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[DPP] Road Map Preview

Hari ke 1,892, 04:06 Diterbitkan di Pakistan Serbia oleh Shin Gouki
Dear DPP Members & Citizens of Pakistan,

As you all know the Congress Elections are underway. A challenge awaits us all and we must face this challenge together and united as one. The Democratic Party of Pakistan strives to empower the people of Pakistan and our main objective is the prosperity of our Nation. Major decisions regarding the party road map will be discussed and decided with mutual consent, however some important decisions were to be made urgently for the interest of the Democratic Party of Pakistan and Pakistan

a.) Congress Candidates

Even though the Democratic Party of Pakistan practices and preaches ways of Democracy, a step has been taken with the consensus of the senior members of the party which may seem undemocratic, however rest assured, the step was taken for the betterment of Pakistan. The previous congress of Pakistan was labeled as an inactive and amateur one and in order to eradicate such stains from the legislative branch of the government, the Democratic Party of Pakistan has decided to field experienced and active members of the community.


1.) Strywgr
2.) Cold Assasin
3.) Scorpion King
4.) Shin Gouki
5.) Almandro

b.) Country President Candidate

The Democratic Party of Pakistan has decided to field St0l3n1 as the official candidate for Country President. St0l3n1's credentials speak for themselves and his past experience is as follows.

4 x Minister of Finance of Pakistan
2 x Vice Country President of Pakistan
1 x Congress member of Pakistan

St0l3n1 possesses ample experience in finance and administration and we feel he is not only a suitable candidate but a candidate who will be accepted by most political parties. Pakistan faces a tough challenge ahead and we feel that his candidature will prove beneficial for Pakistan.

Yours Sincerely,

Shin Gouki



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Dio Maximus
Dio Maximus Hari ke 1,892, 04:28

nice o7

kami4u11 Hari ke 1,892, 05:35

St0l3n1 Bhai votes for you. jeet k ana warna mat ana 😃

Ahsan Hari ke 1,892, 07:27

LOL @ Kami,... for sure he will win 🙂

Waruda Hari ke 1,892, 07:52

I think St0l3n1 is a great choice o/

Cold Assassin
Cold Assassin Hari ke 1,892, 09:06

voteed .....stolen get ready

Faris Khawaja
Faris Khawaja Hari ke 1,892, 09:48

Best of luck Stolen 🙂

TheJakal Hari ke 1,892, 10:57


Strywgr Hari ke 1,893, 05:18

good luck ST0l3n!

St0L3n1 Hari ke 1,893, 08:18

Thank you for the article and the nomination Shin Gouki, if i get elected as a Country President I will try my level best to serv the holy nation. And thank for all the support guys 😁

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