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[butjam5CP-Cabinet]I’m as lonely as can be, I need you!

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Theme for the article!

Good day to you all, once again, and welcome to the long awaited opening of cabinet applications! I will be outlining the structure of my government and the roles that I expect my ministers to play. At the end of this, if you wish to apply please send me a PM outlining why you are suitable for the role, what sort of activity you have and a couple of goals that you’d set yourself. As long as you get your application in before the announcement on the Fourth of February you will be given an equal opportunity to be involved. I will mail all successful members at the time of release but will not be messaging those who were not brought into my cabinet. If you’re curious as to why I chose person x over person y, feel free to mail me and ask and I’ll give you an answer.

Before we start, a special thank you to Count Drakula, who has provided me with all the necessary images and layout for this article, stolen unashamedly from here.

The Country President
Number required=1
Assisted by everybody!

If all goes well for me, this’ll be me perched at the top of the ladder and trying to hold the whole thing together. I see the Country President as fulfilling a number of roles such as representing our nation on the world stage, manage the direction and work of Cabinet and making the important decisions on behalf of the people. Every CP approaches the role in the way they feel most comfortable and for me that involves managing the roles and communication, acting as a central hub and figurehead for the nation.

The Vice Country President
Number required=1
Assisted by everybody!

This is the role I hope to see fulfilled by my good friend, Ayame Crocodile, not out of any form of favouritism but simply because out of the people I’ve gotten to know in this game, Ayame best fit my interpretation of vCP. That is someone reliable, trustworthy and sharing the same broad view as myself, whilst not being afraid to call me stupid to my face should I need it. Ayame’s role will be to provide assistance to Ministers and myself, as well as being trusted to make emergency decisions if I’m not around.

The Minister of Defence
Number required=1
Assisted by 1 dMoD, civil servants if necessary

The Minister of Defence is a job that changes requirements based on the situation the country is in. Whilst making sure that the country and MU’s are set to the right orders are permanent fixtures in their role, the difference between peacetime and wartime is markedly different. I’m looking for a Minister and a Deputy who have the flexibility to help increase MU coordination and competition one day, and then be organising suppliers the next. I don’t expect everyone to be as dedicated as Madman FragUK, willing to spend 36 hours supplying but some degree of commitment is expected. If you think you have what it takes to make fighting fun and keep us coordinated, apply here!

The Minister of Foreign Affairs
Number required=2
Assisted by civil servants

“This is an outrage!”, you cry, “You clearly stated here that you only wanted one minister per role! Rabblerabblerabble!” I apologise if I’ve been a little misleading, but I digress. The MoFA is the ministry which will be lacking a deputy, due to the the extra Minister but they are appointed for two very good reasons. One is the high level of activity and coverage afforded by the appointment of two, it means that we have 4 possible representatives for other countries to contact, the second is so that one can focus on CoTWO affairs, whilst another busies himself with the rest of the world.

I’d expect the CoTWO Minister to be up to date on the alliances, and also ready to scamper around and make any necessary discussions when called upon. The RoW Minister will be doing pretty much the same role, except keeping an eye on those that are outside our sphere. The ministry is unlikely to need a deputy, what with having two of them in the job anyway so they will have to rely on Civil Servants for anything they need doing. If you believe that you have the capability to be friendly, diplomatic and well read up enough to be in the know, apply here!

The Minister of Finance
Number required=1
Assisted by civil servants

The ministry of finance does what it says on the tin, manages the financial affairs of the country. This involves managing the bookkeeping behind the scenes, and then dazzling everyone with your dedication when publishing the results. You’d be expected to keep an eye on income and use this knowledge to advise congress on tax proposals, as well as the rest of the government on what expenditure is feasible. If you’ve got a brain for numbers and organisational skills, apply here!

The Minister of Home Affairs
Number required=1
Assisted by civil servants, 1 dMoHA

The Minister of Home Affairs will be, along with the CP, an outlet of information to the nation. As well as trying to keep people informed, there should be a focus on educating players and trying to provide a little bit of fun for everybody. I’m pretty happy to take a step back from this ministry and give the Minister and their deputy a bit of space to be creative and work on what they think is the best way to help make it enjoyable. If you’re applying for this role, it’s critical that you put in your application a couple of ideas to inject fun so I know what I’m getting myself into! If you think you can put a smile on the nations face (for once!), apply here!

The Minister of Legislative Affairs
Number required=1

The Minister of Legislative Affairs will be the centre-pin of communication between congress and the government. Taking charge of the congress mass mails, forum area and IRC channel - the MoLA will try to encourage constructive debate amongst congress while also informing on the current government position. Proposals will be tracked - along with votes - on prospective legislation or actions if required and published so that you can see what is happening. Finally the MoLA will be looking into maintaining the citizenship procedure, in whatever form this takes, and encouraging congress members to use it.

As much information as possible will be transferred into in-game articles to ensure you know what’s happening with your government! Applicants will need to be of a sound disposition and patient attitude. Being a forum user is an advantage but not a requirement apply here!

The Minister of Health
Number required=1
Assisted by Civil Servants, 1 dMoH

The Minister of Health is the major connection between the government and the new members of the nation. The ministry will have two important areas within my government, the maintenance and continued distribution of supplies from the National Health Service, available to all players under level 29 who require it, and the education and assistance to new players, fulfilled through one to one mentoring for anybody that requires it. Any applicant will need to be organised and friendly, so if you think you have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of new players,apply here!

With that, Cabinet applications are formally open. Please make sure you specify what ministry you would like to be involved in during your applications and make sure to highlight what specific skills you can bring to the role, be they experience from your erepublik time or even real life achievements.

As always, I’m not going to ask you to start shouting my article, I just ask that you keep the message of ”Patriotism, not politics!” alive in your feeds for as long as possible.
Thank you all very much for your time in reading this and any applications that I get!
5butjam-Presidential hopeful


Saiwun Hari ke 1,901, 13:45

Do you think my attention span is large enoug...................................................................................................

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Thedark ace
Thedark ace Hari ke 1,901, 14:14

Patriotism, not politics!

WayneKerr Hari ke 1,901, 14:32

baggsy ministry of finance...

mwcerberus Hari ke 1,901, 15:31

patricide not politics
your missing some very key positions where is your minister of fortified wines

Snugz Hari ke 1,901, 18:18

5butjam the country president we need !

Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Hari ke 1,901, 19:11

On Guard

Bohemond4 Hari ke 1,901, 19:22

your missing some very key positions where is your minister of fortified wines


Jimbobfrey Hari ke 1,902, 03:45

Patriotism, not politics!

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Hari ke 1,902, 04:58

your missing some very key positions where is your minister of fortified wines


John F Baker
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