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[DoE] New Staff and New Goals

Hari ke 1,892, 09:32 Diterbitkan di USA Amerika Serikat oleh Department of Citizen Affairs

This edition of Education Today focuses on the Department of Education's Staff and Future Plans.

The DoE Staff
Written by Media Organizer HEARMERAWR with some insight from Exploration

Secretary of Education

Writes a little, however making sure everyone is doing their job is priority #1, and the DoE is running smoothly. Currently working on a lot of infastructure

Writing Department Director
Mazzy Cat

As Writing Department Director Mazzy will write here and there and make sure that we keep on track and work with Exploration to make informed decisions about the future of the DoE.

Media Organizer

I will make sure we get our informational articles run at regular intervals so you know when to look for us. I will also write articles like I am currently doing.

Writers and Mentors

Writers will be writing the majority of DoE articles and bringing the news to you. They will put together quality articles to help our newer generations and even some older generations understand how things work.

Mentors will be in charge of helping newer players that are specifically assigned to them with any questions they may have.

Writer/Mentor Staff List
Av Khan (Writer and Mentor)
JetsMets (Writer and Mentor)
Lemon Vodka (Writer)
youngHOOD (Mentor)

Now, DoE has changed hands once again and we've updated our future plans!

We want to expand the American University and reach out to the newbs more. Exploration doesn't think its potential was even touched yet and can become something great.

We also want to try to have some writers dual write some articles, really get some quality info from good sources out there. We want to try and re-invent the usual guide of this and guide of that type deal. We need to come up with a way to teach newbs without having them read and re-read things. YoungHOOD is paving the way currently with a Special Project in store.

Articles Planned
*~ A article with a lot of quick links easy for Newbs to find what they're looking for
*~ Simple IRC guide + registering nick
*~ Ways to get involved

Its not too late!
You can still apply to become a writer and a mentor. The DoE is an excellent way to get your foot in government and the work is very rewarding! Send Exploration a mail today!

DoE's IRC chat room

DoE new official chat room is #eUSA-DoE! See you there!

Are you a new player? Do you have any questions about the game play or the community? Then sign up for the American University! You will receive an experienced and wise mentor to answer all your questions and help you through your eLife. It is a great way to make a friend and to get a head start in this competitive world! Sign up here: AU Application


Department of Citizen Affairs
Department of Citizen Affairs Hari ke 1,892, 09:34

Great Staff will bring great things. DoE is on the RISE!

Sozo Hari ke 1,892, 09:36

Good crew.

fingerguns Hari ke 1,892, 09:36

DoE is awesome!

Wladimir Rote Sonne
Wladimir Rote Sonne Hari ke 1,892, 09:47

Просто вотнул ^^

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Hari ke 1,892, 10:06

Some of my favorite people serve in the DoE

ligtreb Hari ke 1,892, 10:21

DoE is awesome indeed.

yanyali Hari ke 1,892, 10:30


Andrew Carnagie
Andrew Carnagie Hari ke 1,892, 10:49

Loooking forrrrward to the IRC guide. It is conFUSING!

Molly Emma
Molly Emma Hari ke 1,892, 10:52

Awesome work guys! 🙂

Iamnameless Hari ke 1,892, 10:54

Way to look out for the newbs!

Haselrig Hari ke 1,892, 11:29

Voted. Good luck guys.

Marsylianka Hari ke 1,892, 16:50

Komentar dihapus

Bucephalus92 Hari ke 1,892, 20:08

good luck

Marquis Andras
Marquis Andras Hari ke 1,893, 06:13

Wait till the HOOD gets going with his project :3

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