget for happened in the past. The struggles of Indonesian people againts UK and Netherlands in Surabaya, East Java.

It also known as Battle of Surabaya. This battle was the first war Indonesian troops with foreign forces after the proclamation of independence of Indonesia and the largest and heaviest fighting in the history of the Indonesian National Revolution who became a national symbol of the resistance against colonialism.

It started when Netherlands surrendered unconditionally to Japan based on Kalijati Agreement.

And then Japan take over of Indonesia. Three years later after Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. Japan surrender to Netherlands and Allied.

While in Indonesia, this emptyness of government, Soekarno take chance to declare proclamation of Indonesia independence.

September 15, 1945. UK Forces landed in Jakarta then headed to Surabaya on Oktober 25 1945. The British are coming to Indonesia joined in AFNEI (Allied Forces Netherlands East Indies) and the decision on behalf of the Block Allies, with the task to disarm the Japanese army, free the prisoners of war were detained Japan and repatriate Japanese troops to the country. But besides that British troops were coming also on a mission to restore Indonesia as the administration of the colony of the Dutch East Indies. NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration) took hitchhiking with a group of British soldiers for the purpose. This triggered turmoil led to the movement of the people of Indonesia and the Indonesian people's struggle everywhere against AFNEI soldiers and NICA government.

On August 31 1945, Indonesian government decide that from 1 September 1945, the Indonesian national flag flown continuously across the country. But, on afternoon September 18 1945 some group of Netherlands people flew up Netherlands flag without permissions of Indonesian government. That was happen in Yamato Hotel/Oranje Hotel and now known as Majapahit Hotel.

Short stories, so Indonesian people mostly young-age man come over to the hotel. Asking for Netherlands to lowering the flag, but Netherlands didn't respond that. One man negotiator killed that afternoon same case with the Dutch.

So some people decide to lowering the flag by ownself and tearing the blue part and raised it again. So it become red-white flag, Indonesia National flag.

And the battle began...

The battle was happening all accross Surabaya.

The result is death of Brigadier General Aubertin Mallaby ( British highest military leader to East Java ).

Mallaby's bombed car

After the death of Mallaby it stir anger of British Military and the replacement man of Mallaby. Major General Robert Mansergh issued an ultimatum that says that all the leaders and people of Indonesia were armed to report and put the gun in a determined and surrendered with arms raised. Limit ultimatum is at 6:00 am on 10 November 1945.

Of course it sparked outrage in Indonesia at that time already had become a sovereign state.

On 10 November morning, the British army began a large-scale attack, beginning with aerial bombing government buildings to Surabaya, and then deploy about 30,000 infantry, a number of aircraft, tanks, and warships.
England then bombarded the city of Surabaya with cannon from the sea and land. Indonesian troops and militia resistance then raged across the city, with the active assistance of the residents. Involvement of the population in this battle resulted in thousands of civilians falling victim in the attack, both dead and wounded.

To her surprise the British who suspect that the resistance in Surabaya can be conquered in three days, the community leaders such as Bung Tomo young pioneers which have great impact in the community continues to drive the spirit of resistance Surabaya youth so that resistance persists in the large-scale attack England.

At least 6.000 to 16.000 of the Indonesian fighters were killed and 200,000 displaced civilians from Surabaya. Victims of British and Indian troops roughly a 600 - 2000 troops. The bloody fighting in Surabaya which took thousands of lives have been moving across the Indonesian people's struggle to repel the invaders and defend freedom. The number of fallen fighters and civilians who were victims of the November 10 day's later remembered as Heroes' Day by the Republic of Indonesia to the present.

Each day has its own hero, and everyone perhaps is a hero in his or her own way. Despite facing the difficult times, people still have possibilities to shape history.

One may be viewed a hero or heroine due to their extraordinary courage and sacrifice in their attempts to defend the truth. Others may say a hero is a valiant warrior.

The spirit of heroism requires all members of the nation to find strength in our solidarity, in the common vision of the common good and common action that will demand compliance from all quarters. In doing so, hero after hero will rise from among us.

In eRepublik we continue to celebrate our heroes' day as a form of tribute to the heroes, may the unyielding spirit and fearless, and willing to sacrifice for the nation and the state etched in our hearts ..

You can find me on IRC as siwon407 at #indo-mofa or #echile
Feel free to add me as friend. Or ask anything about Indonesia

eIndonesian Ambassador for eChile



David Romeo
David Romeo Hari ke 1,821, 18:53


Kucing Imut
Kucing Imut Hari ke 1,821, 19:00

nice article \o/

Canester Hari ke 1,821, 19:08

Bopal Hari ke 1,821, 19:15

vote hard!

go go davit!

AncientSquare Hari ke 1,821, 19:25

majooo terossss siwonn mahooo

Si Barda
Si Barda Hari ke 1,821, 19:25

vote hard!

jamaabba Hari ke 1,821, 21:17


Francisco Wilkinson
Francisco Wilkinson Hari ke 1,822, 23:12

I really love indonesia, its a very beautiful country 🙂 and with beautiful people too :3

Juanin Gonzales
Juanin Gonzales Hari ke 1,822, 02:14

Nice pictures!

David Romeo
David Romeo Hari ke 1,822, 02:37

thank you guys, if you wants to help me with stories of chile social-cultural-history, feel free to send me PM : D

Arcelven Hari ke 1,822, 02:50

Siwon homo tuaaa

Matix1 Hari ke 1,822, 11:33

Cool history brother.

K R I L I N Hari ke 1,822, 17:19

U just hope someday RL wars end in the world. Voted, very interesting story.

Porotos con Rienda
Porotos con Rienda Hari ke 1,822, 17:44

Nice history.

m4k14v3l0 Hari ke 1,823, 06:11


Roulzo Hari ke 1,823, 10:20

Good history.


Michelle Freebird
Michelle Freebird Hari ke 1,823, 14:00


shipamogli Hari ke 1,823, 15:29

Aku suka Indonesia \o/

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